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January 05, 2015


Edwidge Mentor

I like it,I woul like to have a nanny job.


Sounds like some great advice. Might want to check the typo in #1, though. Says "ceate" and I think you meant "create." :-)

Lewis Alexander

One thing that is overlooked in the State of North Carolina , is that they have very few laws regarding the past behavioral practices of CNA's and they are not including in the criminal background check, such as non parental rights due to suicide attempts, mental disorders, living with registered sex offenders, prostitution , so the home health care companies hire at their own discretion and you never know what you are getting , case in point , I know of one CNA , that was a former prostitute, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia , bipolar disorder, and has suicide scars on her forearms, refuses therapy , refuses medications and is now working for Divine Health care in RALEIGH NC, this woman should not even be driving a car much less caring for the elderly or the disabled.

Would you want her in your parents home.

She also lives with a registered sex offender

She has also made comments that she was affiliated with the Hell's Angels in Durham, and they run prostitution , extortion, and the Meth traffic in the area and more, have they laundered their drug money into health care companies so that they can bill medicaid/medicare and insurance for the services of their CNA's and then make the former prostitutes kick back half their pay to the gang, for keeping them covered and secret.??????

Betsy B

Dear Katie your suggestions are excellent.. I am blessed to have worked with same family 6 years ,, I am a mature Nanny (over 60) . I will most likely work with this wonderful family another 6 years. I will work for them as long as they want a Nanny.They are both busy professionals . I love the parents and their children. Oh and the parents are 5 star people to work with. Tell those parents looking to hire not to discount hiring an older Nanny.


I would like to make one comment.... don't assume that because a person hasn't logged in for a week or two that they are not actively looking. I know for myself in the past few days, due to being extremely ill, and while my normal activity is daily, being sick and getting myself better has taken a top priority.


This is a great post! I am a nanny who is currently looking for work because the family I work for is moving soon. I had interviewed with a great family a few days ago and they said they needed time for other interviews that they set up and to get everything organized. Understandable and I will give them their time but they throw in little comments in our messages such as we love your personality and your background and we believe your capabilities are a perfect fit for our needs. I don't want to bother them when they already said they needed time but I'm afraid.another family will come around and I need to cat fast for work (I live on care.com). So I'm thrilled that you mentioned that in #5. Hopefully more families read this!

Even though they said they needed time and if another family were to contact me would it be wrong if I messaged the family to say another family contacted me and if they can give me the status on that position? Post is still open!

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