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January 14, 2016


Julie W

I am a Senior Caregiver and love it. Sheila, thank you for your information. I am learning a lot and agree with what you say about Fair wages and Benefits. I know progress is being made. Can you share any examples of states that are making the change? Perhaps caregivers need to create in some type of union.

I believe all Senior Caregivers (and perhaps other caregivers) should receive a minimum wage for their work. Employers should know what they can expect to pay. For example, being from Minnesota, my suggestion is $15/hour for starting wage and perhaps $12.50 per hour for overnight care. One suggestion would be to have pay listed in $2.50 increments like $15, $17.50, $20 to supplement the $5/hour numbers listed on our Profile. Those increments can be listed on our Profile sheets.I recognize that those receiving care are often not in the best financial situation so it can be difficult on both sides.

Thank you for your consideration and thank you for your work!

Nadine Vogel

Congratulations Sheila.

Julie Schlitter

First question- Should I assume that health insurance is based on a reported income amount? I am concerned with the income quidelines/qualifications due to this profession's unfortunate low pay. Please provide info, thank u.

Florence  Oke

This is really encouraging ! Caring involves virtues like Love Patience,Tolerance,Dedication,Meekness ,Gentleness ,Faith,Long suffering. Just to mention a few.These virtue can't be quantified but the
Society overlooks it.Thanks to Care Com.for their gessture that we are
there for people who matter most to you when you are not there and your mind will be at rest. I say BRADO to CARE COM.

Amorette Gooding

Thanks for caring

less   confused and just happy to spend time with good people.

Hi. ThankU all so much for making my life so much more better and meaningful. I remember in previous years this feeling of needing to go somewhere. I wasnt exactly sure of why or when and where but I just felt like I was being pulled or like someone was calling out to me and I would spend so much time thinking alone. listening to music . reading random things everywhere and trying to decipher a hidden message. It felt good and like I was on the right track heading towards a place I felt like I needed to be . It was emotionally painful when I would get so close but run into eventual deadends and blocks.
Some years later. today I feel so much more happier and that I finally found where I was supposed to be and with really good people in my life now that feels to me like Ive known a lot longer like all of my life. Ive been searching and questions and theories ive had before are slowly starting to make sense and connect. I feel relieved and at peace within my self and with my friends and family who have filled in holes and gaps and its such a good feeling to not be so lonely and empty.
So ya. Im aite. And definitely looking forward to to the future and confident in my ability to overcome any obstacles and also to not have to go through really ovefwhelming events alone but now with somebody that cares and accepts me as good person rsady to learn. practice. help. and work whenever. Thankyou for this. I feel


What a wonderful idea, long overdue. There have always been families who arranged to care for their household employees (my mother worked for such a family in the late 1930's) but to have all this organized into one easy to access place is great.
Thank you.

Janie Fernandez

I would like your opinion on this. I join care.com five years ago and have found employment twice. I stayed with this two parents til the children were of ore-school age and one of the patents recommended me to the parents of the present position I have. I have put in at least 50 applications and have not had one respond. I think the problem is my age (72) without even giving me a chance I never get a respond. I am very capable of taking care of children. My career before retiring was a position involving children. I am very knowledge in infant and toddler care. My background is in Chilkd Development and Nutrition. Everyone tells me I don't look or act 72. My current position is taking care of twin, 15 month old. And my employers are very pleased and Happy to have me as their nanny/mother's helper. Is there age discrimination in the child care industries? I don't think care. com should post the age of their clients other then must be over what ever age they want then to be.

Thank you
Janie F.


Hi Sheila,
I just finished reading Marie-Ann Slaughter's book on Unfinished Business where she mentioned you. Congratulations on such an amazing website. Your website's blog and Slaughter's ideas on caregivers have certainly provided a paradigm shift in the current society's perceived values of caregivers. On top of providing an amazing service, your website is also a powerful informational/educational tool. It’s wonderful to see you champion for carers too through Care.com benefits.

I live in Australia and have 3 young children. In the past couple of years, I have been thinking of creating an online platform to solve the issue I see all around within my community – constantly looking for quality care (babysitters, dogsitters, carers for elderly) but there’s no one place/site to go.

When I stumbled upon your site after reading Slaughter's book, I thought bingo! Australia needs Care.com! Would Care.com be launching in Australia anytime soon?? How can I help to have it launch in Australia? Perhaps it is in the pipeline already? I would love to work for such a place.
Many thanks.

Child Health

taking care of mother and children is the most important thing for all nation, it's not only the matter of African community but also the whole world.

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