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February 25, 2013


Jeanne & Alexandra

Thank you. You may have just saved us an enormous headache. We are discussing a first-ever nanny arrangement and the Nanny candidate specifically requested she be treated as a "contractor" and that she would file her own taxes with a 1099. I was actually searching for how to get a 1099 issued when I came to this article. Much appreciated!

Mr. Grace

Why dont the nanny just be considered a self-employed contractor?

Stephanie Breedlove

Thank you Jeanee & Alexandra for your kind words. I'm very happy the article helped you out!

Mr. Grace, a nanny cannot be considered a self-employed contractor because they do not control the working relationship when it comes to the hours they work and how the work is done. These and other details are controlled by the family. In fact, the IRS in Publication 926 specifically includes nannies in their definition of a household employee along with caregivers, personal assistants and housekeepers.

Darla Rodriguez

Hi. What if I have a neighbor get my kids on and off the bus for about 2 hrs per day:10 hrs a week? Is there a tax obligation for this? This is a neighborhood mom with kids in the same school

Stephanie Breedlove

Hi Darla,

Based on your question, there seems to be no money being exchanged for your neighbor watching your kids, so there would be no tax liability on your part. It sounds more like a kind gesture on the part of your neighbor. If that is not the case, feel free to call our office and we'll be happy to determine if the arrangement is an employment agreement.

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