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July 07, 2016


Cheri Thompson

Actually, I'm considering hiring a sitter for my 11 year old son to not only help out with after school care/tutoring but to just occupy him so I can free up some time for myself.


I think that's a brilliant idea. There would be plenty of people looking for this kind of work too - could suit students or people not looking for full-time work necessarily. When I have a family, I will be looking into this for sure! Thanks of sharing.


I agree, we as experienced "moms for hire" can definitely help a busy working family! Can you please give us some advice on what to charge for our services?! I think paying someone to care for your children should be an adequate pay and source of income. I think even college students in their early 20's are making upwards of $20/hour "babysitting". So what should I ask for when I'm responsible for picking up children, getting them to appointments, lessons and then home for homework time & possible meal prep/laundry??

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