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March 03, 2014


Experienced Housekeeper

This person wants a maid. House cleaners clean houses not make beds or meals.


It's comforting to know that the 4 day old laundry basket isn't a rarity. With four children we thought that we would give everyone their own basket and as easy as it can be to have the laundry sorted before you start, it still doesn't get put away. Thank you for putting some light and a comical spin to the truth of house cleaning and children.

Janet Katz

I lived overseas and had what we called a cleaning lady twice a week. She cleaned everything pretty well, changed and washed the sheets, reorganized the linen closet in such a way I could not find a complete set of sheets as she put the linens away as type, bottom sheets in a stack, top sheets in a stack, etc. I would not let her do my laundry but she would put it away after I did it. She could be trusted with my husband's laundry and she IRONED HIS SHIRTS. She also cleaned out the refrigerator, though she had to be nudged to do this as she didn't like it, either. We had cats and the floors were always clean. We paid her when we went on vacation and she thought we were the best and we probably were in that town. I just want someone to wash and change the sheets and clean the refrigerator in addition to the usual. I used to have this in the US and am going to try to find this when we finish our remodeling AND my husband gets back from Iraq. This is not what one gets from a cleaning service but from an individual. I'm getting too old for a lot of the deep cleaning, also.

Felicia walker

Need housekeeper


Yes,Dana needs a good maid not a houskeeper! And that could be price!
Having family comes with a lot responsibility including cleaning, cooking,doing laundry etc. Having good husband to share responsibility would be nice!
I always wonder-why American women don't like to care for their familys?


I think one of the great things about Care.com is that you can post what you want. We live in a world where the job market today is all about diversity. If someone wants a "housekeeper" to know how to do a car tune up once a month - yeah sure it's an oddity, but that's the job description. To each their own, and for every job description there are unique individuals that are usually willing to fit the bill for the right price!

Stephanie Schuler

It is certainly hard to keep a clean house when you're running around, taking care of so many children. In those rare quiet moments in my house, even when I am totally exhausted, I make sure to do a load of laundry or empty the dishwasher. Luckily, my husband helps out a ton too.

Katia Z.

I can totally relate to this article because it's what I do practically everyday at home. I serve as the nanny for my siblings and have to cook, clean, drive, clean, clean, clean....Also, over the summer when I dogsat, I cleaned the first floor for her every week and she didn't even ask or pay me to do it.


Why the judgement in some of these replies? A maid only isn't what she wants. A maid does not help with meal prep, not in my experience. I work full time (plus commute, like many do). We have a "helper" we hired from care.com. I LOVE her. Because of her my husband and I get to actually spend time with my family AND have healthy meals AND a clean house. I don't have to make that choice daily.

Tracy isn't a maid. She helps prep meals, she cleans, she'll stop at the grocery store, she'll run errands if needed. She is extremely thorough and extremely efficient. She see's things that need to be done and does them. She doesn't try to do things she's been asked not to do. She learns how we like things done. Best of all, she has an amazing personality and sense of humor (my husband is often at home when she is there). She's so awesome that despite a drop in income this year we are giving up other things to keep her.

We only have her 12 hrs a week, so there is still plenty for us to do. But she's amazing and I no longer feel shame for needing help. Before we hired her I was constantly trying to fit ALL those things in AND spend time with the kids. Something always had to give. Always. And while that is a reality for many, many parents, I'm so grateful that it no longer is for us.

Post that ad Dana! A stay at home mom is a job just like mine. There's no reason you shouldn't have someone do at least some of the chores so you can enjoy your family!

Rabia Lieber

I would *love* to have someone do those things for me! I work long hours out of the home, and I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I feel like I spend the weekend getting ready for the week and I never get the chance to sit down, guilt-free and enjoy myself! My mom had a housekeeper while we were growing up. She used to bring her kids over and the kids would all play, while she and my mom tackled the house together. Unconventional, sure; but it worked for my mom and my brother and I had a great time too!

C. Lee Reed

Great post. If I win the lottery, I am definitely hiring someone to keep my home and chores on task. It would be so nice to have someone else to do that each week.

I don't care what you want to call that person (although I agree with the housekeeper moniker, it fits)...I want one!


I really enjoy cleaning my house, it makes me feel good with myself. For me it is a physical and mentally healthy feeling.

Alison Hector

Hi Dana! I don't have a family at home, but I, too, would love some help, so this list is spot on. There often are too few hours in the day to balance work and home duties, so a helper would be the ideal solution to that challenge.


Dana: all the previous comment's are nice, but the best think is your effort to stay with your family and keeping it nice and clean for them. Each family has different needs, and the same, differents maids or housekeeper can help you in all your needs. Just at every interview, request what's the most important for you, and I'm pretty sure you will find the right helper for you, at the right rate. Believe me, I do this all the time and all my clients are happy. I'm a good and happy worker, friendly too! And the best, is all my clients belong to san carlos mother's club. Only one referred me to another, then others to others. ;).


The previous described maid/housekeeper is what I did while getting my Bachelors degree. I enjoyed the Human Services career with my degree. However I find myself struggling with todays market and low paying jobs. basically I made more money working before I got my degree.
I did all the things previously described as well as caring for the families elderly parent. Although I have my resume on various job sites. I believe I would be just as happy doing what I enjoyed for many years. I have strong references available though elderly now. I look for a good fit family to continue helping families enjoy their homes and families.


we are not robots after all and we need time for ourselves. It's not a bad thing to want someone to do the unpleasant cleaning. I'm a carpet cleaner, but I would love if I have a housekeeper at my home!


Its always good to hire someone to clean our home. Household chores can be boring sometimes and and we want to spend time with our family. I think we can also hire someone to clean our home on part time basis. We can do that when we don't feel like doing the cleaning work ourselves.


Hiring a housekeeper with such good intentions impressed me. I am in love with this blog especially with point number 4 where you clearly showed that after hiring a housekeeper you wont be depending on her at all and you will be still working for your children's ethics and making them practice all the simple house chores.

Lillian Hart

It's quite a simple and efficient to-do list. It's very clever and along with the proper home-mixed cleaning solutions recipes would turn into one good home maintaining plan. Glad to read from you.

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