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May 12, 2015


Denise Martin

I am in tears over this post, how beautiful and thoughtful. Sometimes it seems we as wife's and mothers ( I am the proud mom of three cats and an elderly rescue dog) are not appreciated. So wrong. Thank you so much for sharing this with me today. It is so wonderful


My daughter is in her third year of marriage to her best friend, who flies C130's. We could plug their names into all this however no children yet and just beginning to look at the end of San Diego next year. Hats off to you both and hearts go out to you both. I admire you all and are ashamed when I see how petty we civilians can be with each other. God bless you on your continued journey.


I would be happy to donate an AwesomeBox to Sarah for her to make for Matt in return his amazing letter. AwesomeBox is a way to collect photos, memories and tributes from a group of friends and family online that then get printed into a keepsake box of beautiful custom printed cards as a surprise gift. It's one of the most impactful and cherished gifts I have ever received and given. Please contact me if you are interested!


Thank you Matt for your service to our country and for keeping us safe and free! Stay out of harm's way and may God Bless you now and forever! Thank you Sarah for your dedication and love for your family and for the sacrifice you and Matt are make so thy we are free! God bless you and your family now and forever!

David M Crawford

I would like to thank this soldier and his wife and children for all the things they do for us and our country. No one can realize what they sacrifice unless they have been there, my wife of 48 years and I lived this in 1967 while I served in southeast Asia. but we had no children. Today less than 1 percent of the population serve in our military, to leave your family behind takes a lot of courage. I have all the respect that my old heart can make for this family. Soon he will be coming home, and when he steps from the plane and they see each other the joy will be like the country song " living in a moment that you could die for," Thank you so much , the real American heroes , military family.

Allen B. Crosby

Thank you for sharing the letter - aside from all the blessings many have received, love is the only blessing that endures - love in the heart of the one who gives, love in the heart of one who allows the giver to express his or
her feelings, and love of our Father who has provided for our salvation.


I don't know the way you all express your feeling in writing since this my second language but sure I feel same as you really do I always respect lots military person as well as their loved One specially their mother ,spouse and children what brave heart plus courage with to leave away from a son ,husband or father so on any very close one . As I start reading this beautiful and sad felling got tears in my eyes of course it hurt in my heart all of this I salute your respectful great support as a help to protect to our nation. Thank you so much just because of u all their we r with our family but please don't forget that we all miss u as your family too.May God Always bless you and with you.


It takes me back. I was not only in the Coast Guard myself, but my ex and my current husband both served 20 years a piece. I remember how difficult it was when Doug, my present husband would leave for deployment. It always felt like a little piece of my heart was leaving when he left. I just wanted to sit on the sofa and eat bon bons and feel sorry for myself but with three children in the house that was impossible. You have a great husband who loves you very much. It is a beautiful story thank you for sharing and thank you both for your service and sacrifice.


This WONDERFUL declaration of love & friendship had me in tears! I have been a Navy Seabee Spouse for almost 19 yrs of his 22 in. It not an easy life at all & I believe totally unappreciated by pretty much everyone! It is nice to see & hear his love for all she does in his letter !

Cathy Blanchard

Thank you for posting this so we can appreciate the sacrifices the families of our servicemen and women make for our freedom. They are truly unsung heroes for everything they do to make up for their missing partner; the constant moving, adjusting to life when their partner is home, being both Mom and Dad to their kids...it goes on and on. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sacrifice. The families are contributing to keeping terrorism form our doorstep.


Wow, What amazing love is demonstrated in that letter.

Steve Lennick

Matt, Steve Lennick here. Your dad sent me your letter. First off let me say THANK YOU very much for your sacrifice. You allow me to do what I do. Second, thank you for your time away from your family. I travel all the time but what you do makes me seem like a whimp. Thank you.

With out you we, the entire country, would be nothing. You and your fellow soldiers are true Heros. I will NEVER be able to say thank you to you and more importantly thank you to your family for all you do.

I think about you all the time and I wish nothing but happiness and love to you, your wife and kids.

I strive everyday to live up to your standards your level of exemplary service and commitment. You are special to not only your family, your parents, but also to ordinary citizens like me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
God bless
Steve Lennick

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