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July 20, 2016



my son is 5 I kiss him on the lips, he is too cute. sometimes he would be eating but he is too adorable. some people are so ridiculous they need to get over themselves and let others live if they don't believe in it fine, but don't judge anyone else for it.

T. Roll

Both my wife and I kiss our 2 year old daughter on the lips - she puckers up and says KEESEES and turns her eyes to the side. My theory is people who see things in a perverted light are indeed perverted and simply projecting that perversion.


Absolutely Kiss your children on the lips! What type of voddo nonsense is this...SEXUAL? sure If you slip them the tongue!
Kiss them everday a lot, we don't have them forever.

Gwen moore

I couldn't agree more! Whomsoever suggests you should not kiss your baby on the lips has either never experienced the pure love a mother has for thier child or is a complete sociopath. My 15 year old baby girl gives me the cheek and I accept it with joy. But, I do miss kissing those baby toes!


I believe it is a parental choice and there is nothing wrong with kissing your young children on the lips. It is something I stopped doing because I feared spreading germs. I began kissing them on their foreheads. In some cultures/religious beliefs this is considered "giving a blessing". I certainly would not say "no" to a sweet kiss on the lips from my children or grandchildren. I think special notice should be taken if someone outside the close family does this. That would be on a case by case basis depending on age of the child and relationship with the adult.

L Smith

I agree with T. Roll, its only perversion if you think it is. My adult sons still give me a quick kiss on the lips when they say goodbye to me, and all my grandsons kiss me on the lips too!


I was always kissed on the lips by my parents...still am and I'm 73! It did no warp me in any way...it was always such a nice feeling. I admit as a teen it got awkward. My wife and I chose not to kiss our children on the lips in order to be PC. I'm not sure it was the right decision. But what is...is. I also applaud families who shower together when the kids are very young. It's a wonderful thing...not at all sexual, and anyone who says it is, has to be suspect.

Isabelle Sanchez

You forget something Ladies:
I do not want my Grand Daughter to be kiss on her mouth because she will think is a normal behavior and if a pedophiles come and try to kiss them on the mouth the kids will think is no danger is normal, this man is good to me he love me............I can go with him!!!!!!! are you all serious????
I iwsh you the best


personally I just don't think it's appropriate. Plus, adults have germs that infants immune systems aren't ready for. Just not worth the risk.

Julie Coone

I kiss my children when I see them and when I leave them, as I always have. They are 32, 24 and 20. The only time I do not is when I have fever blisters. Yes, my youngest has them also. I have learned they are contagious and cause Herpes. However, I am now raising my great nephews 9 and 8. The 8 year old loves me and kisses me on the lips, but not the 9 year old. It is whatever you need to do at the time in a LOVE situation. God can only judge and I love ALL people. Not that I would kiss them on the lips, but it is truly a family thing. Do what you do. Love with all your heart! for that is what our mighty GOD SEES.

Renee Morgan

My mother was Lebanese and she would kiss me on my lips, nose, forehead, and simply hug me and I felt loved. She was an amazing Mom that taught me to always be kind to everyone. We are all equal in the eyes of God. To respect myself and set healthy boundaries.
She always taught me never let anyone touch you inapproiately. No matter if they are an adult or another child. Always tell her if they did. That was true love. Love always protects.

Robert Klepper

We live in a world where people troll trying to find things to disagree with or be insulted by. Ignore the trolls as they are really very unimportant, especially when it comes to your children. Pay attention to the most important thing in the world, family, and ignore all else. It is just noise.


Totally agree! I went through the process of adoption to have both of my amazing girls. One of my daughters is from Haiti so I'm certain we have all kinds of judgements when we kiss goodbye on the lips. Judge away! I LOVE this part of mommyhood.

Love Being a Mom

My kids are adopted, and even though they are not my flesh and blood, I kissed them on the lips when they were little. They are older now. My 11-year old will give me her forehead (I think because she's short and its an easy reach), but I usually cup my hand, raise her chin, and kiss her on the cheek. My teen ran away from kisses for a while, but now, she will voluntarily give me her cheek. I gladly take whatever I can get.

