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May 21, 2012


Sylvie Williams

I wish somebody would have warned me how hard it is to get rid of pregnancy weight ;-) I wouldn't have eaten as much in my 3rd trimester


I wish some would have told me that I might gain weight in every area of my body. When I was pregnant with my first child I thought I was just going to have a belly bump and that was all. I wasn't prepared for all the body image issues that I had.

Lana Boatman

Pregnancy advice...take time to really savor those moments. Moments just laying there with your hand on your belly feeling the little one move :) the moments before crying is involved (the baby's crying ;) ) you will be crying at some points too. and that is ok...OK! Accept this new person you are becoming!


I wish I had known that "taking care of myself" takes on a whole new meaning (and important) when you're pregnant with a toddler! Pregnancy has always had (and always will have) a certain mystique because it is a short time when a woman's body has such a different role and feeling.

Dani R

I wish I had known how diffcult it would be to find a good care provider! As a North Carolina resident where home birth is all but banned, I didn't know how hard it would be to just find a midwife and give birth the way I wanted to. I also wish I had known how antagonistic the average hospital system is toward women who want a natural, physiological birth.


I heard you can show early with the second one but at 6 weeks I look 4 or 5 months and that is before I have gained any weight. I am not ready to announce that I am pregnant to the world but boy does it look like I am getting quite the gut!

Heather T

I wish someone had told me about the leg cramps and inability to find a comfortable position to sleep in! Ladies- the big body pillow is your friend!


I was sick the whole 40 weeks. I hated every morsel of food that entered my body. I threw up multiple times a day, every day. I wish I'd known morning sickness could be all day sickness and that it wasn't just the first trimester. I love my daughter beyond imagine but the physical toll pregnancy took on me was almost more than I could bare. I wish I had been prepared for that.

Stacey Cosden

I wish I had known with my first that an induction could take DAYS! Or with my second, that you could "fail" an induction, and be sent home to let the pitot in wear off with no pain killers. Good times.


I am still pregnant with my first (twins). It is hard to say what is normal prego symptoms and what are unique to having twins and furthermore unique to me, but I am pretty sure that having vericose veins in places other than your legs has never been mentioned in anything I have read and is one of the worst parts...so far.

Peggy Caister

Hire a professional doula for labor support. I had one with my first, but not with my second. Boy, did Iregret that decision. The doula supported my husband and I,helping us to be an amazing team and resulting in the very best birth experience I could imagine. Hiring a doula is one of the easiest ways to ensure a satisfying birth experiences. www.doulamatch.net is a great place to start.

Carolyn Powell

I wish someone had told me that contractions - even Braxton hicks could put you in so much pain that the urge to vomit is strong at the same time you are dealing with diarehhia .


I never expected that I would have to spend hours-HOURS! - having a discussion with my husband about whether or not we would find out the sex of our baby. For me, it was just a given that we would know (I am kind of an uber-planner!) but he wants the surprise of having the doctor say "It's a healthy baby _______!" It is now our hot button argument and we are not even currently preganant!


I wish I had know how much people including strangers like to give "advice" or tell you their experiences even when very bad with pregnancy. Especially people guessing gender by size shape of stomach and when I tell them the real gender diagnosed at sonogram they will fight back "no it looks like it is a boy not a girl sonograms can be wrong!" well mine was not and I just carried a girl that looked likea boy pregnancy to some LOL


I wish someone would of told me about all of the emotions that you go through! And that even though I spent mos of my time complaining about being pregnant that after I had my baby I would miss it so much!


I have been struck by simply how uncomfortable my body is. It uncomfortable to sit, lay down, walk or stand still. I'm pregnant with twins, which I heard is a little different.

Also, constantly wanting to eat is a hassel.

Samantha parks

I wish I had known how painful nursing would be at first. Nothing could have prepared me for those first few weeks post-partum!

Tara R

I wish I had known how much other people would be interested in my daily activities. I was pregnant over summer and love to garden. On a daily basis my dad would call or stop by to remind me not to do much (which meant I should sit and do nothing). The next pregnancy will for sure not be over summer. :)


Nothing could have prepared me for the heartburn. I could eat an apple and be immediately searching for the Tums to put out the fire. Since I was always hungry after the morning sickness ended, the heartburn was a real nuisance!


