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March 21, 2011



Here is a day in the life:

6:05- Feed the 3 dogs and my daughter's fish and take dogs out
6:30- Take a shower
6:45- My daughter wakes up. Take her downstairs, dress her and give her breakfast
7:15- Get dressed, blow dry my hair, put makeup on
8:00- See nanny and let her know what time my daughter got up, ate breakfast, etc.
8:05- Off to work
8:30-5:30- Nonstop meetings. Lucky if I get to eat a protein bar during the day. Try to sneak in a phone call to the nanny to see how things are going
6:00- Get home. Feed my daugher, our 3 dogs and take them ou. Lay out her clothes and my clothes for the next day.
7:00- Read a book with my daughter, and take dogs out again
8:00- Put my daugher down for bed. Eat dinner. Straighten up the house. Pay bills. Relax for a few minutes, if I'm lucky!
9:30- Off to bed to start all over again!


4AM:Alarm goes off.I'm a light sleeper so I'm out of bed very quick but I always go and check on A. before shower
415: out of shower and commence getting ready for my day while listening to MP3 music
5am: packing lunch and heading out the door. Checking e-mail as I walk out door
530am: Coming in the door at work at Sheriff Dept for my 12hr shift
630am: Breakfast made at work Oatmeal and 110 calorie thin bagel with jelly and Milk. Call and wake husband and A. to get them ready for their day.
1130am: Try to think about lunch and hope we get a chance to eat it
130pm: Finally eating lunch. Took at few minute break and sent a few emails and text
530pm: Cleaning up and preparing reports for next shift and hoping to go home.
630pm: Home. Prepare dinner while trying to interact with A. who is thrilled Mama is home.
8pm: Dinner is done. dishes soaking. Bath time for A.
9pm: Begin bed time routine with A. He loves being rocked to sleep still at 2yrs old and it gives me time to love on him for a bit
10pm: A. asleep. Wash my face and prepare clothes for next days shift.
1030pm: catch the weather and kiss husband goodnight (if he is home since he is self employed and works 7 days a week)
11pm: Lights out off to dream land for a short while 4am comes quick.

Leah Marie

My daily routine goes something like this:
5:00 am alarm goes off, and I hit snooze.
6:20 am I finally turn my alarm off and get up.
6:25 am Unload dishes, check email.
6:30 am Hop in shower
6:40 am blow dry hair, do make up, get dressed
7:00 am Get baby up, dressed, fed, pack lunches
7:30 am Leave for work
11:30 am Quick lunchtime workout.
12:00 pm Clean up the sweat.
12:30 pm Back to WORK,WORK,WORK,WORK,and more WORK
5:00 pm Head home, start planning dinner
5:15 pm Cook dinner
5:45 pm Hubby, baby home. Entertain them until dinner is ready.
6:00 pm Dinner
6:30 pm Give Baby bath
7:00 pm Put baby to bed
7:15 pm Finish workout from earlier in the day.
8:15 pm Clean up dinner dishes and kitchen
9:00 pm Crash in bed

Jobi W.

Jobi W.n - Mommy of B. 9 Months - Average Day

3:30 am - Wake up

3:35 am - Work Out

4:30 am - Take Shower Get Ready for Work

4:50 am - Peek into B.'s room and kiss him goodbye

4:55 am - Pull Lunch bag and items for work. Turn on/off crock pot (sometimes we start dinner the night before)

5:00 am - Out the door to catch train

5:18 am - On train, check e-mail, read paper, catch a 10 minute snooze

6:40 am - Arrive at the train station, sprint to metro (metro train to office leaves at 6:45am, if I miss it I have to wait another 15 minutes for the next train)

7:00 am - In office, heat up coffee and turkey sausage. I can eat and walk to meeting/office at same time. Text hubby to make sure the morning switch from him to my mother went smoothly

7:10 am - Respond to e-mails and voicemails

8:00 am - Morning Meetings/budget spreadsheets/Lease Agreements

Noon - Lunch (30 minutes if I'm lucky) Turkey sandwich, water, cheese and crackers, fruit and sugar free pudding (yummy) I typically treat myself to lunch on Friday (------ Salad Bar)

12:30 pm - Reimbursable Work Agreements (Money we can spend on construction/furniture/overtime utilities for our offices throughout the US)

2:00 pm - Afternoon Meeting/Space Planning/System Furniture Layouts

3:30 pm - Leave Office. Run for Shuttle to train station

3:50 pm - Train Leaves for home. Pop open laptop and finish space layouts, reconcilitations for 53 offices, last minute e-mails

5:05 pm - Train arrives at home station

5:25 pm - Run in door and give big kisses to B. Thank my mom for all her hard work. Wave bye bye to Nonna and head back upstairs for dinner

5:45 pm - Cut up some fruit for B. (will entertain him long enough to feed cats, get dinner warmed up for my husband and I and get the baby's dinner ready)

6:00 pm - Feed B. dinner

6:30 pm - Play/read stories/sing songs with B. and the cats

7:00 pm - Upstairs for a bath. We grab Monster Towel or Lion Towel (I use growling sounds for both, Brendan loves it). Into bath with water toys. Sing a ton of songs, soap up, wash off. We take the leftover water from the clean water basin and spill it into the tub and say "waterfall, waterfall, waterfall", he gets a kick out of that

7:30 pm - Dry off, put on lotion, put on jammies, brush hair.

7:45 pm - Sit in rocker, with burppie and taggie. Turn on Bob Marley Lulluby, say our goodnight, I love yous and big kisses

8:00 pm - Put B. into bed, give more big kisses and tell him how much Mommy, Daddy, Stink and Sambuca (our cats, B.'s brothers) love him

8:05 pm - Daddy is home, has started the vegtables and salad for dinner

8:15 pm - Eat dinner

8:25 pm - Talk with hubby about our day while, cleaning dishes, putting leftovers away, making bottles and lunch for the next day

9:00 pm - Go upstairs, iron clothes for work, brush teeth, check on B.

9:45 pm - crawl into bed, kiss hubby goodnight.

Think about how much closer I am to the weekend and what fun things I can do with my family.

Rebecca A.

Typical Wednesday:
7:15 Wake up, brush my teeth, hug my 3.5 year old, give him breakfast, check email
7:30 more email, wake older 3 kids up
7:45-8:30 get all four kids dressed and out the door
8:30 have to be out the door, with papers falling out of my arms, coffee spilling out of the cup
9:00 run to class to teach. I'm always underprepared!
10:15 first class over, start office hours!
10:15-12pm office hours and email
12pm-1:15 teach again
1:15-1:30 eat if you can.
1:30-2:30 Meet Graduate student
2:30-3:30 meet other graduate student
3:30-5:00 more meetings with random students/do email that has accumulated.
5:00-5:45 write letters of recommendation, take care of reimbursements, discuss graduate admissions, nonsense
6:00 rush home
6:15 throw on the pasta, kids come home with babysitter
6:30 mayhem + dinner
6:30-8:30 family time (dinner, bedtime routine, homework, baths if we're very lucky, etc)
8:30-9:00 still putting kids to bed...
9-10:00 work -- more emails and correspondence about research projects
10:00-11:00 personal finances (pay bills, prepare taxes, collect information, etc) organizational conversations with husband
11:30 collapse in bed. Why didn't I get a shower?


4:45 - Wake up
5:00 - Take a shower and starting getting ready
6:00 - Gather my stuff for work
6:15 - Pick up stuff around the house from night before
6:30 - Wake my daughter
6:45 - Prepare breakfast for both kids
7:00 - See my son off to school
7:10 - Say goodbyes to my daughter
8:30 - Arrive at work - juggle 9 producers all day
11:30 - Do lunch
12:00 - Resume work
4:30 - Head home
5:30 - Say hi to the kids, see how their day went
5:45 - Change clothes
6:00 - Start Dinner
6:30 - Serve Dinner
7:00 - Homework
8:30 - Start winding everyone down for bed

Alicia W.

6:00 Turn off alarm. Make coffee. Make hubby's lunch, make oldest daughter's lunch.
6:30 Wake oldest daughter(age 5) and make and serve her breakfast. Set out her clothes for the day while she eats.
7:00 Wake hubby. Help daughter dress and do her hair. Two younger kids(ages 4 and 3) stumble into the kitchen. Make and serve breakfast to two younger kids. Make breakfast for hubby while he showers.
7:30 Brush all teeth of all kids. I do it first, and then they practice on themselves. Choose clothes for younger two kids and dress them. Drink coffee and speak to hubby.
8:00 Hubby leaves for work. Walk all three kids to bus stop, put oldest on bus, return with younger two.
8:30-11:30 Kids play. I clean. When tired, I sit at table and write letters.
11:30 Make lunch for younger two. Grab my first meal of the day.
12:00 Walk to bus stop with younger two and retrieve older child. Wal back.
12:30-1:30 Do homework and discuss school day with oldest while younger two play out on the deck.
1:30 Give kids snacks and let them play.
2:00-4:30 Clean and do laundry.
4:30 Start dinner for kids.
5:00 Feed kids dinner and eat something myself.
5:30 Read magazine or go on the computer.
6:00 Bathe kids.
6:30-7:30 Make dinner for hubby. Read to kids.
7:30 Hubby home and we chat while he eats.
7:30-8:30 Hubby plays with kids. Either roughhousing or reading to them.
8:30 Bedtime for kids.
8:35-10:00 Chat with hubby and/or read.
10:00 Bedtime for me and hubby.

Ashley R.

My day begins at 5:00 am!
5:00 - Wake up and get ready for work
5:30 - Make my son a breakfast "snack"
5:40 - Wake him up and get him dressed
5:50 - We eat a little snack while we watch Caillou
6:15 - Pack him and both our bags in the car
6:30 - Drop him off at the nanny's house
7:30 - Arrive at work
4:00 - Leave work
5:00 - Pick kiddo up and go home
5:30 - Make everyone dinner
6:00 - Playtime!
6:45 - Begin bedtime ritual, bath, book, bed
7:15 - Kiss kiddo goodnight
7:15 - Wash dishes, clean up kitchen, pack our lunches for next day
8:00 - Workout
8:45 - Shower
9:30 - Get in bed
Wow, it really is action packed isn't it? My husband works overnight shifts so he doesn't really factor in much during the week. We miss him!


A typical day for me with a husband who travels for work & no family near by:

6:30 - Wake to start a new day. Make bed, turn on computer, snuggle with dog & get ready to start day.

7:00 - Wake up daughter for school. Get her dressed, make breakfast, pack school bag, brush teeth/hair, shoes & jacket. Walk her down to bus stop.

8:00 - Take dog for her morning walk. Usually visit with neighbors along the way.

9:00 - Most days it's off to the gym as I am training for a half marathon this year. If not the gym, then the grocery store or some other errand.

10:00 - Shower, dress & ready to leave for work.

10:45 - Start my work day as a CSR/Production Manager at a commercial print shop. Dealing with customers, writing job orders, handling sales reps, estimating, billing...all part of the daily grind.

5:30 - Leave work to pick up my daughter. Now the nightly routine begins.

6:00 - Dinner. My nemesis most evenings...how to make something healthy in a short amount of time. We still have homework, shower, bedtime to tackle. After dinner, I do the dishes & clean up all of our mess. Help girl with homework and get her in a shower. Dry her thick head of hair and get her settling down toward bedtime.

8:00 - Bedtime routine. Brush teeth, read several chapters of the latest favorite book, lay with daughter & hope I don't fall asleep too. A few kisses & then I'm off to get an hour or two of actual alone time.

8:30 - Usually some time spent on the computer. Catching up on emails or even Facebook. Surfing the net for interesting news, or doing some online shopping can be pretty relaxing.

9:00 - After the last of the daily cleanup, I settle into my favorite recliner and see if there is anything interesting on the TV. Not always easy to find, so I am just as likely to pick up a magazine or my latest book. Seriously addicted to reading! I'm lucky if I make it awake until 11:00...try to watch the news so I know what's happened in the world today. Give the dog one last kiss and set the alarm to do it all over again.

A mom's job is never done, but it is the most worthy & most fulfilling job I've ever had. Nothing compares with seeing my daughter happy and knowing that I take excellent care of her to provide her with a stable, happy life!

Jennifer D.

6:30am: Wake up with my son
7:30am: Daughter wakes up
8:30am: Fix breakfast
9:30am: Check email
10:30am:Put daughter down for a nap
11:30am:Put son down for a nap
12:00pm:Take a nap
12:30pm:Fix lunch
1pm to 5pm: clean up after kids and play
5:30pm:fix dinner
6:30pm:give kids a bath
6:40pm: watch a movie
8:00pm: put kids to sleep
9:00pm:clean up the house
11:00pm:put daughter back to sleep
12:00pm:check email and chat with the kids father a bit
1:00pm:go to bed

Christine B.

Here is my standard day_

7:00- M. wakes up his Mommy for the day
7:01- we cloth diaper so I get out supplies and change his dipe
7:05- breastfeed
7:30- let M. watch "Jacks Big Music Show" while I pump and get my am coffee.
8:00- M. plays in play room while I take a shower
8:15- play with max while my hair is drying
8:30- Get both Mommy and M. dressed for the day
9:00- Breakfast
9:30- Playtime w/ M.
10:00- nurse M. to sleep
10:30- M. naps, Mommy logs into work computer and gets some work done
12:00- nap time is over, change max and give him a wake up milk snack.
12:30- Play w/ max until nanny gets here
1:00- Nanny shows up - time to work.
3:00- nurse max to nap
3:30- back to work
5:00- nanny leaves for the day, M. up from nap. Milk snack
5:30- Make dinner while M. plays on floor.
6:30- husband home, play with M. 'til dinner time
7:00- dinner
7:30 clean kitchen
8:00- M. bath
8:30- Watch wonder pets and wind down for the day w/ M.
9:00- nurse M. to bed
2:00- late night milk snack for M.
2:30- back to sleep for mommy

Whew!!! I could def use some Me time!!!

Shannon Z.