Pam D.

I kiss my son on the lips and I kiss my Dad on the lips even though I'm a grown woman. There is nothing sexual about it. This is my family! I kiss my Mom on the cheek only because it's her preference. I kiss one of my sisters on the cheek too because that's what she's comfortable with although I do kiss another of my sisters on the lips because that's how WE show love...again, not sexual. I have another sister who isn't into the whole kissing thing but I give her a hug each and every time I see her. I love my family and how I express that is intensely personal and those who would view it as anything other than a family bond should maybe look at why they think that and stop being so judgmental.


We wash our hands 20 times a day, and yet we hestitate in shaking hands. There are too many illnesses that we subject children to by kissing them on the lips. We as adults carry germs that children have not yet built an immunity. I personally think it's disregarding their health. But if its your thing, it's your business.

Diana Smith

I kissed my parents on the lips till the day they died. I am 73 and would still be kissing them on the lips if I could. It is really a sad world we live in if people make that sexual. I also kissed my grandparents on the lips. Get a life people!


My parents kissed me and my sibling on the lips, no issues with this whatsoever. There are some people in this world who want to create chaos and negativity out of the most loving things. I wish they could understand that the issue lies within themselves. The question shouldn't be why is she kissing her daughter on the lips? But rather why does someone have a problem with it and interpret it as perversion? People need to look deeper within themselves and the baggage they carry around before they go burning people at the stake for no reason.


I think it's incredibly awkward and gross when parents kiss children on the lips. Especially of the opposite gender.


I kiss my boys on the lips. It seems sweet and loving to me; never thought someone would insinuate such ugly things about it! I'll probably switch to cheeks and foreheads when they are teens. I love your article here! Thank you!

Ajiah Tahir

Isabelle I would have to disagree with you. I kiss my 3 year old son on the mouth all the time but he's knows not to accept kisses from others on the mouth or to give kisses to others that way. He would either turn his face for them to kiss him on the cheek or he would kiss them on their cheek. And guess what? I didn't have to teach him that.

It is disappointing how this world is starting to sexualize innocent gestures between a parent and their child.


I was raised to where my parents kissed me on the lips. When ever I did something good, went to bed or I just needed a hug and a kiss from them. That's something I have always done and still till this day. Its nothing that my family will stray away from. I kiss my daughter all over her little face just to show her the love I have for her. Its special and definitely something that I do not want to give up. Its like what most of what I'm seeing...one day they are going to get "too big" to do this with you. And it will be maybe once in a blue moon that that moment may happen.


We kiss our kids (girl 11; son 12) on the lips. Always have.

I kiss my dad on the lips--I'm 50 something, he's 80 something--every time we bid each other hello or goodbye (about twice a week). In fact, we have a unique kiss--3 quick pecks on the lips. If one of us forgets, which very occasionally happens in a hectic life, the other waits for the other 2. It's special. It's almost superstitious. It's not (c'mon, don't be gross) sexual.

In fact (I can hear the flack now), my brother kisses my dad on the lips, too. He's also 50 something. It's a quick kiss, not something lingering and caressing. Naysayers: Don't make something disgusting out of something wonderful.


100 percent agree...unless you are a pervert there's nothing remotely sexual about kissing you kids on the lips. I find by the time they are between 12-14 most parents and kids naturally move on to the cheek/forehead.


I agree it's an "innocent gesture" that many of us parents do to our children to express love but I do believe the message can be confusing to certain children. Unfortunately, all children brains do not develop the same so lets not forget how a child might conceive a kiss from a parent? Yes you can teach your children that it's about love but how do you teach a child on the autism spectrum to know the difference if their comprehension level is not high? I have 2 autistic kids boys and I started kissing them early on and they seem to love the affection and would often kiss me back but what do you do down the road when you see one of them giving their sibling a kiss on the lips? Yes, I did try redirecting it but that did not work. Sorry, but I do not want my children kissing each other on the lips and I would be even more concerned if one was a girl. As I look back, my autistic children were very affectionate from my teachings but if I had to do it all over again, I would not kiss on the lips at all just the head like I do now. I am teaching them that mommy can kiss you but on the head only and so far they hold down their head when they want me to kiss them but I do wished family members would stop kissing them on their faces because I am sure it's sending them mixed messages.


