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September 24, 2012



Would love it if you could share the recipes of the kale, cucumbers, parsley, carrots, berries, raw honey smoothies you have for breakfast.


I am made to feel like I am the weird parent at daycare because my kid only eats healthy food for lunch(and loves it by the way) and I have been fighting the snack situation for months to no avail because there are so many "picky eaters". I wish more parents would realize the value and importance of a healthy diet. Apparently, I am just lucky becuase I don't have a picky eater. My 2 year old ate a super greens salad the other night with olive oil and balsamic vinegar unprompted because that's what Mommy and Daddy were eating. I was just as surprised as any parent would be but the kid eats anything and is in fact a bottomless pit. More reason to feed her healthy food. But my point is if the whole family is eating healthy and you don't give unhealthy options for the majority of meals then your going to have a kid who eats healthy. There are cultures that eat bugs and their kids eat bugs because that's what they are raised to do. Kids don't come out of the womb craving mac & cheese and hotdogs, that is a learned taste. My daughter does occationally get mac & cheese, it is organic and always has a vegetable mixed in. I tried giving it to her one time without a veggie and she insisted I put peas in it... learned behavior. So I am on this crazy train of striving for a healthy lifestyle for my family!

Fitness Holiday

Every mom knows that fruits and veggies do a growing body good. She also knows how tough it is to get a toddler (or a grade-school-er — or even an adult) to choose greens and berries over chicken fingers and Fruity Pebbles. So it's no surprise that only one in 50 kids eats a healthy diet (one that meets federal recommendations). But there are ways to turn your child into a healthy eater without turning you into the nutrition police.Here your is very nice.

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