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February 10, 2014


Sean Pritchard

You've been thrown up upon (face, down shirt, etc) and it wasn't a fraternity hazing event.


How do we your YouTube video...I want to post it on FB. Hilarious! Definitely worth sharing.


you look at each other in horror when a little voice says uh-oh.

Marie King

When you play who ever smells it has to deal with it. So you pretend that you don't smell your child while he/she is sitting next to you and your eyes are watering. Oh this disney movie is so emotional!


You have eliminated 80% of restaurants you used to visit before.

Morning fights start over who's turn it is to drop at daycare

You have a lot of new 'friends' - other parents u met at daycare/school

You haven't watched your favorite tv shows

You can name all the characters on Dora

You have a favorite Bubble Guppy(ie?)

You consume a lot of leftovers - mac n cheese, chkn nuggets

Care.com Member Care

Hi Honeybeeforeman, we're glad you've enjoyed the video! To post it on Facebook, click on the icon on the upper right of the video - the one that looks like a wishbone. You'll see a Facebook "f" icon. Clicking on it will take you to the "Post to Facebook" page which will let you share the video with all your friends!

Jami Goolsby

Your wonderful child takes their dinner that they asked for and hurls it at you with the comment "Yuck I don't like this."


Not only can you NOT relax when you hear 'silence', but you take it as a scary sign that someone, somewhere is getting into something they shouldn't be.


Funny but true...

Paula Kibbe

Great video, Katie. So funny!

Stephanie Schuler

You've been taught by your kids in the proper use of technology (iPads, DVRs, etc)

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