My day starts at 6:30 am. I get up. Take a shower, get my pills out that I need to take.
Get dressed.
6:45 am Feed my 5 cats and my 1 dog.
7:15-8:00 Get dressed and do hair
8:00 Have the lovely task of getting my daughter up and ready for school. Not a fun task
Between 8:30 and 8:40 leaving the house to take my daughter to my moms and then on my way to work
9:00-5 or 6pm work. I am a receptionist at A-------------. Very busy. Some days no lunch or some days only half hour lunch.
6:15 Get home from work and make dinner
7:30-8:00 help daughter with homework she couldnt do on her own.
8:00-9:00 oir 10:00 watch tv, look at mail, try to read.
10:00 my fiance gets home from school and we talk for a little bit and by 11:00 pm I am so tired cant keep my eyes open.
Forgot take my dog out before bed.

Shannon Z.

Christina D

6:45 Get up, shower
7:00 Wake up boys, help them get dressed, fed and ready for their days
8:00 Say goodbye and head to work.
8:45 At the office, looking at stack of job jackets
All Day - Work with breaks for lunch and tea
5:00 - Head home
5:45 - Arrive and say hi to family
6:00 - Dinner with everyone
6:30-9:00 - Family time with my 7 and 3 year old, bathtime, stories, and bedtime!
9:00-11:00 - Grownup time, usually tv, sometimes work or school projects
11:00 Bedtime


12:00 am - wake up an wonder why my 10 month old wants a bottle, but then happy that this takes 15 min and she will be back to sleep (always been that way)
5:00 am - husband's alarm goes off
5:15 am - wake up again, get B. ready for daycare
6:00 am - B. off with Daddy, Mom thinking about catching another 15 min of sleep
6:05 - B. awake, wants to watch some tv before going down for Breakfast.
6:30 - Hop in shower get ready
7:00 - Breakfast & lunches for B., take Dog for quick walk, wonder why we ever got a coonhound mix (more interested in creatures than bathroom duties)
7:15 - try to leave
7:30 - succeed in leaving
7:45 - drop B. off at PreK
8:15 - in the office
8:30 - 5:30 CRAZY Busy at office
5:30 - rush out of office to my favorite part of day...picking up B.
6:00 - get home, make dinner
7:00 - decide who is doing baths and who is doing dishes
7:30 - B. book and bed
8:00 - B. bed
8:30 - finish dishes, make lunches, do laundry, and collapse (wondering when I am going to get groceries and the 1000 other errands there are to do.
12:00 am - wake up an wonder why my 10 month old wants a bottle…

Norys T.

WOW! Ok I haven't even thought about how my days have gone in the 10 1/2 months that I have adopted my two sons. So here goes the first attempt to map out what our days look like.

6:30 Husband wakes & since I typically work from home I turn over & try to get a few more ZZZ's until

7:00 my oldest son wakes up like clockwork so his Dad begins getting him ready as I check my iPhone before heading off to go make Breakfast

7:30 my youngest son wakes up just in time for breakfast

7:45 we sit down as a family for breakfast which always feels like the calm before the storm. Hubby and I typically talk about our work schedules and what personal things we need to squeeze into the day and who is doing what

8:15 Hubby and I work together to clean up the kitchen from breakfast

8:30 Nanny arrives and now I am free to go shower & ready for the day although my preference is to hang out with the boys

9:00 First meeting of the day

All morning – Back to back meetings & multitasking all day with my iPhone never out of arms reach

12:00 get to have lunch with Nanny and the boys (Also typically Red Bull time since I am a night owl who works days)

An afternoon back to back meeting although I usually can sneak out of my office to get a few snuggles from the boys than back to work. Nanny often will grab me water or I go grab some apple juice & hugs from the boys between meetings

5:30 Nanny is off for the day & I start dinner as my youngest is hanging on my leg our on my hip...loving every minute of it.

6:15 we sit down for a family dinner where my oldest son starts off by saying he does not want to eat dinner so we start our eat please routine set his timer (or he will sit there on his own for hours)

7:00 Bath time for the boys- Once they are in I sit back for a few minutes as they play together and check my iPhone while hubby cleans up the kitchen from dinner

7:30 Story time

8:00 Boys are in bed and I check my iPhone and then go back to work either on chores for the house or presentations for the office

9:00 TV Time with Hubby

10:00 Can't keep my fingers off my computer so Facebook, Amazon (Always need something for the boys...diapers, Plum Baby food or just something fun)

10:30 Time for my evening Cheerios...hubby thinks this is so funny

11:00 Hubby is "blinking" only they are lasting minutes at a time before he officially says he is sleepy and heads off to bed

12:00 Begin feeling guilty that I have been on my computer all this time without working so I begin checking my email, working on presentations or completing work related tasks

1:30 now my eyes are getting heavy so I am off to bed

OK So what my schedule says about me:

1) I am crazy about my boys and can't seem to sneak in enough hugs & kisses throughout the day...thank goodness I work for Cisco and am able to work from home or I would be miserable

2) I can't live without my iPhone and check it before I say good morning to anyone

3) My husband is the rock of our family and helps me out so much around the house

4) TECHNOLOGY is the key to my life for without it- I would have to go into the office every day, would not have my iPhone nor would my Nanny be able to send me cute pictures of my boys throughout the day & my iPhone...I would be lost without it

I am truly a lucky woman and this was a great exercise to remember just how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, boss, job and 2 great dogs that get love all day as my meetings are typically via web & phone so I am able to pet them or they sit on my lap.


5.45am wake up, start breakfast for hubby, pack his lunch, feed dogs and let them outside
6.00am take a shower before kids wake up
6.15am wake daughter, and help her with homework
7.00am wake son, and start breafast for kids
7.10am check email while kids are eating
7.20am clear breakfast dishes
7.30am kids dressed for school
7.40am pack lunch for daughter, organize snacks for day
7.50am take kids to school
8.00am leave school, go to tannng bed for a treat (some days!)
8.30am run errands, like post office, bank etc
10.am laundry
10.15am read my Bible whle laundry is going on
11.00am back to school to pick up son
11.20am home, fix lunch for son
noon - speech therapy for son
1pm - babysitter arrives,
1.05pm leave for school to teach afternoon class
2.30pm home, catch up on phone calls or emails
3.pm babysitter leaves
3.30pm back to school to pick up daughter
3.40pm fix snacks for kids, outside to play
4.30pm start on supper for family (using meal planning)
5.pm check in with hubby as he prepares to come home
5.05pm kids help set table for supper
5.15pm relax and watch PBS till hubby gets home
6.pm serve family supper
6.30pm clear table, run dishwasher
6.45pm family time - games/movie/playing
7.20pm start bedtime routine with son, bath, stories, bed
8.pm start bedtime routine with daughter, bath, reading, bed
8.30pm hubby time
9.pm work on my business if i haven't done so in the morning (instead of errands)...
11.pm hot tub
11.15pm quick shower and bed.
(that's a pretty typical day for me) now i feel exhausted!

Angie H.

I am a full-time working mom of four children ages 13 months to 8. My husband is a firefighter and not home every day to help out, which makes some days challenging, but we do it! Here is a typical day for me...

5:25 a.m.
Alarm goes off, hit snooze at least 3 times

5:45 a.m.
Up, out of bed, brush teeth, put on work out clothes
5:55 a.m.
Work out

6:45 a.m.
Shower, make-up, do hair, get dressed

7:15 a.m.
Older two boys wake up, take break from getting myself ready to tell them good morning and get them breakfast

7:45 a.m.
Wake my youngest son and get him dressed for school (he will tell me repeatedly that he doesn't like school and is never going--this is pre-school, mind you!)

7:55 a.m.
Catch my baby daughter before she falls off the bed. Whew! (this is not an every day occurance, but happened today!)

8 a.m.
Kiss everyone bye, tell nanny bye and head to work

8:15 a.m.
Arrive at work

8:25 a.m.
Start up computer, make oatmeal while computer starting up

12:30 p.m.
Eat lunch at desk, or work out if hit snooze 10 times instead of 3!

5:15 p.m.
Rush home to run kids off to their nightly event-- Cub Scouts, Karate, Church or Soccer

6:30 p.m.
Eat dinnner (or at least feed the kids and I eat off their plates or have a bowl of cereal while trying to wash dishes, look through school papers, etc.). I know, bad habit!!!

7 p.m.
Play with kiddos-- outside if nice, if not--my middle son loves to play tag in the basement.

7:30 p.m.
Begin bed time routine-- showers/baths, pjs, snacks

8:15 p.m.
Everyone in their rooms and I go from room to room and spend 15 mins with each kiddo reading to them befoe bed.

9:30 p.m.
Everyone tucked in and asleep (or pretending to be), begin cleaning up kitchen from dinner, put in a load of laundry, feed dog, lay out kids' clothes for next day

10 p.m.
Wash face, brush teeth

10:30 p.m.
In bed, watch tv or read for a few mins

11 p.m.ish

11:30 p.m. (like clockwork)
Woken up by crying baby, go to her room and get her back to sleep.

3 a.m.
Woken again by crying baby.

4 a.m.
Woken by youngest son, "mom, can I sleep at the ned of your bed?" I always say yes-- too tired to walk him back to his room. Back to sleep for me for a little while before I argue with my alarm clock!!

And, yes, I check my blackberry a few times in there, but over the last year I've really tried not to. My mission has been to keep home time at home and work at work. It doesn't always work that way, but I really try.

Looking back-- other than my few mins of working out I don't have any time for myself throughout the day. And, very little time for my husband. He gets the after 10 p.m. time, when I'm usually exhausted. I have to get better about that.


I'm not very regimented with my time, but I am more scheduled with my kids... this is what a typical day is like for me. Although it varies quite a bit at certain times.

6:00 AM - Wake up, make sure kids are up

6:15 Coffee! Check email and school website for delays or changes in schedules.

6:30 Make sure kids are dressed, faces and hands washed, hair brushed.

6:45 Empty dishwasher and change out a load of laundry while kids eat breakfast.

7:00 - Issue 20 min. until we leave reminder. Kids brush teeth. Put water bottles and snacks in backpacks.

7:10 Shoes, coats, backpacks - allowing extra time for inevitable last minute dash for "really important" thing one of the girls left upstairs.

7:20 Leave for bus stop.

7:40 Home and getting coffee!

8:00 Shower and get ready for the rest of the day.

9(ish) to 11(ish) Make any phone calls, set up appointments, research on new project.

11-12 Discuss current renovations on house with J. and spend some time together while we eat lunch.

12-3:10 - General house cleaning, work on craft projects

3:10 Get kids from the bus

3:30 Snacks, homework help, sign folders, start dinner
help girls with large paintings they are making for their room.

5:30 Dinner

6:00 Dinner clean up, Have 9 yr old take her shower, get pjs on, and clothes out for tomorrow.

6:20 Help with 6 yr. old's bath, get pjs on, and pick out clothes for tomorrow.

7:00 kids choose 1 half hour TV show and have dessert

7:30 Brush teeth, get in bed, read a story or listen while one of them reads.

8:00 kids -Lights out

Me - Last dishes in dishwasher
Last load of laundry changed out
Snacks and water bottles for tomorrow
8:30 - Spend time in the craft room/den with Jason -work on crafts, spend some time on the internet, maybe watch some tv, check the weather for tomorrow.

11ish - Get ready for bed, set my alarm and sleep!

Olivia N.

I'm a recently divorced single mother of two babies. I am not sure how busy it is in comparison, but it sure does feel that way. Before after I had just my oldest I was a huge TV watcher and internet surfer. In fact it is all I did. However, I also breastfed so I was stationary a lot. Since my divorce and the birth of my second daughter, I had to work two jobs for about 5 months. It was devistating to say the least to be away from your small babies that much as a mom (a new mom on your own too). After I was able to support us on one job, I have done nothing but find ways to spend as much time as I can with my girls. This is why most of my work and busy part of the day is after they have gone to bed. I don't consider myself as one of those tired, regretful single moms who feel their children are a burden. We play, we laugh, we learn, and we explore. Everything else in life comes second.

5:30 a.m. – Wake up and get dressed for work.

6:00 a.m. – Load the car with our stuff for the day.

6:10 a.m. - Wake up Reagan (7 mos) change clothes and diaper, sit her on the couch with her morning bottle.

6:20 a.m. – Get my oldest Kailey (20 mos) up, change clothes and diaper, put her on the couch with a morning smoothie in her sippy cup.

6:30 a.m. – Load the girls in the car and drop them off at daycare.

7:20 am – Arrive to work early. Eat breakfast and make the office coffee.

7:30 a.m. – Start my day checking in patients, booking appts, scanning documents, and working on daily projects.

9:45 a.m. – Have a chewy granola to keep my energy up.

10:00 a.m. - Meet with supervisors on process improvement and goals for the week/day

Noon – Take lunch, usually left overs from dinner with some fruit and/or salad, check emails

4:00 p.m. – Leave work and pick up the girls.

5:00 p.m. – Take care of at least two things on my to do list (there's always something; dry cleaning, grocery shopping, pharmacy, etc.) If not its used as play time with my girls.

6:30 p.m. – Sit down as a family and eat dinner.

7:00 p.m. - Put both girls in the bath. Get dressed in night clothes. Play some.

7:30 p.m. – Give Reagan her bottle while I hold her on the couch and Kailey plays, change her again, then put to bed.

8:00 p.m. – Give Kailey her sippy cup and lay on the couch with her petting her head while she falls asleep. Put her to bed.

8:30 p.m. – Start cooking dinner (I do it in advance for the next day so it doesn't take time away from my kids) Separate it into different containers.

9:00 p.m. – Clean the kitchen, prepare bottles for the next day, blend a smoothie for Kailey the next morning. Pack our bags with clothes and other items for the next day and set by the door.

10:30 p.m. - Pick up the bathroom from bath time and do laundry (twice a week) or do my P90X routine (which I'm in love with by the way). Shower.

12:00 midnight - Get our outfits ready for the next day, set mine up in the closet and lay the girls' on the couch with their diapering items.

12:30 a.m.- Sit on the couch for a while and breath. Watch a show and facebook to my family/friends on my phone to catch up.

1:00 a.m. - Go to bed

3:00 a.m.- Sometimes get up with Reagan to pet her head and sing her back to sleep, as she only sleeps through the night about half the time.