Someone should teach dads on how to handle the ups and downs of pregnancy...I wish I had been better prepared!


I never expected to have an emergency c-section that resulted with my baby being a special needs daughter. No book ever prepared me for this journey. Also, wanting to have a Vbac for the subsequent pregnancies, I didnt realize the roadblocks I could have encountered, but I can happily tell you I have two additonal daughters that were born naturally. Overall, I never expected each pregnancy to be so different and unique.

Vanessa M

I wish someone had told me how touchy I was going to be. I would get mad when someone told me I was having a boy because of the heartrate. I would get mad when someone told me I looked like I was having twins.

Cate  Norton

I wish somebody would have told me that things could go terribly wrong. That my son would have to be delivered emergency c-section 3 months early barley weighing a pound. I wish someone would have warned me about the strength and courage it would take to get through that.


I wish someone would have told me to register for more sleeper dresses and sleepers with ZIPPERS! Also, less blankets and more of the velcro swaddle mes! And of course the leg cramps, ginormous ankles, and what sciatica is!!!


Every time someone said "get your sleep in now before the baby comes" I wanted to scream becuase I couldn't get comfortable enough to even lay down let alone sleep having to get up and pee every hour! Once I hit month 2 there was no more sleeping for me. You just deal with it and know that it's all worth it.


I wish I had known that not having an all natural birth was okay. Rather than having a water birth with my first baby, I ended up having a C-section and sometimes felt like I did something wrong. The good news is that I was fortunate to have two VBacs without any pain medication after that. I will be eternally thankful to my wonderful midwives who were there every step of the way:)


We are going to go see this movie tonight. I'm currently prego with my second and need a good laugh! I love how there is so much support for moms and dads around now.

Lee Ann

A good friend DID tell me that there would be times that I hated my husband while nursing. I wish I would have believed her...ha

Alyssa Kline

Being pregnant with heartburn is NOT fun when you are so tired and have to prop yourself up in the middle of the night to try to sleep... I will tell all pregnant mommas to not eat spicy, tomato-filled foods after 5pm! You need your rest too; someone could have told me sooner! :)


I wish someone had warned me about the pain after the delivery. Or the warning of not to let anyone use forceps on you. It always seems in movies and stories of labor, the focus is on the actual labor experience. No one talks about the aftermath and how painful it can be. In my case I had significant complications after my delivery which required 2 surgeries over a one year span. I know my case is rare, but I still wish someone would have warned me to expect pain after the delivery. The trade off- an uber cute wonderful baby.. but still.. a heads up would have been nice.


I wish I would have known more about postpartum depression. I had no idea how debilitating it could be, or that it could last the whole first year. I am not yet fully out of it, and my son is almost 13 months!


When I was pregnant, EVERYONE (friends, family, coworkers) had stories and advice about pregnancy and labor/delivery. What nobody talked about was the recovery from childbirth -- by far the worst part for me, and I was unprepared. Vaginal birth or C-section, recovery will be immensely painful and difficult. Taking care of a tiny, fragile baby on top of it makes it worth it, but even more challenging.


I wish someone had told me that a "pregnancy plan" is a laughable effort. The delivery will be what it will be - it's like skydiving, jump then let go.


I wish someone would have told me that it is really hard to be pregnant and it's ok to not love being pregnant

Amy Sullivan

I wish someone had told me I would have to pee every 10 minutes of the entire night my last trimester. I got less sleep at that time then I did once the baby was born.

Jennifer Vickers

Best advice is to drink gatorade. I was pg in the south texas heat and it really helped with the loss of salts.


I wish people would have been more understanding with a nursing mother at work and knowing the laws that protect a nursing mother. I gave up nursing after 3 months because I could not step away every 3 hours for 20 minutes without getting looks from other employees and my supervisor.


Plan, prepare and research as much as you can; in the end plan to be surprised... a lot by the pain... most by how much you will love your new little one.