I think that it is completely natural and NORMAL to kiss your children on the lips. The fact that people in the world think it's abnormal is shocking to me, it is something I never even gave a second thought too. I love my children more than anything why wouldn't I want to kiss their sweet little lips? Germs? Um do you not hold your children's hands in fear of germs do you not give them a drink from your cup a bite of your food?? If that is the case and you raise your children with no kind of affection and turn your head when they want to kiss you and make them feel like there is something wrong with them for wanting that.Then scold them for trying to share your drink or food. Maybe that would explain why we have a world full of sociopaths. Children need love in the form of hugs and kisses. There is also something wrong with someone who sees it as sexual! The fact that your mind would go there is pretty sick!! Off to kiss my babies👶🏽!

Karen Cronkite

I kiss my daughters (39 & 37), one of their husbands (I can tell that the other son-in-law is uncomfortable with it) & all of my 6 (4 months -9 years) grandkids on the lips. I have never thought twice about it, I love all of them with all my heart and this is just one way I show it. In no way is this sexual and I truly don't understand anyone who would think otherwise. I have told my grandkids that no matter how old they are I will always kiss them (didn't find it necessary to say on the lips).

John Edward Vogel

I think anybody who thinks my kissing my child on the lips is "sexual" in any way has a problem. It's not my problem, as I have never thought of it in this manner... it is their problem if they think this way and maybe they should get some counseling.


As the dad of a four year old boy, I can't imagine anything more normal or loving than a kiss on the lips - every time I put him to bed, when he wakes in the morning and when I buckle him in his car seat. Or just because. If I "forget" the kiss when I buckle him, he quickly reminds me "daddy, what about my kiss?". We're a hugging, kissing family and I would have it any other way.



Bob B

I saw the controversy over Victoria Beckham's kiss and found it absolutely RIDICULOUS! My whole family are lip kissers and there is nothing remotely sexual about it, it's just the way they are. The PC police are so far out there that it is absurd!

Ashley Gaona

I too am a mother of 2 autistic boys aged 6 & 12... i also hav 2 other children.. a 1p year old girl & 4 year old boy. Each of my children have different disabilities. But as their mother i love giving them kisses on their lips & they kiss me on the lips. They kiss their grand parents, great grand parents, aunt & uncles the same way. They kiss each other the same way. There is nothing bad behind showing ur family how much you love them. I am an advocator for autism, for breast feeding, for cancer, for cerebral palsy & for epilepsy... i teach my children real family values & THEY understand. If we take the love lut of their lives we are not instilling love, happiness, or joy, but instead we are teaching them that they are gross for wanting to show their family love. It is not a preversion to give our children kisses on the lips or cheeks, forehead?... my mom is over the age of 50, i visit her everyday, at the end of each visit you can bet im going to give her a kiss, its not sexual. Its me saying i love you mom. Tomorrow is not a guarantee but the love for my family, especially my children is a guarantee! I will continue to kiss my kids on the lips, my kids will continue to kiss each other & their family until they decide they do not wish too! Love is what we make of it & no one person has the right to judge. I was molested by my biological father when i was little, but that dod not stop me from giving my mommy kisses because i knew what was ok & what was not. I was raped at age 15 but again that did not stop me from giving my family kisses. I am 30 years old & i have 4 children i love & give sweet kisses too & they give me kisses too! Its innocent & precious & we know how much we all love each other. As for having diseases & such things, in early days there were no vaccines & diseases were still real, but parents still loved & kissed their kids. People were healthier without these vaccines. Now theres a vaccine 4 life in general its called everybody nedds to mind their own business & stop getting offended by every little thing... we currently live in a society where its ok to lick ur toes but yet we flip out if someone double dips a chip!!!! Time for love to come back America, time for people to stop dividing the values we have. We are all different & unique. Its time to stop judging others because they are different from us! Accept & love their differences because if we were all the same life would be boring. Now, the time has come for me to bid u all farewell, many wishes that everyone has a beautiful day! As for me im going to go kiss my babies & tell them i love them because I DO!