Katie L

7:30am E. wakes up - Change diaper and feed him breakfast
Say goodbye to the Husband/Daddy
8:30am - E. watches cartoons and Mom will play games with him. Let the dog out to go to the bathroom and give him treats.
Mommy check E-mail
9:30am Get E. ready for the day. Then I get ready after I am finished with E.
10:30am - Take E. to the Play and Learn at the Library until Noon
Noon- Grab Lunch with a friend and her little girl
1:30- E. takes a nap until 3pm
I cleaned as much of the house as I can
Clean the kitchen, vacuum all the snacks and crumbs in the living room and do some laundry
3pm - Play outside with E. and take him for a wagon ride if it is nice out
5pm- start fixing supper
6pm - Husband gets home and we all sit down to eat
7:30pm - give E. a bath
8pm - Both my husband and I will play with E. and read him books
8:45pm - E. goes to bed
9pm- Chat with husband, watch a movie and again clean kitchen
11pm Shower then Bedtime

Bridgette R.

6:45a Wake up - say bye to hubby
7:00a check blackberry/breakfast for son (sometimes I eat too)
7:15a play with son (hubby gets him dressed before he leaves at 7a)
7:30a take shower, dress, etc
8:00a drop son off at school
8:30a arrive at work/email/phone messages/schedule meeting
9:00a make priority return calls/emails/visit with team
9:30a team huddle
9:45a to 6p WORK (meetings in and out of office, corporate appointments, events, marketing, etc.)1-2 days a week I may work very later on events in the community, at least 1 day each week i'm called to school (son disability and school does not know how to handle properly)
6:30p arrive home/start dinner or homework (depends if hubby started dinner or if we have leftovers)
7:00p dinner
Wednesday and Friday we attend bible class from 7:30-9:30
7:45p bathe son and get in some play time
8:30p housework (dishes, laundry, floors, bathroom, just depends)
9:00p bills/document son's activities for school purposes and check to ensure things are on track
10:00p unwind/time with hubby/look at DVR'd shows
11:00p try to fall alseep

Janice S.

I typical day for me with triplets and two older sons.

6:30 am wake up and realize I can't pack lunches because we are out of everything (just got back from Spring break)
7:30 hurry to get the triplets up and out the door for 8am school _I hate the time change.
8:00 take them to school
8;30 drop off the trash and then go to grocery store and pick up prescription. All the time trying to make contacts for my home based business.
10am back home to fix lunches , put together some packets for the post office and realize I forgot to buy drinks for their lunches.
10:30 volunteer at the kids school to help with a reading student.
11am- done and will try to go to CVS to get drinks for their lunches before 11:30. My phone rings it is a business call I need to take, so even though I multitask all the time, don't think I can shop and handle this business call at the same time. decide to turn around the triplets will just have to drink water.
11:30 get to school at little late and one has already bought a lunch even though I told him, I would bring his lunch. decide I should stay and eat lunch with them because during Public school week the week before I was not able to come to school and eat with them because of my business and just handling the house. We are also selling a house an hour away so I will not be able to eat lunch with them the rest of the week. I will leave on wednesday after I take them to school and will be back on Friday before they get out of school. My 18 yr old will have to take them to school on wed and thursday, will I go paint the house and do an event with my homebased business.
12:15- go to post office and then back to store to get drinks for lunches.
1pm back home to answer emails and follow up with a few people for my business.
12:30 My 18 year old comes into to TALK. When he is ready, I stop eveything because it does not happen often. (so much for getting those emails sent out)
1:30 I start to follow up with people I need to call.
3pm time to get triplets from school
3:30 make salad for mom's night out at our church and make dinner for rest of family, help one of my team members place order and work on homework, pay credit card bill
5pm - I finally have a chance to get a shower. Husband is home.
6pm I leave for women's night at church.

(yea, 3 hours to just sit and talk about our children. Get recommendation from other mom's about how one of my trips has a hard time falling asleep) Can't stand the time change!!!
9pm Conference Call with team members about how to work a booth .
10pm Grocery Store to get butter for our mash potatoes that I cooked earlier in the evening but without butter., Also got sleepytime tea for my triplets who can't go to sleep.
10:30 home to get ready for bed, still need to send out all those emails, but need to go to bed so I can wake up earlier to get them to school.
8:15(next day, they are not too late to school, had to wake up 1st graders at 7:30am and I hate to do this.

Janice S.

forgot to say, when I got home at 10:30, I had to clean the table from dinner and put things into refrigerator before I could go to bed. My husband is good but he does good just to get the trips to bed. He falls asleep with them

Pamela T.

5:30 Alarm goes off
Snuggle with husband for 5 minutes

5:40 Shower/ Hair/ Make-up

6:15 Breakfast by myself while reading ____________

6:30 Wake up husband to kiss goodbye

7am-6pm Work as personal assistant (anything from auto repair to property management to house flipping to picking up and feeding my bosses daughter)

6:30pm Arrive home to my daughter calling "Momma, Momma" from the screen door!

7pm Eat dinner with hubby and baby

7:30 Thank hubby for dinner and go play on the swings with daughter


8:30pm Put baby to bed

8:35- 10pm Mommy/Daddy Time: Movies/ Games/ etc

10:30 Bedtime

I am very Thankful for my husband who gets to stay home and watch our daughter. He occasionally sends me pictures during the day of their many adventures. He makes dinner, and cleans up afterwards so that I can spend quality time playing with our 2 year old before her bedtime. I'm also very thankful for the 2-2 1/2 hours we get to spend together every night, just us. Of course, it varies from night to night with different nightly activities, but this is a typical day. He makes it easier to be a working mom, and I realize we are blessed to have the lifestyle we do.


5:30am - Alarm goes off; shower
6:00am - Feed baby
6:30am - Get baby in carseat; off to Grandma's
7:15am - Drop off baby at Grandma's
8:00am - Arrive at work
9:00am - Pump
9:20am - Breakfast
10:00am-12:00pm - Meetings
12:00pm - Pump
12:20pm - Lunch
3:00pm - Pump
3:20pm - Snack (have to get in those calories)
5:00pm - Leave work
5:30pm - Pick up baby from Grandma's
6:30pm - Return home, begin dinner
7:00pm - Bathtime for baby
7:30pm - Feed baby
8:00pm - Baby in bed
8:30pm - Finish dinner/get ready for bed
9:00pm - In bed
9:00pm-5:30am - Wake up 2-3 times to put crying baby back to sleep
5:30am - Repeat


745am:fight with 4 yo about brushing her teeth
750am: 6 month old wakes up
8am:feed 6 month old
810am: get dressed in lightning speed
815am: bring 4yo to preschool, already late
830am: drop 4yo at preschool
835am:drive home
9am: eat breakfast
930am: put 6mo down for a nap. trying to break swaddling so she isn't sleeping well.
10-11am: dishes and laundry
11am-12pm: eat something light and get ready for my run
12pm: sitter arrives - give her the dish on sleeping 6mo
1215pm: go for 6+ mile run for marathon training
130pm arrive home
145pm: shower
200pm: get dressed for internship and pack clothes for job after
230pm: drive downtown for internship
300pm-400pm: intern at local radio station
400pm: drive to second job
420pm: get dressed in the back of van for second job
430: shift starts waiting tables at busy new restaurant
430pm-midnight: wait tables without a break
midnight: dinner
1215am: back to waiting tables
1215am-2am: wait tables until close
2am-245am: clean restaurant
300am: drive home 20 minutes
320am: arrive home exhausted
330am: go to bed - set alarm angrily for 7am to do the same tomorrow plus additional appointments. how am i still alive? :)didn't see my husband today...maybe in a few days :(

Sheryl D

6 AM wake up, try to decide to go back to sleep,cuddle 2 year old
6:20 shower(if I am lucky)
6:30 start making breakfast and lunches for 3 kids and mom
7:15 on bikes for the 4 mile ride to kids school, then hang out at park with 2 year old until his school starts
9:00 2 year old to school, mom to work
1 PM pick up 2 year old, 2 year old nap
2:15 pick up older kids from school, bike home
afternoon work from home, help kids(full time)
5:30 make dinner
6:30 karate or scouts for kids
7:30 home, get kids ready for bed
8 PM kids in bed
evening work until the wee hours of the morning to get done what I didn't get done during the daylight hours.


My days are never typical but this has been the most recent pattern:

7am - bolt out of bed and do as much house work as I can before my 7 month old daughter wakes up

7:20 - my daughter (Z.) is sitting up in her crib waiting for me to "rescue her"

7:22 - Change Z.'s diaper, feed her cereal and her bottle then burping time while I try to make my breakfast

8:00 - Learning time - play in Z.'s room, try to stop checking my emails on my phone and focus on her

8:45 - Change her dirty diaper and her clothes

9:00 - put her in her bouncer while I shower and get ready, talking and singing to her the whole time

10:00 - we do some "chores" around the house together

10:30 - she's hungry and eating again

11:00 - after eating she passes out and I get to catch up with my husband on the phone since he works 24 hour shifts away from home

11:30 - Z. wakes up because she never sleeps more than 30 minutes during the day and I pack up everything to get ready to run errands

noon - I grab whatever I can to eat as we head out the door

noonish to 4 - we run errands around town. Some days we attend play groups, go to the park or go grocery shopping.

4:30 pm - return home and grandma comes over to play with and watch Z. while I get ready for work

5:30 - lots of hugs and kisses to Z. and I'm off to drive in town to Dallas

6:30 - arrive at location for a commercial shoot

6:45 - get hair and makeup ready

8:00 - ready with hair, makeup and wardrobe, start filming

2:00 am - grab some pizza thats questionable

4:00 am - wonder if Z. has been sleeping thru the night and if I should eat something else

5:00 am - that's a wrap! headed home, finally

6:00 am - creep into the house and sleep for one hour

7:00 am - bolt out of bed and start it all over again (if hubby comes home, I'll get some sleep midday!)

Rebecca P.

Here is a day in the life of Rebecca:

-4:45am Wake up
-4:50am Jump in the shower
-5:40am Leave for work
-6:30am arrive at work
-6:30am-12:00pm Morning routine
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm Afternoon routine
3:00pm-4:00pm Off to pick my son up at the grandparents house(Tuesday and Friday)
3:00pm-4:00pm Drive home and pick my son up from Daycare (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)(Monday and Thursday grandparents take him home with them)
-4:30pm-5:00pm Drive home
-5:00pm play a little bit with my son
-5:30pm-6:30pm Make Dinner
-6:30pm Clean up the kitchen & get lunches ready for the next day
-7:00pm Go for a walk or exercise
-7:30pm-8:30pm I am going to school online so I have assignments that I have to complete.
-8:30pm Bath my son and get him ready for bed
-8:45pm Play and read to him
-9:00pm my son lays in bed with me
-10:00pm we are both sleeping
-10:00pm-4:45am sleep and repeat

My husband takes care of our son on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. He gets him up and takes him to daycare since he does not have to be at work until 9:00am and I have to be at work at 6:30am. My husband also travels so the days that he is not home I have to get my son up and to daycare at 6:00am. So my mornings start a little bit earlier.

Kay T.

Monday’s schedule of a Single Working Mom of 2 girls ages 6 and 10 - March 20th, 2001
6am wake up and let the dog outside, make dogs breakfast
Start coffee and lunch making for the girls
Wake up the girls for them to start getting ready, finish making their lunches
Check email, text messages
Make breakfast for the girls
Hit the shower and get ready for work
7:50am Drop the girls at school
8-8:30 shopping at Walmart Neighborhood market for weekly groceries
Call Phil re: repair of headlights on Jeep on way home, check message from S.’s teacher re: Book Report
8:45am unload groceries, eat some oatmeal, and bath the Yorkie who has become unbearably stinky
9am Phil arrives to get keys and we discuss his wife’s breast cancer situation
9:15 am check emails for work in home office
10am arrive at work office and proceed to move into my new office space. Check emails and make a few calls
11am conference call, database work, marketing work rest of the day
5:15 leave to take prescripion to the girl’s father at his rehab home.
6:20 arrive home and get the girls at the neighbors. Unpack backpacks, read mail, prepare dinner, get the girls going on their evening activities
7pm dinner while watching Cake Boss
7:45 dishes and kitchen clean up
8pm emails for work, balance checkbook while girls are practicing piano and doing artwork
8:30 Take out trash, clean out car (from stuff brought home from the office move), feed the dog
Put load of laundry in the wash
9:15 Remind girls to brush teeth and upstairs for prayers
9:45 Built Blog site for new home business on Weebles, check emails and orders for side business, put laundry in the dryer
12midnight brush teeth and go to bed, write letter to the girls father, 1:30am fall asleep


7:30 am gently nudge hubby out of bed, breastfeed my daughter
8:00 am get dressed, play with and then dress daughter, make bed
8:20 am bathroom, take pills, clean bathroom, put away any laundry we folded the night before
8:30 am put away dishes from last night, eat breakfast (that hubby made before he left for work) with daughter, take morning vitamins/fish oil, check email
9:00 am clean up breakfast dishes, do 'chore of the day'
9:30 am go for walk with daughter, do errands while on walk, home and play with daughter
12 pm call hubby at work to tell him we love and appreciate him before: nursing then nap time for daughter
12:15-2:15 work on my class I am teaching, research, chores if needed, phone calls I need to get done
1:30 daughter up/nursing, lunch, clean up
2:00 play with daughter
2:30 go to babysitter's/drop off daughter and walk to coffee shop to work on my class/call hubby to check in
2:45-5:45 work on my class, back to pick up daughter
6:15 make and eat dinner
7:00 daughter bed time ritual
8 or 8:30 clean up house with hubby, do finances, put in a load of laundry
9-10 spend focused time with hubby, fold laundry
10-11:30 work on class/research, set out clothes and anything else needed for tomorrow, get food ready for tomorrow


1:00 AM - 10 month old wakes up wet and hungry, so I change and feed him.
5:00 AM - same routine as at 1 AM.
7:00 AM - alarm clock goes off and I get ready for work.
7:30 AM - leave for work.
8:00 AM - arrive at work.
9:30 AM - 15 minute break to pump milk for baby and take a short walk.
12:00 PM - 30 minute lunch break.
3:00 PM - 15 minute break to pump milk for baby and take a short walk.
4:30 PM - Leave work.
4:45 PM - Arrive home and play with baby for a few minutes.
5:00 PM - Cook dinner and play with baby some more.
6:00 PM - Eat dinner.
6:30 PM - Give baby a bath.
7:00 PM - Feed baby and sing him to sleep.
7:30 PM - Daddy and Me time.
10:00 PM - 10 month old wakes up wet and hungry, so I change and feed him.
10:30 PM - Time to go to sleep.


