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September 17, 2012



It is frustrating that people keep writing apps for iOs when in fact more people use Android devices. I hope to see Karoo for Android soon.

tami w.

when i realized it would take a week before i personally would know if my son liked bananas, my husband and I decided I should stay at home with our son.... we waited until we were older, I'm 32 and my hubby is 40, with a 20% chance of conceiving our son naturally. After colic and nursing, I returned to work and it didn't take long before exhaustation set in. After switching private sitters, and once the colic was gone, at 6 months old, we already realized what we were missing. The picture from the sitter during the day made me miss him more while I was as work. Now that he is 8 months old, crawling and pulling himself up-I am so glad we made the sacrifices as a family so I could be home with him. What joy to video him saying dah-dah.


Tami w. , your comment was not helpful. Why are you posting about an app for working moms when you stay home, not everyone has a choice.please spare us.


Tami's is just another opinion, don't be rude. She commented that seeing a pic of her son made her miss him more and she outlined her reasons for staying home. If there are parents who are on the fence and considering whether to go back to (or stay at) work and looking for options to help with that or to stay at home, they will be looking for input from both sides. Both lifestyles are valuable and neither should complain about the other.

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