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December 22, 2014



I was waiting for the part about not having kids for the holidays were a drab, or less fulfilling. However, my thoughts about joining the parenthood are confirmed! No children until I'm 40 and too old to party. Cheers and Happy holidays


I disagree with Danielle, and the author a little bit too. Christmas is WAY more fun and fulfilling as a mom. Besides, we have a great support system (thanks to care.com and mother-in-law's) who love to watch our kids and we actually do a lot of the things the same as we did before kids. I actually still wrap every gift beautifully. We go to a lot of holiday parties as a couple. However I do understand not strolling the mall (Who has time?) but instead multitasking, buying online and whatever isn't bought online is bought at the drugstore :-) I did buy a few party dresses for myself as well. Our son is 3 1/2 and I daughter is 18 months old. We are beyond blessed and I still think Christmas is so much better now, with kids!


Love this post. Although I typically prefer bringing in the new year with my DD, I think I will go out this year. Ode to the excitement of re-decorating the tree. It's all worth it when your kid is finally old enough to give hand made gifts!

Laura Gan

hilarious!! Love my 3 children and my amazing husband. And totally agree with the before and after lifestyle comparisons. Thank you for a good laugh!


OMGOODNESS!!..I lmao the entire post.I agree with both sides..Im a single mom of a 5yr old boy and I'm 38.The hustle and bustle that we do as moms to make sure the 1 day of the year is perfect I TRULY BELIEVE that its alll worth that 20-30 minutes of enjoyment.Even though if I want him to stay sleep for just 1-3 hours more .So I can sleep and try to regain my 5th wind. After working long hours and hiding ,scheming and plotting for a 5yrbold boy...That Is my world! ENJOYED THE POST ..made me laugh.


My husband and I spent our first five years of marriage as the selfish, partying, pretentious adults we had every right to be. The next 18 years were filled with craziness, stress and 6 loved-beyond-all children. To everything there is a season, enjoy the one your in!


Really liked this post, my sister in law who is single thought it was funny too. I wouldn't trade all the extra sleep in the world for my kids! Even though I did get sick on Christmas and I'm still muddling through my cough it was worth it!

Linda Hilyard

Very funny and surprisingly accurate on both sides!

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