I'm a single mom of 3 children: girl/boy twins (11) and 13 y.o. daughter. My 11 y.o. daughter has a seizure disorder and is severely multiply impaired.

6:00 get up; check to make sure kids have stuff ready for school; shower; grab lunch & things for work
6:30 babysitter arrives to get kids ready for school
7:00 leave for work (45 min drive) I work as an occupational therapist in a school for special needs kids.
7:45-2:45 Work with my kiddos
2:45 leave for home (45 mins); run errands (groceries, etc.)
3:30-4:30 kids arrive home from school
4:30 snacks, homework, talk about how days went, work on after school/work chores, begin meal prep.
5:30~6:00 dinner/clean up
after 6:00 off to girl/boy scouts; youth group at church, errands with kids when necessary
7:30 11 y.o. daughter to bed
9:00 11 y.o. son to bed
9:30 13 y.o. daughter to bed
finish laundry, clean up kitchen, pay bills, check email, get ready for tomorrow, think about how soon the weekend will be here, try to crash before 11:00 (but sometimes midnight!)

Jeremy B

7: wake up, "good morning R."
7:05: play for a few minutes and then change diaper
7:10: change diaper; warm up milk for sippy cup; turn on Netflix for cartoons
7:15: clean cat box; make bed; open blinds; feed cats and refresh water bowls
7:30: put away clean dishes; prepare breakfast
7:45: enjoy family breakfast; rinse dishes and put in washer
8:15: change R. for busy day ahead; get dressed myself
9:00: organize R.'s room
9:15: walk dog; head off to the park
11:30: park or indoor play area
12:30: lunch
1:15: R.'s nap
2:00: my shower; yoga; get ready for work; walk the dog again
4:00: head off to work - return from work around midnight
12:00: quick snack [shower maybe or maybe not]; surf web; go to bed

Stephanie J.

6 a.m.- Wake up. Join hubby for coffee.
6:30- daughter up, dress for day care
7 a.m.- hubby and daughter out the door
7:15- walk dog
7:30- shower
8:15- leave for work
9-5- log some long work hours
6 p.m.- pick up daughter from day care
6:15- quickly figure out something to eat
6:45-7:30- long walk with dog and baby
7:30- tub time
8 p.m.- baby in bed
Relax and wait for hubby to be home!

Colleen W

3:00pm Wake up and study for two hours.
5:00 pm Shower and get ready for work
6:00 pm Drive to work, call kids to tell them good night and be good to the babysitter.
6:45pm-7:15 am Work and take care of patients, (constantly reminding myself that I won't always have to work nights).
7:15-7:45 Drive to school, call one of my sisters to say hello and keep me awake on my drive to school. Remember to pay for parking before going to sleep.
7:45-9:30 Sleep in car, because it takes too long to drive home and come back to school.
9:30-9:45 Wake up and put make up on so I don't look like I have been up all night.
9:45-10:00 Walk to class
10:00 - 2:00 School
2:00 - 2:30 Drive to hospital.
2:30 - 3:30 Pick up patients information for next day.
3:30 - 4:00 Drive home
4:00-5:00 Help kids finish up homework
5:00-6:00 Cook dinner/clean.
6:00 - 6:30 Eat dinner with kids
6:30-7:30 Practice spelling/fun time for kids, begin researching patients information
7:30 - 8:30 Get kids ready for bath/bed.
8:30-9:00 Read with kids.
9:00 Kids to bed.
9:00 - 11:00 Finish homework research for tomorrow.
11:00 - SLEEP, FINALLY! How many hours was that?


6:00 am - 2yo climbs in bed to play iPad games
6:30 - crawl out of bed and into shower
7:00 - wake up grouchy 7yo
7:15 - get dressed and head downstairs for 7yo breakfast
7:25 - leave 7yo with dad, take 2yo to daycare
7:45 - arrive at work
8:00 - email hubby about bathroom renovations
8:15 - leave message for neurologist
8:30 - eat breakfast at desk
9:00 - finally start working
3:30 - leave work to get 2yo
4:00 - get 7yo off bus
4:15 - snacks and outside play
5:00 - dinner for 2yo and 7yo
5:30 - trip to pet store to visit our "pets"
6:30 - dinner for mom and dad - yay!
7:00 - iPad games and wrestling with dad
7:30 - bath time
8:30 - bed time
9:00 - clean up the house and laundry
10:00 - tv time for mom and dad - yay!
11:30 - get things ready for tomorrow
12 midnight - cuddle up in bed


5:25 - alarm, hit snooze
5:45 - alarm, get up and sneak past Toddler's room to shower & get dressed
6:05 - pack empty bottles & breakfast in lunch bag, collect iPod, wallet, coffee mug and organize in work bag
6:15 - walk the dog
6:35 in the winter - start car, shovel walk so husband can get out easily with kids
6:45 - leave for train station
7:25 - stop for morning coffee and head up to office
7:30-12:45 - work. During the day I pump milk for Baby 3x.
12:45 - lunch hour - go to gym upstairs
1:45 - eat lunch at desk
4:30 - leave work
5:00 - pick up kids from sitter
5:20 - home, play with kids
6:30 - try to find something kids will eat
6:45 - bathtime for Baby
7:00 - bathtime for Toddler
Sometime in between 7-8pm - nurse Baby, bedtime
8:00-ish - bedtime routine for Toddler
8:30-ish - dinner with husband (he cooks!)
9:30 - dishes, prepare bottles and lunch for Baby
10:15 - get ready for bed
10:25 - read
10:27 - fall asleep


5 am Up & pack lunches
5:15 Shower & Getting Ready for the Day
6:00 4 year old up, dressed & ready for the day
6:30 at the sitter
7:00 start my day teaching high school
7:45-1:11 at least 30 kids in my room at a time...try to fit a bathroom break or even a moment to gather my thoughts in here...yikes!
1:15 hall duty - walk the school halls & relieve teachers needing a break & check student passes.
2:35 days done
3:00 pick up daughter
3:30 home - sort mail, put away last nights laundry, begin laundry
4:30 begin dinner, switch laundry
5:30 eat, clean up & dishes
6:30 bath, bedtime story & time for bed for my daughter
7:30 switch laundry again, begin folding
8:30 dry last load, fold some more
9:30 pick up the house
10:30 finally in bed

Tracie W.

Wake up at 7:30
Get I., J., and E. up for school.
7:45 Make orange juice and gave out everyone's medicine.
7:55 Make coffee
8:00 Send a text to see what time nephew D. will be here for me to watch him for the day.
Turn on computer.
8:05 Feed the dogs.
8:10 Tell J. to get out of the shower.
8:11 Tell E. to finish getting ready and get his lunch in his backpack.
8:13 Tell E. to brush his teeth.
8:15 Tell J. to brush his teeth and hustle.
8:25 Take J. and E. to school.
8:45 Drink a cup of coffee and check email.
9:00 Do sit-ups.
9:30 Do 30 minutes on the eliptical.
10:00 Get a shower and get dressed.
10:30 D. gets here for the day.
10:35 Change D.
10:40 Put D. to sleep.
10:45 Balance the check book.
11:00 Get C. into the shower.
11:10 Wash C.'s hair.
11:15 Get C. out of the shower and tell him to get ready for school.
11:20 Make C.'s lunch.
11:30 D. wakes up. Change D.
11:35 Comb C.'s hair and tell him to brush his teeth.
11:40 Tie C.'s shoes.
11:45 Play with D.
12:05 Strap carseat base into car.
12:10 Put D. into his carseat and take C. to school.
12:20 Feed the dogs.
12:30 Feed D. lunch and give him some juice.
12:45 Change D.
12:50 Put D. in jumper and eat lunch.
1:00 Wash dishes.
1:10 Put D. to sleep.
1:15 Work on MOPS newsletter.
2:05 Change D. and put him in his carseat.
2:10 Help in C.'s class.
3:15 Wait for all the boys to get out of school and go home.
3:40 Get J., I. and C. started on homework.
3:45 Get E. ready for gymnastics and give him a snack.
3:50 Take E. to gymnastics.
4:30 Change D. and give him a bottle.
5:00 Start dinner.
5:30 D. goes home.
5:35 Leave to pick E. up from gymnastics.
6:00 E. gets out of gymnastics.
6:10 Sit down with the family and eat dinner and catch up on the day.
6:40 Leave for parent meeting for young marines with I. Meeting goes until 8:00.
8:20 Come home and get the boys dessert.
8:35 Tell the boys to brush their teeth and go to bed.
8:45 Watch tv with D. and catch up on the day.
9:30 Go to bed and read.
10:00 Go to sleep.

Rachel H

6:30 - wake up to nurse ravenously hungry baby.
7:00 - put on work-out outfit for zumba!
7:05 - check on baby
7:10 - Look for a banana...nope, so I get water.
7:15 - check on baby
7:20 - head out the door
8:00 - zumba!
9:15 - walk through the door and see a baby poking her head out the side of the wall. (husband is being funny)
9:20 - nurse the baby velociraptor who is now squeaking and making dinosaur sounds at me.
10:00 - take a shower and get the opportunity to actually stay in for more than five minutes!
11:00 - to the garden we go! Our baby is awake and she has been sufficiently sun-screened and has a cute sun hat on.
12:00 - nurse the cute wildebeest baby before she starts eyeballing my earrings.
1:00 - Lunchtime made by my private chef (husband) served on the lanai (kitchen table).
2:00 - rolling around on the floor and playing with the beautiful baby and husband.
3:00 - baby nap time - nurse the little milk-bird and put her to sleep. honk-shooo.
4:00 - Start making vegetable rice lasagna - hubby and I are losing weight but we refuse to eat cardboard and seaweed.
5:00 - nurse the now awakened and active baby girl so I can eat dinner with husband at the dinner table.
6:00 - Dinner!
7:00 - weekend skype session with grandparents
8:00 - tired baby monster is a hungry hungry hippo, so she must be fed!
9:00 - sit on couch with husband and ask, "What did we do today?"

Kathy H.

6:30am - alarm goes off, wake husband, jump in shower
6:50am - Head downstairs for morning cup of coffee
7:00am - Back upstairs to finish getting dressed
7:20am - Wake up daughter, change diaper and hand off the sippy cup of milk
7:30am - Dress my daughter, kiss my husband and head out the door
8:00am - Arrive at Grandma's house, feed daughter breakfast, play for a bit
8:30am - Leave for the office
8:50am - Arrive at work for a full day of meetings, conference calls, etc.
1:30pm - Slip in a quick lunch and call Grandma to check in on daughter
2:00pm - Back to work
5:00pm - Leave work
5:25pm - Arrive at Grandma's to pick up daughter, play for a bit
6:15pm - Arrive at home, prepare dinner for daughter and begin dinner for my husband and myself
6:45pm - Husband arrives home, and I head upstairs for bathtime for my daughter
7:10pm - Time to put jammys on, and read bedtime story
7:30pm - Daughter asleep (hopefully), head downstairs for a few minutes of downtime until dinner is ready (husband finishes dinner while I'm upstairs with daughter. We trade off regularly)
8:00pm - Finally eat dinner...yay.
8:30pm - Quality time with my husband. TV, conversation, etc. It changes nightly.
10:00pm - Off to bed

I'm trying to fit in some exercise time during the week. My daughter is 18 mo, and I still have a good 10 lbs. to lose. I exercise on the weekends, but I REALLY need to get in at least 2 good workouts during the week. But I don't really want to have to sacrifice sleep to do it! :)


monday, I took the day off work to take my elderly aunt to a doctor's appointment, so this is not typical, but...

5:45 alarm. press snooze
5:55 alarm. bring phone into 12yo, mildly wake up with kisses, and set phone's timer for 15 min snooze
6:20-ish REALLY get out of bed
I was moving slowly, and hubby got 12yo's (and 6yo's) breakfast and lunch ready. God bless him.
7:00 got the 6yo up
7:02 Aunt canceled Doc appt, due to snow. She's very tender.
7:05 straightened the hair of the 12yo. she looks middle-school-ready
7:25 bus for 12yo
7:45 kiss hubby goodbye
8:05 Kiss 6yo goodbye as bus comes (god bless the bus system)
8:30 clean the black murky water that has spewed out of the 100-year-old radiator in the bathroom. Better the bathroom than my bedroom, but ew.
9:30 clean the cat pee off the wall (don't ask)
10:00 cook ribs for dinner. at least the house smells good
10:30 attempt to get out to the garage, but have to shovel
10:35 take picture of crocuses being smothered by snow, happy spring.
11:00 find american flags in garage for girl scout meeting.
11:05 take out ribs. taste test.
11:15 iron flags. iron a few shirts
11:45 Fold flags properly for ceremony/demonstration for girls
12:00 make a quick sandwich
12:30 Shower! Ooh! It's my day to take a shower? wow.
1:00 do a load of laundry
1:30 get stuff together for GS meeting.
1:35 ignore messy kitchen
throughout the day, answer various emails about pinewood derby car, powderpuff derby car, bank deposit, sick girl scouts, etc
2:30 pick up 12yo, drive to elementary school to
3:20 pick up 6yo
3:30 pick up donuts for good girls
4:00 eye appointment for 12yo. new contacts and glasses
5:00 stuff dinner into 12yo while I throw the rest of the girl scout stuff into bags
5:44 hubby comes home to have dinner with 6yo,
5:45 12yo and I leave for scouts (yes, I have 12 middle school scouts!)
6-7:30 GS meeting. We assemble our raffle basket for the family fundraiser, have a snack, discuss the powderpuff derby, welcome a new girl, learn flag trivia, flag respect, and learn how to properly fold the flag.
7:45 wait for late parents to pick up their girls
8:15 home for a martini
8:30 hubby puts 6yo to bed
sit and chat on the sofa while watching nothing in particular until
9:30 bed

great "day off"


