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August 27, 2012

Tips for Navigating Your Inbox

Blog-tips-for-finding-the-right-babysitterYou may have experienced this. You posted a job on and the floodgates opened! Before long, your inbox had 30 responses and you didn't know where to start.

I want you to know that at we consider ourselves a work in progress. We are always working to improve the user experience. However, until it's perfect, I want to give you a list of tips to navigate all the responses to your job post – so it's not as overwhelming of an experience.  Plus, we like to hope that with so many great applicants applying for your job, it's no doubt you're having trouble limiting it to just one.

1. Send Im
mediate 'No Thank You' notes

Once you're browsing applicants, do a gut-reaction to all your candidates. Maybe one charges too much, has dra
stic misspellings in her summary, doesn't sound engaging, or didn't include a picture. If someone doesn't meet your needs, click the Say "No Thanks" button. The site will immediately send them a "No thank you" response and your inbox will be a lot smaller.

2. Categorize Others as a Maybe or a Favorite

two heart icons will help you tag the remaining applicants as a Maybe (half-heart) or a Favorite (full-heart). Scroll through and look for the qualities that most interest you: experience, cost, location, engaging cover letter… whatever it is, do another gut-check and mark the ideal people as a Favorite and the people you want to know a little more about as a Maybe. The rest can get the Say "No Thanks" button too.

3. Email Your Favorites

Write an email that says something like, "Hi. I'm so glad you responded to my job post. I would love to talk to you about your experience and interest in babysitting/nannying. Can you send me your number and a good time to call you?" Note: You will have to be a Premium Member to respond to your applicants.

4. Start Arranging Phone Interviews and In-person Meetings

se our list of questions to interview applicants over the phone. Then, invite the people you like to meet for coffee. If for some reason your Favorites are no longer available, move on to your Maybe List. (Get a list of phone interview questions >>)

5. Call References and Run a Background Check

Before you introduce anyone to meet your kids, you will want to run a background check and call their references. Make sure to ask for the name of at least one extra person not listed on their go-to reference list. It could be a former coach, neighbor, even a past boss who didn't need childcare. The more people from her past and present, the better picture you can get of your babysitter candidate.

Tell me, what are your tips for finding the right sitter for your family?


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Background Screening

I think it is very important to run a background check or screening when you are exposing your children to a caregiver. While many people might see this as offensive, you can't be too cautious when it's your child's life on the line. Especially in light of many abuse scandals in recent years. Thank you for your tips!

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