The best choice I made with my pregnancies (currently pregnant for the third time,) was choosing a midwife instead of an obgyn. I still had my babies in the hospital, but with the midwife, I was able to do it as naturally as possible (I opted not to get an epidural with the first two, but could have if I'd wanted it.) Plus, a lot of my friends tell me that they didn't see their doctor until they were pushing, it didn't feel personal, and nurses did almost everything, but the doctor got paid more than my midwives. I've never had an obgyn, so I don't know how true that is, but with my midwives, they stayed with me the WHOLE time and gave labor support to my husband and I. I KNOW I would have never been able to do either birth epidural free without my midwives, and I love them. Also, exercise every day, and don't let pregnancy be an excuse to gain lots of weight. It's super hard to get rid of after the fact, trust me. I know. ;)


I wish someone told me all the effects after having a baby. It is amazing to have and hold a newborn, but other than that after deliver sucked. Sore everywhere, boobs are going to explode, and the bleeding for days is horrible. I also would have liked to be warned about the first period after nursing; the cramps were so miserable it was like giving birth again. I wish someone was real with me about the birth and after the birth rather than sugar-coat it.


Take control of your entire pregnancy and ask questions. We think that we have to listen and do everything that our doctors tell us but do your research and put yourself in charge of making the decisions for you and your baby. I remember the nurse practioner saying that we would need to be induced and she walked out and then back in with a date and time and then left again. My husband and I were both shocked and were left speechless as this was our first baby and we didn't have any experience. When I got home it sank in and we decided that at 40 weeks we didn't want to just induce we wanted to wait one more week and I called and I made the arrangements for when I was comfortable being induced.


1. Don't let your doctor remove your plug or placenta for no reason.
2. When breastfeeding, if your nipples still hurt terribly after one week you could have thrush.
3. I am 25 weeks in my second pregancy and I just had my appendix removed. I thought I had the stomach flu with bad stomach cramps. I was wrong. It is better to get checked right away instead of waitng out the flu. In addition, if you feel pressure or pain in your lower right pelvis it may not just be the babies head. Me and the baby were fine.
4. See if your healthcare provider offers good for you good for your baby incentives. Mine provides information and cash rebates for staying heathly.


5. Forgot the most important one. With my second pregancy I had an IUD. The pregancy surived the IUD removal but at 7 weeks my doctor told me he thought the baby was not alive. He didn't see a heartbeat and no growth since my 5 week sonagram. He told me my abortion options. I told him no. I wanted to wait 4 more weeks to be sure. At my 11 week sonagram my baby WAS alive and I am now 25 weeks. I have had more women tell me they were informed the baby was dead and they waited and had full term babies. Keep that in mind.

Chancadee hart

I wish someone would have warned me about the hormones and that the more children you have the worse everything gets like weight gain ugh! I'm glad I have my children and
Ove them too pieces but I'm sooooo glad I'm done lol


When planning a natural birth I packed and thought I needed suitcases full of stuff - music, lollipops, massage instruments, a TENS machine, 6 washcloths, tub liner, tub pillow. I didn't use any of it! Turns out all I needed was supportive people around me. Now I wish I had stuffed the suitcases with food for after because I was starving and the hospital food was not enough and not that good.


I wish that someone would have told me that the baby might not come out when she is supposed to and that they would make me get induced! I would have liked to have known that being induced means a whole lot of different things to expect and a lot more pain. However, she was worth every one of those 36 hrs and I quickly forgot all of the bad stuff when I looked into her eyes for the first time.


I wish someone had told me how hard nursing was and how pushy the nurses are in the hospital about nursing. I had every intention of nursing, but they still bombarded me with reasons to nurse. Also, each nurse showed me different ways on how to have my son latch on and how to hold him while nursing. It was frustrating and confusing to have so many different ways shown to me. Also, I wish I would've had my Bobby pillow! After I started nursing with that, it was much easier.

Diana W

I wish someone told me to go w a midwife, and not a Dr. who pushed a c-section on me.


I am currently pregnant with my second (27 weeks) and showing like crazy. I had my first son at 29weeks and never really wore maternity clothes. I wish I had know that the more you show the ruder (in your pregnant mind) comments can be. Like "are you due soon?" If by soon you mean 3 months away then yes I am due "soon" :)

Camila Grisales Barsotti

I wish someone had told me that even with 6 months old that was a possibility that my child would nt sleep all true the night and that no matter what you do babies have their on timing !