4:00am - wake up to give m. (10 mo old) morning ba-ba
4:30am - put m. back in bed and put coffee on
4:15am - log into work and get a few odds and ends finished up
5:30am - make sure chris wakes up and gets off to work
6:00am - a. (10 yr old) wakes up and we snuggle while watching the news
6:30am - make a. breakfast
6:40am - shower time
7:00am - wake up s. (7 yr old)
7:05am - make s. breakfast and pack school lunches
7:20am - snuggle-time with s.
7:35am - help s. pick out clothes
7:38am - brush a.'s hair
7:40am - wake up m.
7:45am - make sure z. (15 yr old) is awake
7:46am - feed m.
7:55am - make sure z. gets on bus
7:56am - make sure a. and s. are ready
8:00am - get a. and s. on bus
8:05am - get myself and m. dressed
8:15am - dishes
8:30am - drop m. off at daycare
9:15am - arrive at the office
9:15-12 - work
12-12:30 - work thru lunch to make up for being 15 mins late and leaving 15 mins early
12:30-5:00 - work
5:45pm - get home and inquire about everyones day
5:45-6:15pm - provide homework help and advice while chris cooks our dinner
6:15pm - feed m.
6:30pm - dinner's on
6:50pm - get a. and s. ready for lessons
7:00pm - drive a. & s. to lesson
7:50pm - pick a. & s. up and drive home
8:00pm - give kids dessert, do dishes
8:15-8:45pm - get kids in and out of showers/baths
8:45pm - tuck kids into bed
9:15-10:00pm - read a book
10:00pm - get to bed


6:00am - Wake up
6:05am - Go down stairs and feed and put the dog out
6:10am - Put my tea on
6:15am - Finish packing everything for the day
6:20am - Get dressed
6:25am - Pick up my sleeping daughter from her crib and take her downstairs
6:30am - Change my daughter and get her dressed for the day
6:45am - Load everything into the car
6:50am - Bring the dog in - make sure she is set for the day
7:00am - Load my daughter into the car
7:05am - Leave for the day
7:18am - Drop husband at bus stop
7:20am - Depart for daycare center
7:45am - Arrive at daycare center to drop off my daughter
7:46am - Sign daughter in at daycare center, get her stuff unloaded for the day
7:50am - Spend a little quality time with my daughter before I leave for work
8:15am - Depart for work
8:30am - Arrive at work
8:40am - Eat breakfast at desk while working
2:00pm - Eat lunch at desk while working
5:30pm - Leave work to pick up my daughter at daycare
5:45pm - Arrive at the daycare center.
5:46pm - Check daughter out on daycare system
5:47pm - Gather up daughters stuff (jacket, excess clothes etc), and put in the car
5:50pm - Find my daughter and get my daily arrival hug and spend a little quality time before we leave.
6:15pm - Load my daughter up in the car and head home to drop off bags
6:30pm - Get home, drop off bags and allow my daughter some nap time or play time
6:35pm - Start dinner / if possible make dinner completly depending on menu
7:10pm - Load daughter into the car and head to the bus stop to pick up husband
7:20pm - Pick up husband from bus stop and head back home
7:30pm - Arrive at home
7:30pm - Unload daughter from car
7:35pm - Finish preparing dinner
8:00pm - Sit down for dinner
8:45pm - Finish up dinner
9:00pm - Clean up dinner
9:15pm - Playtime with my daughter / bath time
10:00pm - Time for bed for the little one
10:15pm - Head back downstairs and finish cleaning up from the day
10:45pm - Prepare what I can for the next day
11:00pm - Shower time / wind down time for Mommy
12:00am - Roll into bed at last

Anne J

Monday 3/21:
0545 Wake up. Drat, alarm not off yet! Actually manage to drift back off to sleep.
0611 Alarm goes off. Get up, brush teeth and night guard (tooth grinding is part of life now), dig out gym clothes including blue workout shirt. Head downstairs. Leftover coffee into microwave, three eggs into bowl, pan on stove, scramble. Fruit into little bowls, eggs into other bowls.
0625 Miss C walks in. Kids aren't up yet! Yay! Ask Miss C about her spring break. SOOO glad she's back!
0633 out door, drive to Crossfit gym.
0700 workout time. BS with gym buddies. Blue shirt stinks! Workout today is lifting heavy stuff, 5 rep maxes; feeling like an animal on the 70 lb presses - I guess the rest time paid off. 5 rep deadlift at 225 lb, roar!
0800 Shower, dress, head to...
0825 Work. Not motivated, as usual. Multitask. Catch up with coworker about his March Madness vacation.
1000 or so - eat chicken snack - leftover chicken with artichoke cream sauce. Yum. (thanks Relish!)
1130 or so - eat lunch, garden spinach and more chicken. Yum.
1300 Meeting that makes my head hurt.
1400 Much better meeting.
1530 Snack!
1535 Time sucker moseys into my office. Argh!
1545 Meeting that was supposed to be at 3.
1602 Record short staff meeting ends! Talk with time sucker, but now glad to talk with him.
1700 (approx) - Miss C is picking up Mr. 3 from preschool and Miss 5 from afterschool care.
1655 Leave, 25 minutes after I planned to.
1715 Backwards shopping - have to return some stuff.
1755 Drop off dry cleaning. Trying a new place...they better be good, as they're expensive!
1820 Get home. Miss C has salmon on the stove - yay!
1835 or so - dinner. Mr. 3 not cooperating, wants to play with iPhone. No!
1900 Start trying to get kids to bed, Mr. 3 freaking out because he doesn't want to put PJs on. I record the temper tantrum that takes place in the time-out chair. Hilarious! Miss 5 and Miss C are reading in her room.
1915 Miss 5 gets ice cream. Mr. 3 really mad now.
2000 Miss 5 finally to lights out. Mr. 3 mad because I wouldn't let him have ice cream because of the tantrums.
2010 Discuss summer plans with Miss C. She rocks. Mr. 3 finally quits crying and goes to bed.
2015 Miss C out the door. Finish making lunches and preparing tomorrow night's dinner (roasted chicken; chop veggies, toss in oil and whatnot). Colbert in background. Wish Tosh was on afterwards but he's not.
2100ish Work on bills. Work on other stuff. Update not-really-launched-yet website/blog. Lose time while working on other stuff.
Didn't fold the laundry. Probably emailed husband. He's in Atlanta.
2315 Read a little.
2330 I really need to go to bed earlier tomorrow.


6:00 AM Up and in shower. Hubby is heading out the door.
6:35 #1 is up and his pull up has leaked all night. Time to change the bed, change him, explain it is ok.
6:45 I Finish getting dressed.
6:50 Baby is up. Changed and ready to go.
7:00 Breakfast for all three.Involves lots of negotiation to eat 1 mini pancake.
7:30 Start saying we are going to be late and try to get out the door.
7:35 My mom shows up watch the baby, hand off to her with lots of kisses.
7:45 Actually in the car, #1 is heading to preschool.
8:00 Arrive at PreSchool and drop off. On a good day, this is 5 min, on most days it is 15 min.
8:10 head to work (woops, supposed to be there in 20 min which isn't possible unless I own a plane).
8:45 arrive at work late
8:45-4:30: Nonstop work, meetings, calls to check in on the baby and address his feeding issues (allergic to milk, peanuts, and almonds and almost 1 so it's an adventure). Eat lunch at desk while catching up on email. Get yelled at by boss, catch mistakes of my younger team members, get yelled at again by clients.
4:30: Run out the door to pick up #1 from School.
5:15: Arrive at pre school for pickup
5:30: Head home
5:45: Eat dinner fast
6:00: Head out to run at local track (training for a half marathon). Switch off with hubby.
7:30 Leave training run
8:00 arrive home, baby is asleep, help #1 get to bed. Might shower if I am lucky.
8:30 #1 is finally in his room, not asleep. Have read polar express 2x. Discuss the day and the what's being planned for tomorrow.
9:00 #1 alone in room, asking for someone to lay down with him.
9:00-10:30 Clean up kitchen, prep bottles, make lunches
10:30 Maybe sit down ? Nope, feed baby nighttime bottle
11:00 Sleep hopefully

Above schedule would not be possible without a very helpful hubby.

Anne D.

615 wake up to sounds of hungry cat Max
620 Baby J (18 mos) wakes up; Mommy engages in stall tactics to buy more lounge time in bed: snuggling, tickling, etc
630 Baby J hands me my cell phone and eyeglasses from the nightstand; time to get up
645 read One Fish Two Fish or Wocket in My Pocket over and over until
700 shower and get dressed
720 make breakfast and eat with Baby J
800 Nanny arrives; check in/update
830 leave for law school
900 arrive at school to work remotely (for full-time job) from cafeteria until class starts: respond to email, check in with assistant, draft documents
11-1250 class
100 pick up lunch and head to office: check in with assistant, meetings, conf calls, draft docs, etc
115 receive check in text message and photo from Nanny
500 update from Nanny
645 leave work; call Grandma to see how daily visit with Baby J went
715 arrive home in time for bedtime ritual for Baby J: bath, quiet time, tuck-in
800 eat dinner, read Nanny journal
830 check work email, do law school homework, make reminder list for next day
1100 go to bed


Judy - mom to 2.5yr Z. and 11 month old D.; work from home and stay at home mom

5 or 6- breastfeed D., then in room quietly
7: Make Z.'s lunch, make breakfast for family
7:30 Wake up Z., all eat breakfast, say bye to Dad
8: Drive Z. to school with D.
8:30 Feed D. solids
9 work while D. plays
10 put D. down for nap, i work
12 breastfeed D., pick up Z.
12:30 make lunch, play with kids
1:30 check email, work if i can
2 put D. down for nap
3 put Z. down for nap
4 work or play with D. if he wakes
4:30 wake Z. up from Nap
5 give kids a bath
6 dad's home and plays with kids, i make dinner
6:30 dinner
7 breastfeed and put D. down for bedtime; shower
8-11 work, work and work
11 clean up dinner and house with husband
11:30 eat a BIG bowl of ice cream and read the news, blog, catch up with husband
12 sleep


Single Mom to two boys - 6 and 8 yrs. Father is not around so schedule is crazy. Assuming no after school activities for the day - a typical day would look like:
5:15 AM - Alarm, Get up work out.
6:15 - Shower, Dress, Make Coffee, Feed the Dog, let the dog out, put out vitamins and allergy/asthma medicine for kids, pack up computer, unload dishwasher, fold clothes/throw a load of clothes in Laundry
7:00 - Boy #2 up - get him breakfast, TV
7:15 - Wake up kids if they are not up already, have them get dressed, and brush teeth, while I make beds.
Boys - pick out snacks for school, take vitamins, get Jackets, hats, mittens and boots on. Mom - pack up car - laptop, 2 backpacks, purse, breakfast to go for kids and Mom.
7:45 - Out door - drop kids at daycare to catch the bus.
8:00 - 8:30 - Drive to work from Daycare
8:30 - Work - Grab some toast, catch up on emails, etc.
9:00- 4:00 - Meetings
4:00 - 4:30 - Emails
4:30 - 5:00 Drive to daycare - pick up boys.
5:15 - Arrive home, Feed dog, Go through Mail and Backpacks, get kids a snack while I start dinner.
6:00 - Dinner
6:30 - Help with Homework
7:00- Supervise Piano practice, Kids Baths, Catch up on Work/Emails,Clean up Kitchen
8:00 - Bedtime snack, Reading with Kids
8:30 - Kids - brush teeth, into bed.
8:45 - Tidy up living room, get ready for bed
9:00 - 9:30-10:00 - Read
9:30 -10:00 - Sleep.
Repeat! If we have sports/activities after school then it gets even crazier!

Sabin M.

I'll start with bedtime - 11pm-12am
7:00am wake up to O. getting into bed with me and cuddling
7:15am get up make breakfast for us and check emails (I have a home office I do most of my administrative work from)
9am start getting ready to leave the house. O. goes to PM Kindergarten.
10:15am leave to pick up N., our car pool buddy, drop kids off
10:40am go to 1 of my 3 jobs - one of 2 corporate fitness centers to either work the front desk or teach 1-3 fitness classes (Core, Step, Bootcamp or Pilates)
2pm eat lunch, O. is dropped off from school, unless it's Wed. or Friday, then I leave from work, go straight to the school and coach a Girls on The Run team of 15 3rd-5th graders. No practice? Play outside if it's not raining, which in Sacramento lately rarely happens! Do something fun inside until J. gets home at 4pm.
4pm Wed/Fri come home, eat a snack with O., get ready to do homework and start dinner. Mondays I go to one of the corporate fitness centers to work the front desk.
5:45pm Tues/Thurs go to the Pilates Studio to teach classes
8pm come home and check emails for the day, eat dinner on nights I teach, do homework (I'm back in school to get my Physical Therapist Assistant degree/license)
8:30pm help O. get ready for bed, read a story
9pm get some down time, wind down before bedtime or do more homework
Saturdays - teach a pilates mat class at 10am, do private sessions after class
Sundays - day off usually, although right now we're clearing out my dad's house, as he passed away last summer.


5:00 - Alarm
5:30 - get up, shower, start b'fast
6 / 6:30 - boys wake up, change diapers, eat b'fast, potty time
7 - husband and I get kids dressed, get myself dressed, say bye to hubby
7:30 start to leave for daycare, drive
8:00 - arrive at daycare, dropoff routine
9:00 - arrive at work
9 - 12 meetings or client work
12 - sometimes work, sometimes grocery shop
12:30 - 4:30 - meetings or client work
4:30 leave for daycare, run errand on way
5:15 arrive at daycare, pack up kids
6:00 arrive home, start dinner
6:10 start laundry, eat dinner, potty time, brush teeth
6:45 play with kids, put on PJs
7:10 upstairs with kids, read stories
8:00 kids down, fold laundry, say hi to husband, finish critical client work undone during day, email catch up, house cleanup
9:30 go to bedroom, wind down
10:00 read, go to sleep


This is a great idea in concept; but for me to think about documenting what I do every minute of the day with a 4 and 5 yr. old plus an 11 yr. old who has cerebral palsy/seizure disorder (who is completely dependent upon me), plus a dog and 2 puppies (and 3 older children who are on their own but who I'm still devoted to), plus studying (I'm in nursing school), all while missing my husband, who is out of town this week, so I'm on my own....well.....it seems inconceivable! Maybe an abbreviated version would be more appropriate at this time in my life! : ) BTW, I totally relate to Rachel H about the "what did we do today" question!