There was an article in TIME magazine about how babies who's mom's sucked the babies pacifiers clean when it was dropped were better infants at fighting germs. Also, it use to be in practice that mothers would kiss their babies to build immunity to illness. This was the whole purpose of kissing. So pretty sure all of you worrying about babies getting germs is all for naught. It's actually good for them. And I think those who have a problem with babies being kissed on the mouths might have some internal issues they should deal with. If you are thinking about a child in a sexual manner because you saw an adult kiss a baby on the mouth - the problem lies with you. I'm sad society has to find a way to make everything bad.


While kissing on the lips is a lovely, caring gesture, there are just too many infectious possibilities to condone this. Most significant is the herpes virus which can be transmitted even without any blisters, and this is a life-long infection. In addition, oral HPV has become fairly prevalent and can also be transmitted this way.
Save lip-to-lip kissing for intimate partners, there are so many other delightful locations to kiss and snuggle your children.


I read all the other posts on this subject before writing mine. Not that other opinions would influence mine but was curious to see how others felt on the subject. In our family of 6, we give lots of closed-mouth kisses, hugs, and loving words and have since these kiddos were infants. In my opinion, that is how we teach our kids affection. However, we have ALSO taught our kids that it is NOT appropriate to kiss, or be kissed, outside of our immediate family. We have talked to them that it's okay to kiss and hug mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents but that it's not appropriate to kiss, or be kissed, by friends or other people. And if any my kids ever expressed that they didn't want kisses anymore, then we would respect their wishes and boundaries. But so far, everyone is happy expressing their love in this manner. BTW, all of our children have very healthy immune systems and never suffered sickness from our kisses. Obviously, if one of us was sick, we didn't give kisses because we didn't want to spread germs. But unless you have a child with a compromised immune system, then even if they do get sick from a kiss, it helps build their immunity which makes their immune system even stronger.

Karen Hazel

My son is 44 and my daughter is 37 and I still kiss them on the lips and/or they kiss me on the lips

P Foxx

I definitely kiss my son on the lips.. Well his open mouth because he's still a baby and doesn't know to close his mouth lol most rewarding part of my day! I also kiss my best friend on the lips to say goodbye. It's definitely not sexual in any way.


I agree with most of you. Kissing our children is a wonderful nurturing expression of pure profound love. It is! But as a few posted, kissing your child on the lips could lead to health issues. Great point and topic. Think about this. Most of us enjoy sex right. So let's put this into perspective ...we had oral sex the previous night with our significant other, then the following morning we kiss our children on the lips as they head of to school or day care. I know this is a gross example but it's real! Think of the germs and possibly even an STD that may be passing on to our children. We're also exposing them to Mono. Infedility exist people! No matter if your a Hot stay at home mom. 80% of men have secret affairs and half those encounters are with hired escorts! Escorts are the new trend! So, planting my lips on my childrens lips are a big no no for the above reasons.


I had a son and they are just different than the house full of females that I was raised in. I couldn't stop kissing my son from the moment he was born, because he was truly my miracle baby and was so darn cute! At 2 months old he started kissing me on the lips, and I loved the slobber of affection. He is now 8 and we still kiss on the lips and we hug often.

Nisha Sharma

Do these people with their disgusting comments have kids? How can one even think such horrible thoughts? I kiss both my girls on the lips, one is 6 months and the other is 10 years old! Yes! 10 years old and she loves her mommy, and is perfectly fine with it, I'm sure it won't last long, but until it does, I will keep doing it. They are innocent minded and feel this is a mothers love! I am so appalled at some people! I will keep kissing my kids all I want! If someone doesn't like it, then keep it to yourself.

