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November 19, 2013


Jessica Schuster

Hello Everyone,

Another great organization that is helping a lot in the Philippines is called the Bicol Clinic Foundation (www.bicolclinic.org). We are small, but we feel our impact is a great one. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. We are sending a group of physicians and volunteers on Dec. 3rd and we have already brought over food and supplies helping about 25,000 of those who have lost their family members and homes. Please help us continue to do more!

Irene Merrill

Please also consider ShelterBox, which is providing very high-quality 10-person tents along with cooking utensils and many other survival necessities - they are on the ground there in the Philippines, including in remote places where many aid organizations have not yet arrived. Their website is: www.shelterboxusa.org

Megan Hamsher

Habitat for Humanity International
American Veterinary Medical Foundation

Margaret Papalii

Hello Sheila, this is Margaret Papalii and I am so sorry to hear about what had happen to the Philippine Country. We are standing to together with you in prayers. My church the Samoan Christian Fellowship in Fairfield CA are collecting all the donation from the community:canned goods, water, clothing, money to ship their to those who are in need. And just letting you know that you are not alone, God is with you as well as people from all over the world. May the Lord comfort every person who have affected by this tragedy. God Bless.

Angie Janes

Dear Sheila:

Many are praying for God to help the people in the Philippines.

Prayer is powerful.

Be encouraged!


Angie J


Hi Sheila,

I wanted to say that i'll try to reach out to the organizations you've pasted the links. But I also wanted to congratulate you on your inniciative and tell you that I'm really proud that you are not forgetting your roots. Me as you I'm an inmigrant who is developing her career and racing a family in this wonderful country (the U.S.) but will never forget where she comes from (Argentina). You are the story of someone who can make it here in the U.S. Working hard and that inspires me. You've created a business that not only is profitable but helps people. It helped me when I needed it . So I just wanted to tell you that I'm really proud to be part of care.com and I salute you for being proactive and not forgetting your origins (you could have stayed comfortably in your house in the U.S and send some money, instead you are in Manila). Yours Sincerely Luciana Gerdts.


I just wanted to give my deepest sympathy and prayers to all the famiies who are affected by this tragedy. God will never leave you nor forsake you and i put all my trust in him to pull you all through this. God will sustained you all he will give you peace in the midst of it all when life seems unfair God is still faithfully In the midst God will keep you all and want let you fall.Amen

Your friend in Christ

Victoria C.

My prayers are with all of you!


My daughter is in third grade - and our Parish priest is from the Philippines. She and her friends (along with the parents) organized a bake sale after mass and raised over $700 to send to the Philippines for help. Every little bit counts.

Cristina Barlaan

Prayers to all my fellow pinoy! Did help my friend collecting at least clothing's for her living relatives.She lost 10 family members from the typhoon.God bless everybody!

Michele Wymer

Sheila -
Thank you for taking the time to post something to help some of the most vulnerable populations in the Philippines. Another organization doing tremendous work is a local faith-based NGO in the Philippines called International Care Ministries (www.caremin.com). They work in over 5,000 communities and serve about 100,000 ultra-poor (those living on less than 50 cents/day) Filipinos each year. They have set up a disaster fund and are providing food, medicines and shelter to large communities where much of the aid has not yet reached, and they also have the infrastructure in place to help communities rebuild.

Please consider donating or partnering with them as well.
Sincerely - Michele Wymer

Eli Wylen

My prayers are with the Filipino people. Thank you Sheila for your efforts to help people all over the world, and especially in the Philippines at this time. I wasn't sure where to best help but your posting has guided me to a meaningful place for a donation.


Dear Sheila!

My prayers always with your people, I did my donation to the redcross in the link that you sent, and I will try to resend those links to everyone that is possible.

Jovito Cabayao

Shiela, Can you also give update about the province of antique. I was looking about what happen to the Antiquenos but unfortunately I haven't seen any news in the media.
Thank you.


First I would like to say Sheila don't know what I say even matters to you but I want to thank you for being an amazing woman who probably didn't come from much other than family and love which is a lot in my books. (Sorry if I'm wrong) but that don't matter you rose above all that you were given as a child came to America and you made something big of yourself and you showed all the other woman that whatever your heart desires and where you choose to shoot your star to is where you end up. So shoot yours to the stars and beyond. Because anything is possible. Even with set backs. I am a single mother of two of the most beautiful boys in the world. I was in a horribly physical and very mentally and emotionally abusive relationship with there father for 17 years but god have me a second chance to start over it's been hard very hard to start at bottom when you were at the top like I was In an executive position to start at the bottom in a new town no friends no network. People judge and you feel so alone. But God gave me the best gifts ever, everyday I strive my hardest to get back where I once was. Everyday I get a little bit closer and everyday I thank god for my journey and most of all I keep faith and believe. But you gave me care.com which gave me a new chance so I thank you for that. My point now so I don't have much to give but anything I can help with I would love to do or if need me to gather items or whatever please reply or email me with what I can please help with it's the least I owe you. Thank you. God bless and remember FAITH. Sincerely Candice M.


