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December 05, 2011



As the primary caregiver for my 95 year old Mom, Gertie, I particularly appreciate your 5 gifts for caregivers. I've created my own article regarding the same that, although similar, adds in a few nice gifts from my own personal experience. The article is here:


And, here's on about Good gift for senior citizens:

Thanks for your excellent articles. I'm a faithful reader. Lori


Caregivers sacrifice a lot just to care for our love one. And their job is not an easy task as it involves physical as well as emotional strain. Some stay away from their families for a long time just to care for some one else's family. So giving gifts to them is really very nice and it shows how much we appreciate them.


Caregivers seem to only want cash gifts/bonuses. I once got a gift card from the store and the caregiver actually returned it, preferring the cash instead.
This is particularly true for people who remit to their families overseas. A small gift in addition to the cash is definitely good. #1 and #3 don't work for older women IMO.


Great article.
I would like to read more stuff like this.
Go on!

regards from Schweiz


Another idea is to give them a gift certificate for a stroller cleaning. Most childcare providers have a 3-5 seat stroller that could use a nice deep cleaning. Take this burden off them and allow someone else to do it. Check out seatsquad.com in the Greater Boston area for more info.

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