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May 12, 2014



Thanks for writing this. I too received the infamous coupons for Mother's Day. I also agree that it should not stop there. I am going to follow your lead on this and continue getting the deserved help from my family 364 days a year (they get their birthdays off ;)

Thank you again for sharing!


Thank you for this post. I have developed a distaste and no longer look forward to Mothers Day. The 'celebration' is over-commercialized and has really lost sight of the fact that we must celebrate our mothers all of the time. I spent this Mothers Day reflecting on the meltdown my 12 year old daughter had the night before, the broken internet use rules, the bed that never gets made anymore, the whining that seems to be constant, etc., etc. My patience is tapped out! I am a true single parent whose financial resources are also tapped out due to school tuition, tutors, clothes, even food... it's just too much. The "I'll Do This for You" coupons are a great idea and I will share it with my daughter today!!


Hello Jane,

Your article made me smile, thank you for that. My Mother's Day was relaxing and that's all I have to say about that because I've promised myself to work on my complaining spirit ;) We have a schedule posted for dishwasher, trash and recycling duties, but it seems I still nag daily when I walk in and the duties have not been done...I don't enjoy nagging and yelling...I am working on that also ;)


I too enjoyed your post. Didn't want to get out of bed on this fine Sunday after Mother's Day because the house is trashed and I didn't want to face it. When I grouchily shared this with my husband, his response was...well, I don't feel like facing my job a lot of the time, but if I don't go to work, the whole family's quality of life changes. It just made me realize that my husband (and other husbands/spouses) have a lot more pressure to keep pushing along! I think I can handle the messy house!

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