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January 27, 2014

6 New Year’s Resolutions I - With My Children - Would Make

A new year always brings change – and so for 2014 we decided to invite some of the funniest, interesting and inspiring parenting experts and bloggers to write for my blog. If you don’t know Dude Mom already, you are missing out – especially those parents of boys. She has three. And here she shares the hilarious and true resolutions she wishes they would make! What would you add to this list?

Img-blog-topicEvery year of life I sit down with The Dudes and we resolve to do things better for the next year. And we can always make new goals – even if it is the end of January. Unplug more we say, save for a vacation, watch every movie on the Top 100 Kids & Family Movies list that was made between 1985 and 1992 (it’s personal life goal).

We mostly fail, but we do at least have a real discussion about things we want to be better at. And we practice the whole goal-setting-for-life-success thing which I say counts even if we do end the year without having fully accomplished a single thing.

This year will look much the same I imagine. We will each pick a personal goal to work on and a couple of family ones too. They will be ambitious and challenging and for good.

But, here’s what I wish they’d be…

I will learn to… Pee IN the toilet.  Not on it.  Not behind it.  Not in the vicinity of it.  Not outside.  In.  The.  Toilet.

I will try to… Come home from school without crying.  You’d think they’d be happy to be home.  Where it’s warm.  And snacks are waiting.  But, nope.  Every day.  Two seconds after the bus pulls away from the curb, the moaning begins.  So and so said this, and I’m hungry, and carry my bag it’s heavyyyyy, I’M HUNGRY. The post-school-day meltdown is an experience I can live the rest of my life without.

I promise to… Stop asking for stuff at the store.  I literally never buy them things.  They should know by now that the law of averages is garbage.

I hope to… Learn the fine art of patience.  I don’t expect them to whip it in a year. Most adults can’t stand to wait for things.  But, when we are on the sidelines of a soccer game, without food or water in sight, it’s really only working against them to sit there and cry, actual tears, while babbling loudly that they CAN NOT WAIT TO EAT.  I mean, unless you’re planning to go zombie and eat a chunk of my arm, you’re gonna just have to.  Also, I am certain you had a sandwich moments before we left.

I need to… Realize my mom’s kitchen is not a restaurant. It would be a shoddy restaurant at best so let’s just stop pretending.

I also promise to… Never leave another Lego on the floor.   I built them a wonderful Lego table, there’s really no excuse for them to continue to torture me in this way.

Moms of boys and girls… what are you working with your kids to accomplish this year – or wish you were working on?!
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Love it. Perfect! Thanks for this post - as a mom of a boy I can totally relate. And thanks also for the link to the top 100 family movies- that's new to me. Looking forward to checking it out and seeing how many my family has enjoyed.


I feel like you were talking about my kids. I mean the crying (whining) after school, the Legos on the floor.... The toilet!!! Love it!


You left out one big one!to stop throwing tantrums everytime you don't get your way mine does it already and shes only 4 months! Lol

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