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September 17, 2012

What Did I Miss?

Blog-karooDo your kids have a baby book? I remember receiving a memory-type book at my son's baby shower. There were image slots for his first day home, nursery, trip to the pediatrician. I documented his first time smiling, laughing, taking a bottle. I added photos from all our outings together.

But then I went to work. And the reality of starting to juggle home, office and baby made it difficult to read the mail – let alone update the baby book! And now that my "baby" is in school and playing sports, I don't catch all of his games or know who all of his friends are.

I think the hardest part about being a working parent is what you miss out on at home – and on the field. The milestone moments, new friends, big wins, and fun excursions. Of course, we secure our bonds every second we can and jam fun things into the weekends. But missing out is what started "Mom Guilt" in the first place, right?

I haven’t solved the working parent dilemma(!), but I'm hoping to help relieve it a little. I'm so excited to announce a free app from that is designed to help parents feel connected to what’s going on at home. It’s called Karoo. The idea is a virtual memory keeper where you can get updates even when you're at work. The idea is that parents and nannies will stay connected by sharing exciting moments throughout the day. The idea is to help parents feel like they’re not missing anything.

Some cool aspects? You can share photos, videos and updates in one place. And you can use our CareLogs section to keep track of things like bottles taken, diapers changed, meals fed, medication given and homework finished (for the older kids!). So instead of getting hundreds of emails, Facebook updates and text messages from your nanny, all of your children's photos and videos will be in one private, secure place. And unlike other social networking sites, you can control who sees your personal family updates by inviting grandparents, family members and friends to your Karoo. Of course, if you have specific photos you'd like to be shared more broadly on sites like Facebook, you can do that too!

We think Karoo is going to make a huge difference to working parents and help nannies showcase the care and attention they give to their work. At the moment, it's only available on iPhone, but we’re going to keep building on our app. In the months ahead, we'll be developing a version for Android phones. It's going to be the must-have app for any caregiver and parent. Download Karoo today!

So tell me, how do you keep in touch with your nanny? Do you ever feel like you're missing out on things? And, what is your favorite picture/memory of your child(ren)? 


P.S. Check out our infographic on how busy moms use technology.


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It is frustrating that people keep writing apps for iOs when in fact more people use Android devices. I hope to see Karoo for Android soon.

tami w.

when i realized it would take a week before i personally would know if my son liked bananas, my husband and I decided I should stay at home with our son.... we waited until we were older, I'm 32 and my hubby is 40, with a 20% chance of conceiving our son naturally. After colic and nursing, I returned to work and it didn't take long before exhaustation set in. After switching private sitters, and once the colic was gone, at 6 months old, we already realized what we were missing. The picture from the sitter during the day made me miss him more while I was as work. Now that he is 8 months old, crawling and pulling himself up-I am so glad we made the sacrifices as a family so I could be home with him. What joy to video him saying dah-dah.


Tami w. , your comment was not helpful. Why are you posting about an app for working moms when you stay home, not everyone has a choice.please spare us.


Tami's is just another opinion, don't be rude. She commented that seeing a pic of her son made her miss him more and she outlined her reasons for staying home. If there are parents who are on the fence and considering whether to go back to (or stay at) work and looking for options to help with that or to stay at home, they will be looking for input from both sides. Both lifestyles are valuable and neither should complain about the other.

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