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December 09, 2013


Jon in SoCal

Just remember to takes taxes out. That two week pay bonus for your nanny is taxable income. If you are holding an annual review, be sure to include that bonus in your compensation discussion as part of his/her compensation "package", as it functionally raises their pay rate. Plus they are eligible for disability and unemployment benefits with your tax reporting.


I am confused as to why nannies would get so much more than a daycare worker. My daughter goes to daycare and we couldn't be happier. She has three main teachers and I have been trying to figure out what amount to give them as a tip/gift. If I gave them $25 that is a slap in the face. You state that from nannies we, "depend on her insight, creativity, guidance and compassion. She has the day-shift as you work as a team to raise these amazing kids. Because of her importance in your lives, she gets the biggest tip. It’s really a year-end bonus." That's how I feel about my daughter's daycare teachers.


Nannies come to your home or are live in. It's one person doing the same job that multiple people share at a daycare. This absolutely means they get more... If you were doing the work of 3 or 4 wouldn't you expect to get the accumulation of those that do the job of one? I would agree that $25 is low but nannies are way more valuable and get paid more. Kinda like a physician, paid more than a nurse, still both very valuable but one is obvioulsy making more coin.


Do I need to tip the daycare at my childs gym as well? They have 3 employees that take care of the children there. Do I tip all 3?


Our part time nanny (regular, but not full time) just started working for us one month ago. So even though I like her, it feels like overdoing it to give her an entire week's pay. Am i thinking about this improperly?


Re: day care teachers. There are many parents there giving gifts to those teachers, unlike the nanny. I wouldn't consider $25 a slap in the face, especially if they'll probably get ten fold that amount, like any other teacher.


I love my sitter, but one week's pay as a tip is really extreme. Many people who work full time can not afford to do that. What happened to "it's the thought that counts". I will give my sitter a gift, but we can not afford to give her an extra week's salary. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate her, but it is really a huge gift.


Hi Samantha. Yes, I think JoAnn and Tim covered it well. There are often a few teachers, and because you go to them (whereas a nanny comes to you), $25-50 for the main teacher and $15 - $20 for the assistants is a nice gift -- especially since I'm assuming they would get this from every parent in the class. However, you should always give what makes you comfortable. And if that means giving more, that's wonderful.


Hi Michelle.
For the sitters at the gym, it would depend on how often you go. If you're going routinely throughout the week, and the sitters really know your kids, a tip would be very nice. However, I'm guessing you pay through the gym and not the sitters directly. In this case, I'd recommend a gift card. Maybe a $10-20 iTunes or Amazon gift card?


Thanks for sharing. Actually, I often call a babysitter at home to take care of my kids while I am out busy shopping or attending a function. This is a very often case so do you think I still need to give tip/gift to her?

Smiles in Philly

I have worked as a full time nanny for 5 different families and I can tell you......here in the Philadelphia suburbs, the minimum you give your nanny is two weeks bonus....CASH.
I have even gotten one months bonus on top my normal salary. Its call respect and contributions.

Happy new year to all of you.
Open your wallet to those who ease your crazy days and nights.

Suzanne C. Sala

I am very pleased with your information on tipping.

Last year was my first experience using a senior aide for my mom and the individual I had was phenomenal. I gave this individual a holiday tip equivalent to 2 week pay. Unfortunately she left the agency and the service the current aide provides is definitely below minimum standards. The agency I use is aware of my needs and that the individual is not meeting them. The idea that I would have to tip that person for the holidays was making me cringe. I search the web to find if a tip was really required. I found your article and the current aide will not receive a tip this year.

Thank you for the advice.

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