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January 14, 2016


Kelli Kirsch

From a nanny perspective I think this is excellent information. I hired a nanny about 6 years ago, and this would have been very helpful!


Some people are all out against hiring a babysitter, thinking that you should be able to juggle everything yourself. I tell you, my babysitter saved my sanity and my relationship, but so did buying this book you will find when you Click Here


I don't recommend including your references in the initial message because there are too many scam artists on here (and other sites as well). Imagine having to explain to your current/previous employers that you accidentally gave their information to a scam artist! So, it's important to speak with prospective employers first to see if they are legit and of course, to see if there is a mutual interest to move on to the next steps (references, speaking on the phone, meeting in person, etc.).

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