Jessica Sanders

I dont recall being kissed on the lips as a kid. When I had my first 4 children we kissed on the cheek, forehead, etc. However my youngest is 2 and he INSISTS on lip kisses! I must admit its the sweetest thing and I love it. I wish I would have done it with my other children. I think it would be too weird to start kissing them on the lips now that they're older and not used to that. Im sure my 2 yr old will eventually no longer insist on a lip kiss but until then, pucker up!

CJ Monahan

Good grief, germs? My child doesn't need to kiss my lips to get germs..... She does perfectly well picking them up from everywhere else. Like when she face-planted in the wood chips at the playground. And unless my lips have been somewhere I don't know about, I feel confident they're safe. Children learn who predators are not because they kiss their parents on the lips, but because we as parents tell them what behavior is acceptable and from whom that behavior is allowed. I adore my children, and until they let me know they no longer want a kiss on the lips, I'll do it. But that's just me.....


I don't think it's a good idea when parents kiss their kids on the mouth. For two reasons, there are germs that are being transferred from parent to child and second, I think it's giving your child the wrong impression that it's ok to kiss people on the lips. I'm a dental hygienist so I personally think it's disgusting when I see that happen or when a pacifier or bottle drops on the floor and the parent puts it in their mouth to "clean it off. " They are just transferring more bacteria into the child's system. If you only teach your child to kiss on the cheek and not on the lips as an infant/toddler/child, then they will understand that by kissing on the cheek shows love because they don't know any different. And for the same reason, I feel the same way about eating and drinking after people.


I kiss my son on the lips. My partner has three children who are used to being kissed on the cheek, so I kiss them on the cheek. I feel close to all of them. It's just a matter of habit, really. My parents were very affectionate, so I display a lot of affection. My partner's parents were not affectionate, so she doesn't. From each of our children's point of view, they each receive the same amount of love. Now, if I started kissing her kids on the lips when they're not used to it, or if I kissed my son in places "below the belt", that would be sexual (and really creepy!). But kissing my baby boy on the lips when that's how he's been kissed all his life is not remotely sexual, it's motherly.


I dont think there is anything sexual with kissing your little kid on a lip, however im against it for hygienic reasons

K Curtis

Jiminy crickets! Internet: stay out of my home, I can kiss my kids on their behind of want! I'm raising them to, hopefully, be better than me. Mind your own chilins' unless mine are at YOUR house.


I love this article, but aren't we giving this issue more attention than it deserves?? Honestly... it is so ridiculous that someone even dare to speak that kissing your kids on the lips is 'sexual'... Let's just ignore such stupidity and move on!! 👍🏻

Luis C

Whoever said that kissing kids on the lips, makes them more prone to allow a "pedophile" to do it to them, which puts them more in danger... obviously has an obtuse mind. So you shouldn't give them candy either because it makes them more likely to take candy from strangers; or you probably shouldn't change their diapers as well and wipe their bottoms, as this will make them think it's ok to have everyone touch their private parts! Very dense analogy.

It all depends on how you raise your children, and what type of rationship you have with them. It is about trust.

Also, for those mentioning germs... Ugh... For sure your kids will grow to be germaphobes, and have a more compromised immunie systems as you are probably one of those parents who has them watch the world through a bubble. You are bound to make them weak.


I'm a 36 year old father with a 5 year old daughter that loves kisses on the lips as much as I do. I've been divorced for 3 years and my daughter also kisses my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years on the lips without any weird sexual thoughts. Get real people we love our children and love to show them affection! Heck I even still kiss my mom on the lips! How ridiculous that people even think that way! I love my family and have absolutely no problem showing it!! To each their own I suppose but the fact that people want to make something gross and stupid out of affection for your family I find to be absolutely ridiculous. The people that think that way have the issues I think!


