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June 27, 2011


Barb T

You might want to contact either the VFW or the American Legion post nearby. They usually have ceremonies in local cemeteries honoring the military dead on Memorial Day. You might volunteer to help put flags on the graves or something similar or just go to watch the ceremonies.

There are often local ceremonies for the military members of the community and the veterans on Veterans Day (11/11). One of our nearby towns has a luncheon with the military speakers with the posting of the national flag by a military color guard and posting of the service branch flags by local veterans. Join in.

Claudia Avery

How awesome a thing you are doing reminding us that we should build our family experiences and traditions around such a meaningful holiday as Memorial Day!! THANK YOU! We often forget in our day-to-day lives of those that died in the line of duty so that we can live a life free of many worries that trouble many others around the world.

My nephew is an Army Ranger serving a second tour of duty somewhere in Afghanistan. When he came home from the first tour, he refused to talk about what he experienced because he didn't want to trouble us. Think about that... he experienced things so we wouldn't have to.

That is the stuff that America was built on. Let's do more to honor our fallen (and those still serving)!

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