Weekday Schedule:
5:30: Wake-up
5:30 – 5:45: Wash face, brush teeth / hair, get dressed
5:45 – 6:00: Make a cup of coffee, let dogs outside, and watch the morning news / weather
6:00 – 7:00: Work (I put in an hour before waking my 2 yr old daughter and before everyone else get’s into work while it’s quiet and I can knock out some emails, etc… and plan work tasks / meetings for the day.
7:00 – 7:30: Wake my daughter (K) and get her ready for daycare
7:30 – 8:00: Leave the house, drop K at daycare and return home for work day
8:00: Feed dogs and make a bowl of cereal for breakfast
8:00 – 4:45: Work!! If I’m lucky I take a 30-min break for lunch and throw in a load of laundry, but most days its back to back conference calls.
4:45 – 5:15: Pick up K from daycare
5:15 – 6:00: Spend time / play with K, make dinner
6:00 – 6:30: Dinner
6:30 – 7:00: Clean dishes, straighten up kitchen, fold laundry, etc…
7:00-7:45: Bath time, pajamas, milk and cartoon with K
7:45 – 8:00: Bedtime story and “night night” for K
8:00 – 8:30: Take a shower
8:30 – 9:00: Check work email (and sometimes FB!)
9:00 – 10:00: Watch TV show on DVR (if I don’t fall asleep on the couch)
10:00 – 10:15: Watch news in bed until I fall asleep


i think every mother deserves this award! we all, including myself have crazy schedules that we go threw on a daily basis. i have three kids ages range from 2 to 12 and there is never enough time in the day to get things done plus give everyone of them attention. im sure everyone out there can agree with what im saying! so i will not be posting my routine all thats important here is that you all know i feel for all of you even if i didnt win an award :)

Elizabeth E

My Day:

6:30am alarm rings, hit snooze to catch a couple extra minutes
6:50am get up go downstairs to bet ready for work; shower
7:15am get my daughter up for school and it is her shower time. while she is in the shower I get her lunch ready for school.
7:30-8am my turn again in the bathroom to finish makeup and hair. also time to get the laundry out of the washer and put in the dryer so I can put another load in the washer.
8:05am leave the house drop my daughter off at school.
8:20am on to the hospital for my weekly bloodwork
8:45 hopefully out of the hospital by now and off to work for me. oops don't forget tp stop at McDonald's for a fruit smoothie
9:00 clock in for work (they hate when I forget to clock in)
9:10am log into my laptop and print all the daily sales letters for all associates
9:30am I can now begin my daily follow up calls until I get interrupted by a customer on the lot or a phone call. oh well that is how I make a living
All day is spent answering the phones, trying to help the customers that come on the lot and keep up on follow up with previous customers. I sell cars for a living.
12:30pm lunch is usually on the run as I am working.
1:30pm today is the talent show at my daughters school so I am attending that in the middle of my work day
2:3pm back to work. more trying to get customers to sell a car to
3pm gotta head to the service department and check on Aunt marge's car see if they know what is wrong with it yet
6:30pm done with work, didn't run over too long today. heading to the YMCA to pick up my daughter from Gymnastics she is done at 7pm. I get to watch for a little bit
7pm we are leaving the YMCA and heading to dinner. She wants to try College Inn tonight. ok by me
8pm we are finally home. time to check the homework but while she gets that out I will run to the basement and swap the laundry
8:30pm now to make a whole wheat turkey pepperoni pizza so she can take it in her lunch tomorrow.
9pm pizza is in and cooking I can run upstairs and tuck her into bed
9:15pm don't forget the pizza in the oven, it is just perfect. let it cool down while I clean up my mess
9:45pm hm I'm pretty tired but I need to hit the eliptical here I go 20 min on the eliptical
10:10pm Done with that and ready to collapse, oops forgot gotta cut the pizza and wrap it for the fridge. Now check the mail and sort through that.
11pm Ok I have had enough everything else is gonna have to wait. I am changing my clothes and gonna hit the sack before that alarm rings again and I have to start all over.

Andrea C.

My fabulous days (typical days, we're talking a
Mon-Fri kinda schedule because weekends are even CRAZIER!!)

6:00 - My alarm goes off...snooze....alarm....snooze....

6:30 - I drag myself out of bed! I'm not a morning person :) Grab a cup of coffee, which my husband thankfully brewed before he went to work! Enjoy my Coffee while I do a quick E-mail check and watch morning news for weather!

7:00 - I wake up my not so morning person either 5 year old for Kindergarten! and then make a stop by the baby (10 months) to see his smiling face! He is a morning person, just like his Dad!

Breakfast, check the backpack, make a lunch, feed the dog, feed the cat, oh yeah, make myself presentable to go out in public!

7:30 - Leave for school
7:50 - Get back home

Take 10 minutes to breathe and prepare myself for the day

8:00-9:00 Clean the Kitchen and Start the Laundry! Figure out what I will make for dinner, make sure I have all ingredients! Pick up the Random toys scattered throughout the house, Vacuum.

9:15 Little guys nap time. Yessss! This means I get one hour of silence, sometimes even two!!

9:30-11:00 While the little one is asleep, I take this time to do something Quiet! I need him to sleep well as much as he needs to sleep well!!! I usually call my sisiter and chat for a little bit, Pay bills and do my online banking, Add to my forever long grocery list, and maybe even squeeze in a chapter or two of whatever I am reading! What a great Morning!!!

11:00-12:00 LUNCH TIME!!! Sometimes I take the Kindergartener lunch. If not, The little guy and I have a nice lunch together! He's a food smasher and squeezer! Clean up time is a little longer than actual lunch time. During this hour, we try to add in a little bit of Nick Jr. The little guy likes that channel!

12:00-1:00 Put away laundry, try to sweep or swiffer while the little guy has some playtime in his room. On most days this task is completed, on some....well... It just doesn't happen when you have a crawler going through the little dirt piles you sweep together... Oh well, can't help but try!

1:00-2:30 is what I like to call Mommy hurry rush time! We get to run our errands which include grocery store, cleaners, extra shopping like the occasional Hobby Lobby or Kohls! Mail, Bank, Carwash, Vitamin World, Target. Not all these everyday of course, but the little guy likes to "go out" and so does mommy!!

2:30 - The little guy and I get to the school before it's over to do little odd end things the teacher needs help with. I enjoy helping, and the little guy likes to see all the big kids!


4:00 Get home... takes a while because of all the chit chat with the other parents after school!

4:15 After school snack, usually fruit or veggies. Sometimes Nutella but sometimes cookies too! Depends on my mood I suppose!

Lately we've been playing outside until about 5:15 because it's been great! Both boys enjoy the sunshine and I enjoy the yard work time! and of course the Outdoor Chalk time, hehe One of my favorites!

5:15 start dinner! The hubby will be home in about 1/2 an hour! Set the table, Make the sweet tea.

5:45 Dinner, we all sit together! In this madness we're lucky we get to do that BECAUSE.....

6:45 Baseball practice for the Kindergartener or Softball Practice for the hubby! I take the kids, they like to play at the park!

7:30 Bath time.
8:00 Story time
8:30 Bed time for the kiddos! That means the hubby and i can get in a little bit of TV with out any Interruption! Sometimes I go for a late run

9:30 Shower and blow dry! There's no way I can get up earlier than I already do, remember... NOT a morning person!!! hahaha

10:00 Bed for me and the Hubby! Gear up, because it starts all over tomorrow and I wouldn't change it!

Lainie W.

5:30 Wake up, say goodbye to hubby, hop in shower.
5:45 Fold laundry, make lunches.
6:00 Check email, pay bills, check son's backpack.
6:15 Wake 12 year old up, feed dog and cats.
6:30 Wake 3 and 5 year old up, get everyone breakfast...wait did I eat?
7:00 Finish getting ready and everyone dressed
7:40 Out the door - drop oldest off at school, and the 2 youngest at daycare.
8:15 Arrive at work.
12:00 Try to eat lunch at my desk.
12:30 Work, work, work.
4:45 Leave work, pick up kids.
5:15 Home...start dinner, check son's homework.
6:00 Dinner. Let hubby do the dishes :)
6:30-7:30 Family time.
8:00 Bathtime for kids.
8:30 Bedtime for youngest kids.
9:00 Start my homework (what was I thinking?)
12:00 ZZZZZZ....


Remind me again, when does the day begin??
Midnight - sleeping soundly
1:30am - wake to nurse the baby, drift off to sleep
2:30am - wake to hear 4yo crying in the hallway. walk her back to her room & cuddle in bed with her.
3:00am - wake Brad for a tour with the 4yo while I nurse the baby.
5:00am - wake as Brad returns to bed.
5:45am - still awake, nurse the baby to buy time for a shower
6:00am - shower & shave & exfoliate & pluck & moisturize undisturbed for an hour (rare treat!)
7:00am - prepare diaper bag & morning snacks for outing
7:30am - wake 4yo. dress, brush hair/teeth, wake & dress the baby.
8:00am - say good morning to Brad, finish dressing self, no time for hair, thank God for bobby pins, nurse the baby, running late.
8:15am - load kids in the car with Brad's help. chuckle when 4yo exclaims that it's "amazing" that she gets to eat breakfast in the car.
8:30am - arrive at MOPS, begin prep for the days activities.
9:00am - check the 4yo into childcare & return to truly enjoy time spent with fellow moms! nurse the baby, enjoy showing him off to friends. he's cute!
11:30am - pick up 4yo from childcare & clean up from MOPS event.
Noon - 4yo & the baby both melting down as we get into the car to head home.
12:15pm - arrive home with 4yo screaming that she didn't get to go to McDonald's and a baby crying to nurse & nap. smile at Brad as he takes the baby out of the car.
12:30pm - work with 4yo unsuccessfully to mitigate impending tantrum. leave 4yo with Brad.
12:45pm - baby down to nap. 4yo continues tantrum & refuses lunch. carry 4yo to bed for nap.
1:00pm - laugh with Brad about life as a 4yo to lighten the mood. check email while eating a piece of cold pizza. Find day-in-the-life-of-mom email and daydream ever so briefly of what I could do with an extra $100! spend 15 precious minutes writing this.
Rest of my day should be typical:
finish homework for class tonight. nurse the baby a few more times. wake 4yo & feed her a proper snack before dinner. wash a few loads of laundry. clean up mess from getting ready this morning. talk with Brad about the week's schedule. play with the baby. maybe he'll roll over today! hope there's time to study for upcoming exams before starting dinner. start dinner & hope there's enough time to eat before leaving for school. leave for school late & take a granola bar & an apple for dinner since I didn't have time to eat. 4 hours of class separated by a phone call to check on the kids & Brad & to pump milk. come home tired and happy to see Brad. chat for a few minutes about our days before heading upstairs to get ready for bed. nurse the baby. lay in bed feeling thankful for my family & many opportunities. drift off to sleep thinking about how life will change when I finish school and start back to work. sleep for an hour..heck, maybe two :)

Laura W

4:00am-6:00am - work from home for job
6:00am-7:00am - workout
7:00am-8:20am - shower, dress, get my daughter breakfast, pack lunch and to the bus
8:25am - leave for work
3:00pm - pick up daughter from school
3:30pm - daughter and friend come home from school, snack and playtime - Me - checking emails, following up on work stuff
5:10pm - take friend home, grab dinner and take my daughter to vocal and piano lessons
7:30pm - homework, shower and bedtime routine for my daughter
9:00pm - more work from home, checking email, laundry and some TV
12:00am bedtime and then we do it all again tomorrow.


6:30 a.m. – Wake up, check email, make tea.
6:35 a.m. – Shower.
6:45 a.m. – Morning Yoga or more emailing
6:55 a.m. – Feed the dogs, get dressed, have toast and tea
7:00 a.m. – quietly leave the house careful not to wake husband and baby.
7:45 -8:00 am – Arrive at work.
8:00 a.m. – Have second cup of tea, begin to answer emails.
8:30 a.m. –Check calendar for the day.
8:45 a.m. – Begin ordering for the lab.
All morning – Meetings and working on progress reports.
Noon – Eat while checking e-mail or working on collaborative initiatives.
12:15 pm – Pump milk for my little one
12:35 pm –check in with hubby to see how the baby is doing
12:45 pm – emailing
1:00 p.m. – grant meetings and coordination of ongoing projects
3:30 p.m. - ordering equipment and supplies for the lab, emails
5:30 p.m. – Leave workplace, text hubby to let him know that I'm on my way
6:30 p.m. – welcomed home by excited dogs and hugs from the baby
6:45 p.m. –start dinner or go out, nurse
7:30 p.m. – Family dinner
8:00 p.m. – clean up and dishes and nursing.
8:30 p.m. - Check email.
9:00 p.m. – bath time for the little one
9:30 p.m. – Start bedtime stories with the little one and nurse.
11:00 pm – Go to sleep, if I'm lucky!

Jennifer B.

My crazy day!!!
Note: my husband and I share one vehicle (therefore its his crazy day too!!!
5:30am--wake and shower
6:00am--wake my 3 children
6:15-6:30--kids eat cereal, get dressed
6:30--breast feed 9 month old and get her dressed and ready
6:45--entire family takes me to work
7:15--family return home
7:30-8:00--husband finishes getting the kids ready for school
8:00--drops older 2 boys at school and youngest at daycare
8:30--husband is off for his day of work (all over)
10:00--I call husband and work has asked me to float to another hospital
10:30--husband comes and takes me to another hospital (this is pretty tyical)
11:00--husband is back to work
12:00--I'm lucky if I have time to eat
2:00--youngest must be picked up from childcare
2:45--older boys get picked up
3:15--husband returns home from picking up all kids
4:00--packs up entire family up and picks me up from work
5:30--entire family off to football practice (we have off season and regular season)
8:30 return home from practice
8:45--bath and shower time
9:00--everyone's asleep except me!
9:00-10:00--laundry, dishes, prepare dinner for tomorrow
10:30 hopefully asleep!

