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April 16, 2012

6-Figure Nannies

Blog-how-much-is-your-nanny-worthIf you read the recent New York Times Magazine article on nannies receiving 6 figure salaries, you may have been as shocked as I was – you may have even considered a career change!

But I have to tell you that this salary range is not the norm. In fact, it's a little disheartening to hear. This is the type of data that gives "having a nanny" the sense that it is a child care privilege only the wealthiest families can afford.  And we all know that's not true. states that the average nanny brings home $600 a week ($31,200) – before taxes. And in many cases, a family with multiple children finds having a nanny is more cost-effective than daycare.

So who are these nannies who make more than some doctors? And what do they do with children that make them worth so much more than our nannies? The answer: nothing. The agency that places these high earners says that they are often asked to be more like Personal Assistants.  They do things like: chauffeur 32-foot motorboats, manage art collections, wash and press up to fifty sheets and tablecloths a day, prepare 4-course gourmet meals and work with bankers to give summaries of financial statements. One even had to drive a Zamboni to clean the outside ice rink. The agency also mentioned that part of the high-salary includes working around the clock.

I know we often think more expensive things are "better." I have friends who refuse sale items because they must not be as good as the full priced options. But when it comes to nannies, let's not miss the part about taking care of the children. I ask you to go home early one day this week and peek in on your kids playing with their caregiver. See them in action. Watch your nanny do what you hired her for – to care for your kids.

And maybe the next time you’re running an errand, you can pick up a token of appreciation for your nanny. A gift card to the movies, a restaurant, or a manicure.  Give her a small thank you for committing to your family – and let her know that her contributions are priceless.

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