I wish I had known I would fall in love all over again with my li'l bundle of joy and more so with her daddy! :)


I never read any books on pregnancy.I wanted to experience it my way. 1 things books or nobody can tell you, is the unbelievable love you will feel for this child when it is born.I look at my 7 week old daughter everyday & the love gets stronger & stronger.I never felt this kind of love before.


I wish someone had told me how much labor hurts! I would have spent more time practicing breathing techniques. Because all you can do is focus on getting through the pain. I also wish someone had told me that not every first labor is long. I went from 3-10 cm dilated in less than 3 hours, when the "average" for a first baby is 7-8 hours. I also didn't have a period where contractions were far apart-I woke up at 5 am and they were less than 5 minutes apart already. Also, I wish someone had prepared me for the difficulty of nursing the first few weeks. You're exhausted, the baby is starving, and the house is a mess. If you can get a shower you're very lucky!


I wish that I believed what people told me about post-pregnancy weight and didn't bring my pre-pregnancy jeans with me to the delivery (ha ha- that sounds so funny now). Even though I really didn't gain that much weight during pregnancy, it took me almost a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.


I wish someone would have warned me that when you're pregnant, everyone around you feels compelled to comment on your physical appearance. Some days I wanted to scream at the next person who commented "Wow, you're getting so big" (or anything along those lines). Sometimes it was hard not to take their comments personally.

Lydia Jane

I wish someone had told me about back labor. I was in labor for two days before I went to the hospital because my contractions weren't regular.


I wish someone had told me that I could go from a size 6 1/2 shoe size to a size 8! Then have to get rid of my whole beautiful shoe collection. My baby girl was worth it big time of course.


I wish someone had told me stretch marks were unavoidable regardless of how much cocoa butter or shea butter cream I used. They just appeared like 2 weeks before birth. I was dumbfounded!


I wish someone had told me to ask questions. To make sure I am informed. I was 19 with my first pregnancy and 23 with my second. Yes, that's young and it probably took more questions than usual for me to fully understand things, but I wish someone would've told me to ask anyway. Like Sheila said in her blog, back then people didn't talk about it. I felt dumb for not "knowing", felt like I wasn't as maternal as other women. But now-a-days, all the talking and movies are letting the "secret" outta the bag. We are all scared and anxious and it's ok! TALK about it and get yourself some answers, it will make your pregnancy and child raising much easier on you AND your children!! :) xo


Post pardom depression/anxiety hit me hard and sudden after my I delivered my fourth child. Looking back while enduring those lows, I regret not giving myself more room to admit I had struggles. I attempted to "handle" my challenges on my own. After three months I finally was honest with my doctor about my fears. He gave the best "prescription" - make time for yourself once a week. A couple of hours to be alone and regroup made the world of difference for me. It made the really rough times during mid-week that much easier to endure because I had a window or an escape from the new compounded motherhood pressures. Because I had had three smooth sailing post pardoms, I wrongly assumed that I could (and should be able to) handle it all. Keeping open to the idea that life continually gives me opportunities to learn and grow from has been one major favor I have given myself.


As a young mother-to-be with a young baby's daddy, I received very little support during my pregnancy. So it may be surprising, but I give alot of advice to expectant FATHERS! I make sure they understand, in their terms, how this pregnancy effects their wife. The mood swings, the cravings, it is all VERY real and they need to BE THERE for their wives! Physically, emotionally, spiritually, all of it, the whole package. Cause if you can't handle your wife, your friend, your life partner while she's pregnant, then how do you expect to handle an infant? And that's another thing I make sure these dads know, HELP your wife with the baby when it comes! Don't expect her to do it all when the kid is little and then say you'll "bond" with them when they're older and will understand. You would be surprised at how many fathers and expectant fathers I have heard say this, including my own BD.


I would have loved to have heard that even when I feel like I can't do it, I will be able to!

Shandy Mullikin

I would recommend being as active as safely possible. Not only is it good for the baby because it supplies more oxygen to his or her brain, but it makes life much easier during the birth and after the baby is born.


I'm pregnant for the second time and it took 7 months to get here. It's a true blessing! Starting ths process all over again and realizing I must take it 1 day at a time now that I know what to expect:) When I think of the pregnancy through labor and then newborn baby care - it's a little overwhelming! I feel like I don't know how to do it again! Yet, we're excited for the newest miracle in our lives.