Samantha S

Where to start

5am- 9month old daughter wakes up for her bottle
6am- Get husband up for work
7am- Finally get in the shower myself
7:30am- Wake up 11 year old son for school
7:45am- Nanny comes to watch our daughter
7:50am- Make sure son is out the door with snack for school
7:55am- Leave for work
8:00am- Stop at the gas station to get a really big soda to make it through the morning
8:05am- Clock in at work
8:10am- Log into all systems at work and start going through 32 emails that have been waiting since 5pm the night before.
8:45am- Start on Stats for staff meeting at 1pm.
9:00am- Work on Ladies night to benefit the American Heart Association
11:15am- Hear pounding on the windows in the front office, it's a patient trying to get in(should have known I wouldn't get out on time)
11:20am- Get all stat sheets put together and in everyones mail boxes
11:25am- Leave for prenatal 23 week dr visit (yes, I know what caused this)
11:50am- Check in at the dr's office
11:55am- Pee for the 6th time already today!
12:05pm- Nurse calls me back for my appt and of course we have to stop by that God awful scale just to let me know how bad my eating habits have been the past 4 weeks. Another 6lbs!! That always makes you feel good.
12:10pm- Sit in the room waiting, playing on my phone, what else are you suppose to do!
12:15pm- Dr comes in, listens to the heart beat, measures my belly and doesn't ask me if I have any questions because we just went through this last year at the same time.
12:25pm- Leave dr office and heading back to the office for the staff meeting.
12:40pm- Stop at the gas station to get a bottle of water.
12:45pm- Walk into the office and get stopped by the office manager letting me know that I actually am NOT getting the weekend off that I have to work all weekend so that will make 12 days in a row before I get another day off! Well, I guess it's better than earlier this month when I went 15 straight.
1:00pm- Staff meeting starts
2:10pm- Staff meeting ends and I haven't had lunch yet and as we know with my 6lb weight gain over the last 4 weeks this is very hard on me!
2:15pm- Have dr put my shoulder back in place (went out over the weekend)
2:30pm- Heat lunch and go back to 16 more emails that came in while I was away from my desk.
2:45pm- Read documents and eat at my desk
3:00pm- Finishing work that I started this morning.
4:30pm- Leave work, go home and pick up kids because son has baseball practice from 5pm-7pm (because all of us can leave work early to get our kids to practice!)
5:00pm- Get to practice, late again! Husband meets us at the park so he can coach the kids.
5:10pm- Walk daughter around park and give her dinner while we are waiting for her brothers practice to get done.
7:15pm- Leave the ball park and head home
7:45pm- Make son take shower and give daughter a bath.
8:15pm- DINNER!!! Finally
8:30pm- Give daughter a bottle and get her ready for bed.
8:40pm- Finally sit down
9:00pm- Put daughter to bed and try to watch the news before crashing.
9:10pm- Get a load of laundry done
10pm- Time for bed, son's tv goes off and husband and I finally get to kiss and say hello to each other and snuggle for a whole 5 mins before we are asleep.

Lisa W

I salute all of these great women who make time to exercise. Reading these comments makes me realize that if they can do it - so should I.

6 am Get up, make coffee, shower
6:30 I actually bring my husband coffee in bed every morning. Not really sure if I am being kind, or strategic. Its the only thing that gets him going!
6:35 wake teenage daughter. have 1st fight of the day. Check e-mail and calendar for the day.
7:00 get daughter downstairs for breakfast - 2nd fight of the day. pack her lunch.
7:17 exactly GET DAUGHTER OUT THE DOOR. Greet husband, exchange calendar information for day.
7:30 wake 6 year old son. Get him breakfast. Go and get dressed for work.
8 am take son to school
Now, on a typical day the next thing I do is start my commute to work. On the day in question, I then had to go to the Middle school, collect a counselor recommendation for daughter's summer camp assistant position, take the summer camp application to city hall (no time to mail it in, we almost missed the deadline!)Then I drove to work. We live in DC - its a long drive no matter what time of day

10 am got to work - late and frantic. prepared for meeting/presentation.
12 - 3 lunch meeting and presentation
back to work - worked straight thru to 6:45 pm
7:15 pm watched husband make dinner while I did homework with 6 year old.
I really can't remember when we ate - at that point it is all a blur until 9:00 bed time ritual.reading with 6 year old, getting everyone to sleep.
Once they are all asleep, I check home e-mail, read the news and relax. Got to bed around 11 pm.


4:30 wakeup, shower
5:00 Grab a double cup of coffee, head downstairs to my office, turn on computers, start a load of laundry and build a fire
6:00 Head back upstairs, tell hubby good morning, get a new double cup of coffee, make a bowl of oatmeal for my breakfast
6:30 Youngest DS wakes up, get him out of crib, get his milk and snuggle with him and bear while he wakes up
6:45 Husband leaves for work. Get youngest DS settled with his toys and puzzles in my office and get back to work while

7:30 Older DS wakes up and comes down to my office. Snuggle with him
7:45 head upstairs get the boys breakfast
8:00 Send Older DS to get dressed and get younger DS dressed and ready
8:30 curl hair, put on makeup (I hate blowdrying so I let it dry all morning long)
8:45 Make bed, clean up from breakfast, help boys straiten their rooms, gather up dirty clothes, sweep upstairs floors and stairs
9:00 Quick reading of inspiration for the day with boys
9:15 Take oldest to school Chat in the car about the music on the radio, the thins he dreamed about, the colors of the flowers coming up and all the other things he thinks about
9:30 Let youngest play say hi to all the "big" kids at oldest school, chat with teacher about things going on
9:45 Get back home, put youngest down for nap
10:00 Back to work
11:15 Pick oldest up from school chat about what happened at school, who finished their work first, who got to be spiderman during free play, who got to do show and tell, who got to sing the weather song and what he might want for lunch
11:45 Get home start boys lunch, greet nanny and give her instructions
12:00 Conference call
12:30 Head back upstairs to grab myself a quick lunch
12:45 Back to work,
2:00 Check on boys and nanny, add wood to fire, move clothes to dryer
2:15 Back to work
3:15 Turn off work computer for the day, send nanny home
3:30 Get oldest started on homework, fold clothes
4:00 Youngest DS wakes from afternoon nap, get boys a light snack. Get things ready for lunches tomorrow
4:30 Hubby comes home (maybe) and plays with boys. Do Chores for the day (each day a different set of chores)
5:00 Start dinner
5:30 Eat dinner
6:00 Give one of the boys a bath, clean up after dinner
6:30 Settle in for family fun - TV, books, games, whatever happens
7:15 Start bedtime - PJs, brush teeth
7:30 Read youngest books, sing lullaby, settle in crib
7:45 Help oldest read one book and read 2 books to him, talk about our favorite parts of the day, sing a song and say goodnight
8:00 Finish chores, check email, talk with husband about schedule for the next day and upcoming weeks,
9:30 Head to bed with hubby, read in bed, play words with friends or other games on our phones, or just chat about our day some more
10:30 hopefully asleep

Kristina D

6:45 am: woken up by husband trying to sneak out of room to take a shower for work. Now baby is awake too.
7:00 am: get up and close all doors and baby gates while oldest runs downstairs for breakfast.
7:15 am: give oldest breakfast while starting to make lunches. Middle one comes down for breakfast.
7:30 am: cleaning up breakfast dishes while still packing lunches and now adding snacks too.
7:45 am: giving baby light cereal while sending older ones to brush teeth and checking bags for boots, snow pants, hats, gloves. Also checking to make sure all homework is in bag.
7:55 am: bags packed. Hugs and kisses to the boys and hubby takes them to bus stop.
8:00am :take baby to bathroom with me while I get ready for work.
8:30 am: feed baby cereal
8:40 am: prep lunch for baby for the day and brief sitter.
8:50: brush teeth and run out door to work.
9:00: clock in for work (really close)
9:10: debrief with assistant (who is extremely pregnant) and check work emails.
9:10-noon: answer phones, show apartments, return emails, ledger bills, and write notices.
---I have a assistant but she is miserable so I am doing all the work .
Noon: make lunch at work and maybe eat it
12:05pm: show an apartment
12:30 pm: try to eat lunch again but phone keeps ringing.
12:30-3:30: still doing all of the above and staying later than scheduled at work
3:30 pm: leave work to let sitter off after a debriefing of the day.
3:35 pm: quick snuggle with baby and a snack
3:55 pm: get coat on baby and drive to end of driveway to get boys off the friends.
4:00 pm: boys off the bus and get boys a snack
4:15 pm: talk to boys about day and ask if any homework.
4:30 pm: break up bickering between boys
5:00 pm: hubby comes home and he tells me about his day.
5:30 pm: start prepping for dinner and leaving hubby instructions on how to cook it.
5:35 pm: go work out
6:25 pm: come home and serve dinner
6:30 pm: eat dinner
6:55 pm: clean up dinner
7:15 pm: play with baby
7:45 pm : help hubby give baby bath
8:00 pm: give older boys night time snack and get baby dresses for bed
8:30 pm: older boys bed routine
9:00 pm :get baby ready for bed and sit with him until he falls asleep
9:30 pm: baby sleeping and now watching tv
10:00 pm: go talk with hubby for a bit
11:00 pm: watch news in bed
11:30 pm: bed :)

Michelle P. C.

Here's my crazy schedule. I must say that I despise multi-tasking, as I think it is extremely unhealthy. In fact, it has been shown to promote attention deficit even in healthy people. Thus, I try to stay in the moment during each task/activity, doing only one thing at a time to the extent possible. I do not allow multiple electronics or activities to happen at the same time for our two sons.

6:30 a.m. Wake up with toddler son (who still cosleeps and nurses on-demand) and nurse him awake
7 a.m. Get up and get toddler Z ready for preschool while private-duty nurse gets my medically fragile kindergartener M ready for school. Once a month I leave now to attend board meetings at M's special-purpose school.
7:30 Scrambled eggs with Z; half-caf for me
8 a.m. M gets on the bus with nurse; I drop Z at preschool
8:15 a.m. Work out at Curves (which is thankfully on the way between preschool and home!)
9 a.m. Return home, shower, heat a cup of Chai and start office hours as a freelancer/consultant and also for job searching...just starting to get back to the workforce after six years away.
Once every two weeks I meet with an individual therapist. Once a month I've had phone appointments with a life coach, which has been extremely helpful in the goal of getting a job.
10 a.m., 11 a.m. - try to take 5-minute hourly breaks, per life coach. Keep laundry loads rolling while working, if I think of it. Decide if dinner will be newly cooked, leftovers, or convenience food, and what time it will be made/sourced. I've been trying to make it fun, theme-based dinners lately, like Taco Night with margaritas for Hubby and me. I sometimes text him early in the day with the proposed menu!
12:15 - Pick up Z from preschool, bring him home
1 p.m. - Nurse Z down for his nap, usually sneaking out if work needs to be done, but occasionally letting myself sleep too, if I really need it
2 p.m. Chip away at any of 100 things on my to-do list: paying bills, sorting mail, checking email, advocacy work for M's myriad special needs, grocery shopping, cleaning
3:30 p.m. M comes home from school; engage him for a bit and see how his day was
4 p.m. Two days a week I bring M to physical therapy now, to learn to walk! Start dinner prep if I'm cooking. Sometimes have a cup of tea.
5 p.m. Dinner in full swing, or at the computer if I have a bye-night from cooking
6 p.m. Eat as a family. Give M tastes of whipped cream; he is just starting to relearn to eat by mouth
6:30 p.m. M's melatonin dose, to help him sleep. Once a week I have chorus rehearsal now.
7 p.m. Transition and jammies time, sometimes a tubby for Z
7:30 Storytime for Z, Daddy snuggles with M
7:45 Nurse Z to sleep, snooze briefly with him, then sneak out
8:00 Clean up post-dinner kitchen, make M's special formula for the next day
9:00 Hubby & I take turns on Facebook & email, then a little downtime together
9:30 M gets his evening meds; I try to do it most nights because Hubby is a tired commuter
10:30/11 - Bedtime!!!!!


My Day:

7:00 am Wake up when my 22 month toddler wakes up

7:30 - 8:00 feed her breakfast and say Hi to Dad who is just getting home from work

8:00 to 9:45am - It's play time and time to get household chores done (laundry, dusting, vacuum etc.also check my blackberry and answer calls from work about the latest crisis brewing

9:45 to 10:45am - Get myself ready for work and get her ready and dressed to go to daycare
11:30 drop her off at daycare - head to work

12:00 to 8:00 pm. Work. Also txt dad to see how things are at home

8:30p arrive at home (hopefully she is sleeping). Say quick good bye to dad who immediately leaves for work

8:30p til typically midnight (somtimes later) do my homework for my MBA classes

Shelly W.

9:00 am: daughter and I get up
9:30 am: daughter and I get showered/bathed
10:00 am: get dressed
10:10 am: let dog out to go potty/feed him
10:15 am: breakfast for us
10:45 am: turn Disney on
11:00 am: check e-mail/facebook
1:00 pm: make lunch/eat
2:00 pm: lay daughter down for nap
2:30 pm: pick up toys/living room/etc.
3:00 pm: watch my soap opera
3:30 pm: spend time with my daughter
5:00 pm: find something to fix for dinner
5:30 pm: make dinner
6:30 pm: eat
7:00 pm: spend time with husband and daughter/ or run errands
8:00 pm: watch or record our regular tv shows
10:00 pm: cuddle with daughter/put her to bed
midnight: go to bed

Starting March 28th:

8:00 am: get up/shower/get dressed
9:30 am: leave for school
10:30 am: in algebra (mon-fri)
11:30 am: class ends (mon & wed will go home but on tues, thurs & fri have other classes)
1:00 pm: chemistry
3:30 pm: class ends
2:00 pm (fri only) medical terminology
4:50 pm: class ends/go home

Brandi E.