I kiss my 2 year old son on the lips all the time. He kisses my mother and father on the lips as well- he finds zero shame in it because he knows that it is a sign of endearment and love. However- my Husband and his side of the family view it completely different- they show no affection outside of the "ass-out-hug". He gives me grief constantly because our son will attempt to hold his head still and give him a kiss on the lips when he leaves or goes to bed. Our son demands a kiss before daddy leaves for work and now will tell daddy to kiss mommy as well. We do it out of compassion- to kiss another persons child on the lips, yea- totally inappropriate and yes, to kiss after a certain age may feel odd to some, but that it to each their own to make that decision. I feel that there is not enough love shown these days, and to jump the gun for inappropriateness so quickly is an aid in why our society is to messed up. Show love, hold hands- hug- kiss- do things for others and care for more than just yourself and that will resonate amongst others. We are here to show and teach our children on what an exemplary way of being is- if we aren't loving, then we are hurting. A kiss on the lips of your child is the last to worry about these days!


Would you kiss your sister on the lips? Your brother? Your best friend? Would you as a grown person kiss your parents on the lips? GEE I WONDER WHY... but no... you twisted fools think that's OK? You're teaching your kid from the day he/she is born. Why on EARTH would you do that, as far as showing it affection, it doesnt know any different, so it's sure as hell not for the kid's sake. You've got a screw loose if you think this is appropriate in any way shape or form, and you're setting your kid up to think abnormal behavior is normal, so when your creepy uncle kisses your son or daughter on the lips, it wont seem out of place to your child.

TLDR: no pros to kissing your kid on the lips, all cons, and pretty damn big ones at that.

Majesty Williams

My son is 5 years old, I kiss him on the lips all the time, there's no love like a parents love for their child. Whoever don't like what I do with my child, can tongue kiss my cheeks!!!

Sharon Kaufman

In our family, when I was growing up, you kissed kids on the cheek or forehead, you kissed boo-boos, you kissed sweet baby toes, but you didn't kiss kids on the lips. It's not that it was considered perverted; it was just that kisses on the lips were a special privilege for husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends. Even adult relatives didn't kiss each other on the lips, in my family. We had lots of relatives, and if one of my mother's sisters-in-law, whom she liked, came to visit, they kissed on the cheek. And it was not about germs; heck, I even kiss dogs and let them lick my face.

I showered my daughter with kisses until she got to an age where parental kisses were annoying, especially in front of other people, and then used them more sparingly. I just didn't kiss her on the mouth. If she happened to plant one on my mouth, when she was little, that was fine; I just didn't encourage it or reciprocate. She didn't seem to notice that I didn't kiss her on the mouth. She definitely grew up knowing that I love her, and she definitely grew up with normal sexuality. She's almost 21 now and has been in an exclusive relationship with a nice young man since age 18.

If kissing kids on the mouth is normal in your family, that's fine with me. But I will always present my cheek if some relative or a person I haven't seen in a long time comes up and leans in to greet me with a kiss. And I will always kiss a child on the head or cheek, or in the case of a baby, on a sweet little chin, on a hand, etc. I'm a single, long divorced Mom, and I'm not dating anyone currently, but if I had a boyfriend or spouse, you can be sure that I'd have no problems at all with kissing on the mouth.



I think kissing your children on the lips is totally normal. And until I looked at the picture in question I didn't understand the hype. However, after looking at the picture, I thought.....it's not the kiss that is weird, it's the head tilt or the pose itself. It's just a fist impression thought. It obviously is just a sweet kiss to her little girl.


to everyone here who has mentioned germs being the reason ...really ...do u know how germy it was to make that baby ? do u know how germy it was to carry and birth that baby ? get over yourself !!!!
i have 7 beautiful kids , and i will kiss them when and where i choose ...amazing how ppl turn loving , sweet gestures of love into ugly things , and we wonder why alot of kids are the way the are today ....