I wish someone had written a book about subsequent pregnancies. So many things are different about this second pregnancy that it feels like a whole new experience but people seem to charge me with ultimate knowledge about all things pregnancy related. Earlier bumps, more emotional swings, frustration about my body morphing again after the birth were not present the first time around. A sense of urgency to get everything ready was not as present the first time but may be overkill this time because I do know somewhat of what to expect after the birth. I simply forgot some aspects of being pregnant and delivering a baby.


I wish I would have known how hard it is to get good sleep, especially in the 3rd trimester. I also wish I had known how hard it is to loose the baby weight. I would have eaten better and exercised more, especially in the 1st trimester when I gained 15 lbs!


I wish I had known that my humungous pregnant belly would result in a stretched out pouch of skin which will never go away without surgery. I was prepared for stretch marks, varicose veins, wider hips and weight gain, but no where did I ever read that no matter how much baby weight I lost, I'd never come close to returning to my pre-pregnancy shape.


Sleep as much as possible, my last pregnancy i slept in 2-3 hour intervals but now the triplets are here i should have slept more. When your awake try and stay as active as possible and always do something for yourself everyday.


I feel like no one really shares what it is like immediately after delivery. I thought I would be able to come home with the baby and just pick up and go as normal! The pain after delivery, the swollen legs, the difficulty with basic bodily functions....were all a bit of a shock to me! It really does take your body at least 6 weeks to heal!!


There are many things that I wish I knew but the most important things I wish I knew are quite simple: Be flexible and your birth experience is yours to make. I wish more friends and family would remember that too. They share all the horror stories but they seem to forget how terrifying similar stories were to them and how they may have tainted their birthing experience.


I was told that all pregnancies were different but I was determined to be a "know it all" the second time around. I was terribly wrong though, I didn't think I was pregnant with #2 because of no morning sickness, my belly was bigger than the 1st time, labor was AWFUL horrible cramps unlike the back labor I had before, and I had a c-section and pain after birth when my first slid right on out after 2 pushes, I was doing squats 2 weeks later. I will never second guess a birth again.


I wish someone had told me how much sleep deprivation sucks. I had no idea the toll my body would take once the baby arrived. I had been warned breastfeeding was difficult but until you're there you can't even imagine what that means - it can be very painful. It gets so much better once it's established. Postpardem sucks. I had no idea just how bad. The birthing classes my husband and I took helped a little, but again until you're there it's difficult to really understand. It's all worth it, all of the pain and sleeplessness. You'd be surprised what you're capable of.

Valerie Hawkins

My pregnancy was extremely stressful. I am glad that I had a close friend and confidant that stood by my morning, noon and night - just a phone call away.

I made it through it and have a beautiful daughter now! Make sure that if you find yourself feeling alone or you are alone in your pregnancy that you have a really good friend.


I wish I had known that pregnancy not matter how prepared you are and how much you have planned it will do the unexpected every time. This is my second pregnancy, I'm only 6 Weeks and I've already went through surgery (the radiologist thought it was ectopic...it wasn't) my last pregnancy I spent 13 Weeks hospitalized... Its all worth it, but it doesn't make it easy, I've learned the only think you can expect during pregnancy is the unexpected.


Oh how I wish someone had told me you have to have an enema!!!!
Right before you start the long road of labor and delivery!!!!!


I wish someone had told me that returning to pre-pregnancy weight did not mean pre-pregnancy shape at all. After delivery, I lost all the weight in 8 months, but kept a huge pouch that nothing would reduce, except for surgery. I felt the effort to loose the weight was worthless. The worst part, after 8 more months the pouch is now full with fat. So ladies, be aware!

Leteicia King

My 1st baby was when I was 20 & 2nd I was 22. here just a weird tidbit that may make you say humm....At the time of both my pregnancies I ate a lot of FISH, in fact; couldn't get enough of it. Well today they say you shouldn't have it, WELL BOTH BABIES ARE GROWN & QUITE HEALTHY!!! We gave our babies children cold medicines and today they shy away from it. Its amazing, I agree to much of anything is usually bad for you but to wipe it out completely that's pretty bad. If I had another one, unless someone can show me proof that something change I still believe it's O.K. :)

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