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November 12, 2015



It's a shame that some "adults" would leave their kids out of this wonderful generation-bridging, bonding experience.


I completely agree with both views. The important part is to view it yourself first and make your own informed decision whether appropriate for your children.


I am throwing caution to the wind and taking my 7 and 4 year old sons to the Thursday night 7:00PM showing.

They are very well behaved in movie theaters (we take care of all snacks/potty breaks beforehand) and I think this is going to be a memory of a lifetime (at least for the older one).


I will preview it before letting my 8 year old go. My 4 will not be going - Episode 3 was intense for my older one, even though others (1, 2, 4) were fine. It is awesome that special effects have come so far, but this is not the cheesy effects with which we saw Star Wars in the theater. I hope it truly is family appropriate, as I'd love to share it with my son!


I think it depends on the kid; if you have a kid who already loves Star Wars and maybe is a bit on the older side, I'd say go for it! But if your kid is younger and might not understand what's going on and could get freaked out by the possible gore, I'd say leave (both) kids at home. This way if you have a younger one they won't be jealous, and you can watch it when it comes out of theaters with your older one!


I would love to take my son, but ever since he got tubes in his ears, he hates loud noises, and movies (especially action movies) are about as loud as they get. And not to mention fire and fireworks/pyrotechnics. We'll leave him at home for this one and get it when it comes out on video.

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