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March 05, 2012


Donny Gamble

Hiring a great careegiver is hard these days because it is an emerging industry that has a lack of employees that have great knowledge about taking care of people. I think 5 years from now this will change.

Millie Bille

I am a personal companion and want to say that the story about Bonn's dad is so familar to me. I have cared recently for a husband and a wife 97 and 98 years young and I know what I brought to them was comfort and care. They both have recently passed away and I shared with their family that they both gave to me much more than I could have given them. It is so rewarding to give of myself to seniors and to learn from them. I look forward to finding more wonderful seniors who need companionship and friendship. I'm so glad that Bonn had a good experience with care.com

Jerome Sablan

Hi, i can feel you Ms.Bonn, coz it's been a couple of days since my patient ("Papo" as everyone calls him) Mr. Hermie Ongkeko passed away and it still breaks my heart every time i think of him, such a wonderful man, amazing family that i've ever met since i started doing this job almost 6 years ago...now another week will start but as for me my life will be different again after for almost 3 months spending 12 hours, 5 days of my life with "Papo"...i will surely miss him, at least even for awhile being a filipino, i felt the life of having a grandpa since i didn't experience it at all...priceless! Care.Com is such a big help not only for caregivers like me but most especially to "Papo" who deserves a TLC, because he's such a wonderful human being who always thinks and cares for you first before him, so unselfish, such a loving father & grandfather, truly unforgettable experience for me! now i'm back to my care.com account to look for another "Papo" to take care of...more power to you Ms.Sheila and to your company, Papo&Lola, Ralph, Gilda & Gerine told me a lot of beautiful things about you! God Bless You & Your Family...continue helping more people like us and like "Papo"...Thank You So Much!

Andi Smidth

You are wonderful people for providing people with this great service. It is not always easy to go through such a difficulty but it lightens the burden when you have helping people around you. My condolences to the family and may Papa Joe's soul rest in peace.

Home Care Miami

Wow !!!!! fabulous post,I am really impressed on your blog.Thanks for sharing this type of valuable information.

Assisted Recovery Centers of America

Great blog, thank you for all your posts. Keep it up!

Long term care planningl

People are given with myriad of choices when it comes to finding the right care for their parents. But it takes some time to find the right one and right preparation in order to afford one, maybe by purchasing an individual policy or relying to federal programs. This is such an inspiring story that gives hope and peace of mind to everyone that there are still facilities that really care about aging people. Great job for touching the life of this family and I hope you can help more families in the future.

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