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December 16, 2013


With parenthood, life tends to have more meaning. But do you ever feel like it all revolves around the kids – and your exhaustion?! As part of our Workplace Solutions team, Kelly helps place services with companies so employees can use us for free. Here, she discusses her years of lackluster New Years Eve plans – and what she hopes to change.

Blog-holiday-party-downI haven’t seen the ball drop in about six years. That’s also how long I’ve been a mom. Coincidence? Hardly.

Here’s my other confession: I haven’t even made it outside of the house on New Year’s for those six years. I usually fall asleep on the couch with my husband by 10 p.m. – in my sweats. My husband and I used to make fun of all the people who party on New Years.  We called it "Amateur Night" because it was when a lot of people felt the need to go out and get totally crazy. But now I’m starting to wonder if we’re the amateurs for staying in.  Remember the days of making plans with friends, getting dressed up, eating and drinking until the wee hours of the morning? After having kids, I was sure that a big night out was what people without kids did – because there was nothing else to do. They didn’t have two beautiful children calling for them at 3 a.m... They didn’t race through each day – full of scheduling, meal making, tantrum calming, sibling dispute resolving, veggie- bribing and go-to-bed pleading -- like it was a marathon.

Oh, those unfortunate souls. Those Amateurs were missing so much!

My kids are a little older now. (Oh, and I’m older now too.) And while I can totally admit that this friggin’ night is like the high school prom – a whole lot of hype and nothing but regret the next day – this year does need to be different.

I’m thinking the night needs a little something special. Clearly not like those pre-kids days, but something that feels like a celebration. Maybe it’s that we just need to kick 2013 to the curb -- and do so in style. And in a way, getting dressed up makes me feel like I’m taking back a little bit of my youth. A little bit of my pre-kids self. And gives me some of that "I can do it all" feeling.

So that’s it! No more yoga pants. No drooling on the couch pillows. We’re going out! This couple needs a change of scene. And yeah, we’ll hire a sitter (and give her a tip for coming on New Year’s Eve). But guess what? We probably still won’t see midnight. No ball-drop-visual for another year. After all, those bright-eyed and beautiful faces will still be in our bed at the wee hours – and our weekend sprint will begin again.

Then I’ll kick off the first day of 2014 the way it should be: with the three people who make life worth every minute.

How do you feel about New Year’s Eve? Do you typically go out or stay in?


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Have a great night - you deserve it!


Yes, mine are getting a lot bigger too. I'm usually in bed long before they are.


We host a party at our house (well, two parties...kinda). We hire a sitter and the kids have their own party in the basement and the adults have their party upstairs. My daughter (who is a night owl) loves "hosting" her own party. Most people stay for Midnight (including the kids; my daughter has been awake for the turn of the year every year since she was born). If any kids need to crash before then, we have a room made up with blankets, etc.

Admittedly, not an option for everyone...but one we all enjoy.

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