My mom always kissed us 3 kids on the lips. When she was in her late 70s, besides me, my older brothers, ranging from 45-53 still thought nothing of giving her a quick kiss on the lips. There's nothing sexual about it. My husband's family would never do that, though. When our adopted son came to us at age 4, he'd give me a kiss on the lips, but my husband would tell him that wasn't right, so he stopped around age 6 or so, kissing me on the cheek only. As an 18 yr old now, when dad isn't around, my son will give me a hug and a quick peck on the lips again and tell me that he loves me before he leaves the house. I'm thrilled! It swells my heart again.

Paula Kiger

I have zero issues with this. I don't dress like her, have her money or her fame, but she turned me around when she appeared at the Social Good Summit in 2015 espousing the Millennium Development Goals. She's fine, the kid's fine. The attacks were unwarranted. :-)

Jake H

Whether something is sexual or not really just depends on your intent. Is bathing my child sexual? Is hugging, holding, laying with, or massaging my child to soothe them sexual? If I am doing it to get a sexual release yeah, but like basically every person who has ever had a child we do these things to soothe, to care for, and to love our children. If you don't have a child you cannot weigh in on this, because you don't know the feeling of looking into your childs eyes and knowing they are yours. Its not sexual but it is pure joy.

So if you think its sexual then don't do it, but leave all the amazing loving caring parents alone that just want to give every tiny bit of love they have to their child. The world needs children to grow up loved and cared for. So just mind your own business and let them be.


My 18 year old accepts a kiss on the lips as well as nice long hugs. Life is tough and kids appreciate their parents' affection. All of my other children are the same.

Nancy Key

I am not a pervert. I am just cautious and had bad experiences. Both of my sisters nearly lost a child under age 2. Both sisters kissed their children in the mouth. Both shared cokes and straws. Both children were hospitalized with little hope of living. One child even had her clothes burned by the hospital.
Doctors said these babies, innocent and adorable, had acquired an adult virus. Unusual, but it happened. How did they get it? I suggest being kissed in the mouth by family.
Want to really think I'm sick? Think about the territory an adult mouth covers. It's not just innocent little sets of lips. It's the body of their lover. The entire body in some cases. Do I want that mouth on my baby's mouth. Absolutely not. So I'm practical. Having nearly lost one niece and one nephew in states 500 miles apart, I put two and two together and determined that those innocent kisses certainly are innocent, but even our most innocent intentions can kill our innocent babies.

Nancy Key

So, when someone provides solid proof that kissing a baby on the lips can cause serious illness and possible death, does this account get eliminated? Or do you for safety's sake publish it. I'm confused. I could have lost two valuable members of my family.



I give my 16 months old my 3 year old my 6 year old life is to short u have cherish every moment


My yougest has cystic fabriosis an am very alert with but don't stop given her kisses wen she asks for them y to all y'all that judge understand life is short as for many here r heathy many of us r not and cuz some live every they wondering not knowin wen there last they is an cuz of that am enjoy my kids and all the memory they give even the lil Pik of kisses they give me or each other u don't understand how that bad maybe if u lived in ppl shoes even healthy ppl is good to love each other and more u kids an ppl see that wron is cuz ur mind r dirty and y have a mind like that don't judge keep ur mind on ur own issues


Are you kidding me? I picked up my grandson up from daycare he was happy to see me ran up to me so I picked him up n gave him a big hug. Then he planted two BIG kisses right on my lips I felt so loved n happy it brought tears to my eyes... Sexualy? YOU people are sick n misguided in many ways.