You and your family and extended families are in my heart and in my prayers as they go through this horror. I am a user of your Care.com, and have great love and respect for you.

I wish you love and light as these days go on. May God's healing arms hold you and comfort you and your family and may you know some peace during the time ahead.


UNICEF Is another great program for donations!! :)

Craig M Wood

We also salute Cooper Anderson for his reporting and work and being named the new ambassador to the Philippines, we hope he can continue doing some good for the Filipino's and keep the money coming in to rebuild the city, the infrastructure, like when Bagio got destroyed, and hopefully rebuild the city into one of the best cities of the world.

We are hoping Cooper Anderson can ramrod more support and ramrod rebuilding the city, and spear head the government being more prepared and doing more for its people, and less graft.

Maybe with the right diplomacy and some strong world reporting, the Philippines can grow and help its own.

Betty Frando

Your letter was so encouraging to read. I am part Filipino and though I have never had the opportunity to visit the Philippine's, I too am saddened by the destruction and lives lost. I too have family their.

God bless you and what you are doing for them. I belong to a ministry that supports our military and we know of many marines making there way to the Philippines to help, and we are also gathering food, clothes and supplies to send through one of my ministry friends who is also from there.

God bless you and your family Sheila!


I am part of care.com family. I am a part time nanny for (care.com), also (RN) health care provider . I was also born in the Philppines. I love U.S.A. but my heart will always belong to the Philippines. You're a good person Sheila! Thank you for all that you do! We will always pray for the Filipino people for continued faith and strength especially at this time when they need it the most.
I have donated directly to Philippine Red Cross..pls keep the Philippines in your prayers.

Thank you for all that supported the Philippines...they will make it and will rebuild because of everyone's donations and prayers!

Beverly S.


My prayers are with you and your friends and family in the Philippines. Such a horrible tragedy for all those people. I appreciate you and all the jobs I get on Care.com.

Much caring and peace
Beverly S.

Sarah J.M.L.

Hello Sheila-

I, too, am of Filipino heritage. My parents were born and raised there, but emigrated to the U.S. and had all 5 of us children in the MidWest where we all remain raising our own families. My heart breaks for all the Filipinos struggling with loss -- loss of life, property, self-worth, etc. -- during this devastating time of rebuilding. I will definitely be donating to the relief effort.


P.S. - Thank you for a wonderful website. I have found the best caretakers and piano teacher via your site!


All of the world is with the Philippines. They are not alone. Many people care and will help. Be encouraged and may God bless you.

Barb Zankel

My prayers will continue to go out to the people affected by the storm in the Philipines. Our church is having a second collection on Sunday for the relief efforts going to the Philipines. I have a very dear friend who has family and close friends over there and by the Grace of God, they are all okay.

Craig M Wood

We are a Filipino-American family, and have a house and extra room, we are offering to take a Filippino child, infant to teenager, if he or she lost her family, we will take good care of the child, on a short or long term, my Filipino wife is a nurse and we would raise the child in a Filipino Culture, with Filippino food most every day, church, schooling, and college, if anyone knows of some child that needs help or a home or how we can do this.

We are not abusive, we don't use drugs, however, we are also not rich, but if anyone knows how we could do this, we are available, and are good decent, honest, loving, non abusive family.

Consuelo Munoz

I want to donate lots of clothes for people in the Philippines. I want to know where I can go to do it. Please help me with some information about places.


Thank you for your message. I like your sincerity as you share your heart feelings with us. I can connect to this as I am myself immigrant and was trying to help my nation when affected by flood several years ago. Today, I have donated via American Red Cross to help the victims of the typhoon. My employer has 100% matching policy so my donation doubles. Keep up the good work.

Karen L.

Hi sheila,
Thanks so much for your care, support and gratitude
That you show among our own kind of people. It's Tough and hard times for our fellow filipinos. So muchTragic things happening in this world yet very devastating. Especially right now in the Philippines. I reach out my symphathy, care, support, hope and faith that god will help All that needs help the very most. And we shall all continue to pray for them and help one another. I think in this world and nation we should never forget to help others especially those in need. God bless everyone!

Jen McGeown

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

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