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September 18, 2015



I LOVE the food ideas, however I have a problem with packaging your suggested culinary creations. Let's take the banana for example, or even the croc-sandwich. Until lunchtime my kids' lunchboxes get tossed a couple of (hundreds of) times. I highly doubt their bananas with nut butter on them or the rolled up croc sandwich would look very appetizing for them to eat. Any suggestion on the packaging? :-) Thank a lot, great post!

Dagmar Sigrid

I truly wish my eleven year old son would stop picking apart everything he eats! It drives me crazy now. At first the doctor told me to let him eat anything he liked because he was not gaining weight. Now, this habit is driving me up a wall. I see all these wonderful ideas and I know it would be a waste of my time. He would not touch on item of these recipes. I really liked the waffle sandwich, this was a creative sandwich with a nutritious touch.


That is not healthy , that's from whole foods ? I can think of better , more healthier choices . I'll post it


Great ideas! I counted 12 ingredients. Don't forget to count: Butter, waffle.

Cheyenne Sage

It's a tough room, kids and lunchtime! I never ate my apple or whatever fruit it was. I would only eat tunafish sandwiches and imagine all the mercury I ingested!!! My son was a very picky eater too. The French should inspire us, they are definitely "foodies" who believe in healthy gustation.

Off-topic, that adorable girl in your commercials is the spirit and image of Jennifer Garner ....are they related???

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