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October 17, 2011



I find your articles thought provoking and current. I look forward to reading your blogs.

Susan Morse

Oh Valerie, I can't believe you broke your leg too! Your story is very close to home for me. When my mother was in crisis, I was always rushing around tripping over the dog, and then feeling guilty about what would happen to everyone if I broke a leg or something. My elliptical sessions were what kept me feeling like a human. Hope you mend soon and are writing about your adventures -- that's great therapy too. I wrote so much I got a book out of it. (The Habit, coming out next month. It may make you laugh.)


How well I remember juggling an aging mother, one daughter still at home, husband, house, and full-time job. People who haven't lived through it can't fully understand: The sandwich generation is losing its buns.

Part D Special Enrollment Period

I know exactly how it feels.Juggling a job, taking care of ailing parents, taking care of house chores plus the kids isn't a walk in the park. Sometimes I even get surprised on how I can juggle them all and still keep my sanity. I suppose in my case it is the weekly respite that I get to enjoy when another sibling pitches in plus the nanny that I can afford to hire on weekends. The weekly respite never fails to get me all charged up and ready for another tedious week. :)

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