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June 15, 2011



I blame the potty mouth parents who talk to their children and adults using dirty language. They think it's cute for the first couple of years until the child is no longer a child but a fresh mouth nasty teen that they can no longer control. I never cursed in front of my child or in public. I feel it degrades me and the people I'm with. The mother and father are the first ones to influence their children and it must begin from day one and continue throughout the growing process. I have watched children talk extremely nasty to an adult and their parents just stand there and think nothing of it. Here is where the problem lies.


It's a book for adults, not kids. I'm not one who uses swear words, but I am intelligent enough to know this is an adult book, not a nursery rhyme for children. I can't believe people would not be able to see this.

Carl Graf

Questions 7,8,and 9, need to be modified. Question 6 asks if your child has ever cursed. If you answer No, which I did. You are required to answer questions 7,8,&9 which assume that your child indeed has or does curse.

Personally, I think the question should be is it appropriate for ANYONE (children or adults) to curse. I can't think of any situation where foul language is needed. Cursing is wrong for everyone.


I Believe in keeping your children in there innocence as long as possible so me and my husband do NOT swear in front of our kids and we do NOT let them watch movies that are not for children.

It seems like each year only gets worse with what they allow in children's movies and I also blame children's parents some people should not be parents it is common sense to not think it is cute when your little one says a bad word it is also common sense to not expose your children to bad movies with cursing and sex scenes.
I am so close to pulling my boys out of school from all the crap they learn from the other kids at school
it amazes me how ignorant parents can be.


I admit that I have cursed in front of my children while talking to adult friends. However, from a very early age I explained to my children the difference of 'adult words'. If a person chooses to use that language, that is their choice. If you choose to expose your children to it, however irresponsible some may think that is, at least be wise about it. Children are going to hear it from schoolmates, and radio, and tv as it is much more prevalent in society. Instead of being shocked when your kid comes home and blurts out the f-bomb and says he heard it from someone else at school, explain it to them preemptively so that they understand what is appropriate and what isn't. I have explained to my kids that it is an adult word, and that it should not be used by children, and that when they are adults, if they choose to use those words, then that will be their choice, but until that time, they are not to do so. When my children were younger and just learning to speak, I of course refrained as much as possible from using this language in front of them, until they were older and could understand the explanation and use of these 'adult words'.


Both my husband and I have been in the military, where unfortunately, cursing is fairly common. We try hard not to use profanity around our children, but when we do slip, we have a "cussing jar" that we are required to put in a small sum of money (to send our children to college to learn to use "smart words" not curse words). We try to help our kids understand that cussing is a lazy person's way to express them selves, and there are better ways to describe what they want to say. Hopefully it is helping....


I don't let my kid curse Because I do not want her to call people those words since it's not socially acceptable. I do not understand why there are these few magic words that are bad to say. They are just words. In Japan there are no such things as curse words, they are just words. Can someone explain why they are bad? Not really, they are socially made up. I don't mind if my daughter days them as long as she knows she can't use them around other people.


I find this whole conversation laughable :) curse words are arbitrary and are as offensive as the listener allows them to be. I think it's silly to monitor (and be shocked and offended by) something as trivial as a word when real danger and life threatening struggles are so prevalent - for our families and species as a whole. What a short sighted privilege this conversation must seem to so many... I especially love the "bad mommy" finger pointed at those of us who care more about the message our children are sending than the words they choose to express it. I'm such a bad mom! :D


I do not curse and my husband tries to remember not too. We also understand that our children are going to hear the curse words in public no matter what we do. However!, it is not permitted in our household; and the kids understand this. I agree with the previous poster that most of kids shows and movies today show an extremely adult manner unless it is aimed at toddlers. So what are parents to do? 1)BE a parent, watch the shows and movies with your children and point out things that are not permissible or even against your beliefs so that the kids learn to make judgement calls for themselves. 2)If you are not sure of a movie; watch it before your kids see it. I have often previewed movies even kids ones so that I knew what to expect and whether my kids were ready to see it or not. Right now my youngest has not seen all of the Harry Potter movies; because I don't feel he is ready for them. 3) and most important; be prepared to be the bad guy! Parenting is not a popularity contest it is a dictatorship designed to teach your children how to live in a society without losing their core values.

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