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June 09, 2014



What a lucky baby to have you for a dad. And I'm sure mom is just as wonderful.

T Doan

You will be a wonderful dad. Thanks for sharing.

Beatrisa M

So happy to have read this. You are going to be a wonderful dad! No doubt you will accomplish the guidlines you wrote but in the end raise a happy, secure and self confident young woman!


If only more parents could be so sincere about their "parent-role" this world would be a much better place.
You will be a wonderful father!


I think your hearts in the right place, but it sounds more like you are talking to a friend than a child. I applaud your desire to try to hold yourself accountable, but you are going to be a much different person after a few years of being a father. Parenting is one of the craziest things there are, because, when done correctly, your children shouldn't need you very much at all. They might see you every Christmas but they pull further and further away from you each day so they can have their own kids- rinse and repeat. It's your job to make sure she gets a childhood, spend the next years getting her the tools to survive, then push her out the door. You'll figure it out, though.


Thanks for sharing your special letter. That daughter of yours is one blessed kiddo. You'll share a wonderful relationship.


This is beautiful!!
I love "the work to emotionally connect with you". Is so important for children and human beings in general really, to have a strong connection with people they love, is vital!!
Thank you for sharing!



If more parents would think their roles through like you have, we'd have a better world. However, you did leave out one very important thing: teaching your daughter about God and His role in her existence and the world. The Creator of the universe cares about that little girl more than you ever can and wants her to know Him and love Him back. That relationship is what will truly sustain her and will enable her to mature into the giving, compassionate, honest young woman you desire her to be.

Staff Checking

I admire you as a father to your daughter. She's so lucky to have you as her dad. Your letter really shows how much you love your unborn child. It's not easy raising a child but I know you'll do everything for her own sake. Just don't forget to put her near to God and through this she'll be able to have a good heart that will guide her living her life. Your father-daughter relationship must be surrounded by love of God. You really touch my heart. Thank you.

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