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July 24, 2015



Don't forget about the PacknPlay, ExerSaucer and high chair for the little one!


So true! Just took our first family vacation since my son still nursing! Love all three of babies(4,2,1)! They change everything! I think the funniest part is the camera. I made my husband go back to get ours and then we never took any pics!!!


This assumes that you were carefree before kids. Some of us have serious health issues that we had to worry about--even when we were on vacay. This meant meds, mobility devices, our own bedding, no alcohol, own food, Not all parents were swarming in carefree days before kids


This article made me laugh SO HARD!! So true. All of it

Jenny Virdier

So true! I love it all. Don't forget all the crap you think you might need, know you may not use it, but just to be safe things like a booster seat, the dogs crate, and your blow dryer.


I agree that "This assumes that you were carefree before kids." Even if you didn't have health issues, this assumes that you could wear a bikini (and owned 6!) and would spend a whole week at the beach swimming and drinking and going out. Uh, no thanks. No bikinis, no high heels, no whole week at beach either - work and other places call our names.

Khelsea Lee

This is a great list!! While watching kids after school, the parents occasionally want them to be taken to the pool and their bags are already packed! Just have to remember to reapply the sunscreen, especially to little ones!

Cathy Freeman

Just went to the beach post children and pre grandchildren for a week at a friend's beach house. Having cancer added a long list to the meds but I forgot the bee sting medicine (being at the beach) and first thing I did after taking off my shoes on the beach was step on a bee and get stung. Didn't bring my bee sting medicine or an anti-histamine and both would have been useful (and I thought I was prepared). Did use my granddaughter's sunscreen which was amazing. It stayed on all day and was SPF 65 . . . Next month renting a beach house for "the kids" (early thirties) and grandbaby (18 months) and we'll see how my list will expand with granddaughter joining us . . . I still need that beer for the fridge!

Donna L

Diapers!!! Both swim and non-swim. Obvi!

Janice Ball

Packing List Post-Kids is so longer than Packing List Pre-Kids. It is essential you remember just to have fun. Even if your kid is naughty and disturbs you every ten minutes. When my daughter was 4 years old we moved into a new apartment trust me it was unforgettable experience. :) Best regards!

Steffany C

This is a great list. I'm saving it for next year and will definitely come back to use it as a guide. I miss summer :/... we all do, don't we? Oh well, at least Christmas is coming! :) Thanks for sharing and be well!

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