To this day, I greet and say goodbye to my elderly parents with a kiss on the lips. My own children, ages 12 and 14, still give my husband and I kisses on the lips. These are pecks on the lips, not open-mouthed, God-knows-what-some-of-you-sickos-are-imagining kisses! They are a showing of love and affection that comes naturally, no sexual creepiness felt or intended. On the contrary, it is the best kind of warm fuzzy feeling as a parent to know that your children love and trust you enough to warrant a kiss like that. Of course we are prudent with our kisses, swapping a kiss on the cheek if one of us has a fever blister, etc. Interestingly enough, we are not sickly people; maybe a direct correlation between our kisses and a built-up immunity. Now, don't get me wrong--I understand some of the concerns. We've never pushed our children to kiss every Tom and Harry, and my own parents never encouraged the same. While my kids have been taught to greet adults with a hand shake, they sometimes naturally gravitate to hugs and/or kisses on the cheek with non-immediate family members. I suppose this is based on their familiarity and comfort level with the individual, seemingly using common sense to make their decision. Speaking of common sense (Micah), if you have a creepy uncle... why would you let your children near him anyway?

Holly carey

Who ever posted kissing your children on the lips is sexual, is a sick human being; whom obviously had a lack of affection in their up bringing or questionable sexual misconduct ! Seek help and don't judge people who express affection and love to their children! A kiss is a form of affection! Who do you think you are to make it sound Dirty? Shame on you people! You are not politically correct! Holly Carey

Mary Jane

There isn't anything sexual about this and whom ever dared to bash her are pretty much pervs and very insanely disgusting. Growing up I kissed my grandmother my mother, aunts and uncles. My grandmother always said leave your loves ones as if it's the last time you will ever see them again. Our goodbyes were c u laters and kisses and hugs. This just irritates me that people are so sick. It was also a sign of respect in my family. I pray for those of you who stoop low and bash how other people show their LOVE and affection. I am grateful for the love my family had for me and the way they showed me. My children know I love them by the way I show them. Keep loving the way you do. -Mary Jane L.


My daughter was the one that started kissing me on the lips when she was 3 or 4. At first I was a bit apprehensive since I wasn't raised kissing my parents on the lips. I even tried redirecting her to my cheek a few times. But my daughter was persistent and I didn't want her to feel rejected so I accepted the love in the gesture even if it came with occasional germs or slobber. Eventually I just got used to it. Now it's our special thing a mommy daughter peck on the lips.The love is the important part. Many cultures have different kissing traditions thanks to my daughter who is now 6 this has become ours.

Laurie McManaway

I do not usually kiss my children on the lips now that they are adults but I did not have a problem doing so when they were babies and simply don't think anything of it. Like many of you have mentioned...these are our children. I will not let the inappropriate actions of some make innocent displays of my love for my children and grandchildren into something it is not and never would be for me. It is a sad day when a mother cannot kiss their children without someone claiming it is a sexual act. If we let society tell us we can't kiss our own children...then what? Will children who are raised without this simple display of affection feel as loved as children who's parents were not afraid to kiss them? I tend to think that this type of affection nurtures bond we have with our children.


"Fever blister" is a common name that makes us feel comfortable with the REALITY that most adults have Herpes. The "blister" or "cold sore" IS AN OUTBREAK. You are spreading the virus to the ones you love the most. And as someone posted, kiss your kids in all the safe places where diseases can't be spread. It's so easy to protect the ones you love.

Jane Lopez

My 2-year-old kid accepts a kiss on the lips as well as nice long hugs. Life is tough and kids appreciate their parents' affection. All of my other children are the same.

Diane E.

Ajiah, I'm with you. Children are intuitively aware of what personal touch feels comfortable or not. As long as they know they can stop it and/or go to someone they trust and tell without fear of being in trouble, then parents and guardians are doing their job. My Dad and I have had quick kisses on the lips since I was a child and it's never been "weird." To each his own.


Amen! Just the thought of my babies cringing when I kiss them some day makes me cry! So until then! Kisses all over!


My baby is 31. I don't remember when "lip kissing' stopped, but it happened all on it's own, naturally, when he had to kiss me goodbye for school or in front of his friends. Although, our kiss is not directly on the lips, it is now a 'lip corners' kiss with a quick hug and 'love you' wrapped up in the true boyhood fashion.
And I now watch him and myself kiss his child right smack on the mouth. We are an abused nation, afraid of feelings because of abuse.

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