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October 01, 2015



I can't do that I have to keep mind to my selfe now ?

Patricia Dotson

I am new to CARE discovered Katie's blog very interesting & I have the answer to your question " HOW DOES THE TOOTH FAIRY MAKES MONEY. inflation has hit her to when I was a child she only gave a quarter now $5.00 ? she does 1 of 2 things maybe both, she get the money from the parent to give to child then when child is grown she either sells back to child because it was her/his tooth at a profit or sells back to parent at a very LARGE PROFIT because of the fact that was their babies tooth, either way the years have been good to her/him. As far as Santa I never told my son When he grew up he found out who Santa was [HIM] some things never should change they grow up fast enough.

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