6am- get nudged in the ribcage by 2-year old or 4-year old...OK, I am up at this point.
630- Get coffee and breakfast together for 2 preschoolers and newborn (and husband too)
7am- shower, dress, get ready for work
730- Brief nanny on the morning and leave for work
8am- get to work as a nurse and take care of everybody else for the day
12pm- Lunch break..enjoy my delish Monavie RVL shake..good stuff! Make phone calls to schedule various appointments for myself and kids.
5pm- get home from work
6pm- dinner and family time
730pm- bath and bedtime!!!!
8pm- check email, plan for tomorrow...RELAX!!!LOL If only this were how it went down every night!

Sasha A.

6:30AM - Rise and shine! Wake up 2 girls for school.
6:35AM - Make Coffee & Breakfast
7:30AM - Take girls to school
8:00AM - Come home to get myself ready for the day (feed the cat)
8:45AM - Leave for my day job! Sit in traffic.
9:30AM - Start job as an assistant for a music company
6:00PM - Leave work and sit in traffic - head to school!
7:00PM - Class starts
10:00PM - Class ends
10:30PM - Arrive home and make dinner
11:00PM - Spend some time with my boyfriend
11:30PM - Read/Homework for School/Research & Marketing for New Business/ETC
12PM-1AM - Asleep finally :)

Weekends are similar except I'm meeting with clients (I"m an assistant, a Hypnotherapist and studying to be a certified Doula) or at school and I try to fit in meditation and yoga where I can AND hopefully time with my girls and boyfriend!

Sankalpa H.

I have 3 kids. 11 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old and six month old. I work as web developer/ mobile website developer from home. So my schedule has lots of 'if' and 'then'. 5:45 am: get up and wake up 11 yr old.
If other two are sleeping then check emails.
upto 7:30: Lunch for 11 yr old. Kitchen cleaning. My breakfast etc..
upto 8:00: Drop her to school.
upto 9:00am: Wakeup 2 1/2 yr old. Give him milk, shower.
On Monday, Wed, Fri he goes to daycare so I get sufficient time to work.
11am-12 noon: Prepare Lunch.
2:15pm: 11 yr comes home. Give her food. She usually don't need much help with homework.
4pm-5/5:30-Prepare dinner.
After 5:30pm: Spend time with 2 1/2old as he comes home. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays he won't goto daycare but on those days 11 yr old have soccer so we all family go out with her so we all have little outdoor time and exercise. In all this 6 month old don't have any fixed schedule, she can interrupt me whenever she want(6 more month luxury for her!).


My typical day:
6:30am - wake up the family (shower, breakfast)
7:30am - son off to school, I'm off to work
8:00am - 5:00pm - schedule 9 mental health clients and see them for therapy, do paperwork, make phone calls, review charts, close inactive clients, interact with coworkers.
5:30pm - home to change and head to the gym
6:00pm - 6:30pm - gym for a 30 minute work out
6:30pm - home to start dinner, then grab a quick shower while it's cooking
7:15pm - eat dinner
7:35pm - review homework, make lunch for the next day, lay out clothes for the next day
8:00pm - son to bed
8:30pm - pay bills, catch up on mail
9:00pm - check email, play on computer
9:30pm - type notes from the clients seen today
10:30pm - husband home from work, time for talking
12:00am - get ready for bed
12:30am - off to sleep... see you in 6 hours!!

Wow - I'm tired just typing it!!

Lisa D.

A typical day.

5:00am alarm goes off and I hit the snooze once

5:15am get up and make bed & turn on fire place for heat.

5:20am jump into shower

5:35/5:40 dryoff, brush teeth and get dressed

5:50am let dog out & wake up daughter

5:55/6:00am help get daughter dressed

6:00 finish hair & makeup

6:10 get daughters lunch made & let dog in & turn off fire place

6:20 get daughter breakfast & myself a cup of coffee

6:35 finish daughters hair & teeth

6:45 start dishwasher from the night before

6:50 get daughters school stuff ready

7:00 leave house to drop off daughter at school and go to work. (commute 1 hr to 1.15 hr)

while in auto review daughters either spelling, math or language.

8:00 arrive to drop off daughter at school

8:15 arrive at work

(work till 5:00 to 5:30 each day)

(commute 1 to 1.30 home ((more traffic)) )

6:15pm arrive home say hello & kiss husband & daughter and kick off shoes put on slippers

6:20pm go to kitchen and finish *cooking dinner, and double check daughters homework is done.

6:45pm serve up dinner to family

6:55 sit to eat dinner

7:15 clean up from dinner and load up the dishwasher

7:30 go change cloths into sweats

7:40 make husbands lunch for the next day

7:50 get out *dinner main entree for the next day and have it ready to go into oven. put in frig with instructions for oven temp and timer settings.

8:05 get daughter in shower and PJs

8:25 set out daughters clothes for next day

8:35 get daughter in bed (pray, sing, lots of hugs and kisses)

8:50 sit down with husband for a few minutes.

9:10 turn down our bed while husband is in the shower

9:20 get myself ready for bed (hair, face, teeth etc.)

9:35 let dog out to go do her business for bed time

9:45 to 10:00 put dog in her bed

10:00 check to make sure all doors are locked and outside lights are out.

9:05 go fall into bed with husband.(say a prayer for the blessings of the day and fall fast asleep)

5:00am start all over again (Monday - Friday)

weekends are just alittle different, I get to sleep in to 6:30 or 7:00am, and usually on Saturday's we get take out for dinner. But I cook breakfast every Sat & Sun. morning

Dorothy B

Typical Tuesday:
7am:Hear my husband get up and take my son to the kitchen
7:30: I get up and hit the shower, get dressed.
8am: Breakfast, cooked by my husband, for all of us.
8:30: I make lunches for my son and my husband
9am: My husband helps me load my son and all his gear into the car and we head to his school
9:30: I clean up the kitchen, start a load of laundry,
10:30: Check email, submit myself for voiceover work.
11:30: fix myself a quick salad of greens, canned tuna, avocado, new potatoes, grape tomatoes, low-cal bleu cheese dressing and whatever steamed veggies are leftover in the fridge.
12:15pm: Stop at Starbucks for my Iced Grande nonfat 2-pump mocha without whipped cream (I let myself have the whipped cream on weekends)
1pm: Teach Musical Theatre to Preschoolers
2-4pm:Teach Tap Dance to K-5th graders
4:15: Pick-up son from school and check in with his teachers.
4:45-5:30: sit with my son and watch his cartoon of choice
6pm: Take my son to my husband's office
7pm: Voiceover workout group
10:30: Eat 3 mini cookies with a glass of nonfat milk and catch up on Glee and Raising Hope
Midnight: Bed!

Joan E

6:30 roll over and tell dog to go back to sleep
6:45 tell the dog to go back to sleep again
6:50 give up and let the dog out.
since I am up - log on to check my e-mail and the weather.
7:02 turn off alarm clock (actually hit the snooze)
7:11 turn off alarm, nudge husband
7:12 race to bathroom before husband
7:15 wake kindergartener
7:18 encourage K to get dressed
7:20 wake 6th grader. let dog in.
7:25 make breakfast, pack lunches and continue to encourage the getting-ready-for-school-so-they-don't miss the bus routine
7:45 issue final get yourselves ready to head out to the bus reminders
7:55 see kids out the door. answer phone - it is my MIL
8:10 if they haven't returned by now they made the bus! I can safely hop in the shower.
8:25 dress and dry hair
8:30 take dog to morning dog romp
9:00 return from dog romp and check e-mail.
9:15 negotiate whether I am driving husband in or not this morning. Yep, I am.
9:25 throw in laundry, check e-mail, put on water for hubby's hot chocolate.
9:35 have a bowl of cereal (yay, me time!)
9:45 drive hubby to work
10:15 kiss and go
head to the grocery store.
11:45 return from grocery store and carry bags up the three flights of stairs to our kitchen and put things away.
12:30 have lunch. check e-mail while eating
12:45 get dog out into yard
12:50 do a few of my knee exercises prescribed by my physical therapist.
1:10 switch laundry, throw in another load. Start dinner prep.
2:30 head over to the kids' school
2:55 drop off snack for daughter's after school program. Pick up son.
3:00 drive son across town to pediatrician's office to get a shot of the chicken pox vaccine.
3:45 head from pediatrician's back across town to pick up daughter from after school activity.
4:15 Get daughter
4:20 feed kids a snack
4:45 head back across town a few blocks further than the pediatrician's office to take daughter to her first violin lesson.
6:15 return home to walk and feed the dog.
6:30 finish making dinner, supervise homework, more knee exercises
6:45 sit and eat dinner
6:50 remind my kindergartener to stay at the table and eat.
7:00 clear table, put away leftovers and clean kitchen
7:05 break up squabble between children
7:20 play board game with children
7:30 reheat dinner for husband
7:40 play game with whole family while husband eats.
8:00 head upstairs to begin bedtime prep
8:10 help kindergartener brush teeth
8:25 read stories
8:35 bedtime songs and tucking in for K kid
8:45 bedtime songs and tucking in with 6th grader
9:00 wake husband from couch and encourage him to walk the dog
9:30 wake husband up from couch and insist he walk the dog
9:40 send dog to lick husband's face and let him know it is REALLY TIME to walk the dog
10:00 check e-mail, make list of calls and appointments for tomorrow.
10:30 remember laundry, put in new load, fold and put away finished load
11:10 bake for kindergarten class breakfast tomorrow at 8:15
12:00 clean kitchen
12:15 check e-mail
12:30 check on children. Get in PJs and climb into bed
12:45 Read three sentences and fall asleep
1:30 wake up as husband comes to bed and try to ask him about his day and tell him about mine but fall asleep before I can get any words out.

Suzanne C

My typical day goes like this:

5:30am - alarm rings - check blackberry and then head to the shower
5:45am - 6:30am - teeth, hair, make up(maybe) clothes and jewelry - check blackberry again
6:15am - get D up to get ready for school
6:45am - check D's blood sugar, get lunches togther, get on-the-go breakfast together, check blackberry one more time befor leaving
7:00am - leave to take D to school - check blackberry at red lights
7:40am (hopefully) - arrive at school and drop D off
8:00am (sometimes) - stop by Starbucks for morning treat
8:10am (hopefully) - arrive at work
8:15am - prep for the day
9:00am - start morning conf calls, read e-mail, add items to to-do list, work on presentations and reports
12:00pm - eat lunch at my desk or, if i'm lucky grab a bite with a friend
1:00pm - start afternoon tasks, meetings, conf calls and answering e-mails
4:00pm - leave work to pick up D
4:30pm - arrive at school and sign D out
4:45pm - grab something for D to eat before appt
5:15pm - arrive at D dr. appt or therapy appt, check e-mail while D is in session (sometimes sneak in a pedicure)
6:15pm - finish D's therapy appt
7:00pm - arrive at home or at restaurant to eat dinner
7:30pm - finish dinner and start Ds therapy homework
8:00pm - start Ds bedtime routine
8:15pm - get D into bed
8:15pm - check blackberry and personal e-mail - answer items that need to be addressed
8:45pm - pay bills, check facebook, catch up with friends, read bible
10:00pm - get ready for bed
10:30pm - go to sleep


6:00am - Baby wakes. Try to get the baby to sleep for a little longer.
7:00am - Alarm goes off. Get cleaned up and dressed for work. Get baby dressed and fed.
7:30am - Wake up 4 yo, and get him cleaned up and dressed for the day.
8:00am - Greet the nanny for the 1 yo and drop off 4 yo at daycare.
8:15am - At work, working. Maybe lunch at some point for an hour or maybe run errands or maybe just work more.
5:30pm - Pick up 4 yo from daycare. Talk about day and get dinner ready.
6:00pm - Dinner time
7:00pm - Playtime and cleanup after dinner
7:30pm - Bath time for the kids
8:00pm - Story and bed time for baby
9:00pm - Story and bed time for 4 yo
9:30pm - Miscellaneous cleanup, laundry, surfing and bills while watching any recorded TV
11:00pm - Shower and get ready for bed
11:30pm - Spend time with sig other or read before bed
12:00am - Bedtime


6am wake up/shower/dress
6:30 feed 6mos old
7-7:30 breakfast and morning time in the kitchen
7:30-9: play, play, play
9-10:30: get meat out for dinner, check email, get caught up
10:30: mid morning feeding
11-12:30: play, walk, sing and dance, run errands
12:30-1:30: prepare dinner side dishes
1:30-2:30: read, play,
2:30-3: afternoon feeding
3-4:30: enjoy babe
4:30-5;30; set table, prepare dinner
5:30: greet hubby and love on him
6-7:30; eat dinner, play with babe, do dishes, pj time, sing songs, read books, and get babe in bed
8pm: down time,
9:30 go to bed

Amy E

6:30 am - Awake to alarm, jump in shower
6:45 - take care of the dog; grab diet coke (not a coffee drinker)
7:00 - wake up children (2 ages 4 & 6) get them moving towards getting ready
7:10 - get dressed/ready
7:20 - get breakfast for kids; pack backpacks;
7:45 head to bus stop
8:00 take youngest to day care
8:30 start work day
3:30 leave work, pick up youngest
3:45 meet bus
4:00 let dog out, start laundry, get snacks for kids
4:15 head to mall/target/grocery
5:45 make dinner
6:30 clean up, work on workbooks/homework/art
7:10 switch laundry
7:20 bath time
7:45 story time
8:00 tuck boys into bed for night
8:10 check email for work and school
8:30 consolidate research for project (Currently working on PhD)
12:25 finish final draft of paper proof, and submit
12:40 check email, face book
1:00 post my day to the blog
1:30 am brush teeth, collapse in bed

Michelle M.

(Sorry- I don't know what a URL is?
7:30 Up Late quick b.fast, get 6 year old dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair combed, back pack on, shoes and coat on.
8:10 Leave 2 year old in high chair with Mickey Mouse. (Dad works from home)Take 6 year old to bus stop.
8:20 Get ready for the day, Get 2 year old dressed, Make Salad for MOPS, Pack car with previously borrowed items to return to moms.
9:00 Check in for my turn in childcare at MOPS.
11:30 MOPS is over, but I'm still in childcare.
11:50 bring remaining child down to childcare room that stays open late, and pick up my 2 year old.
12:15 home for lunch. (missed noon swim at the YMCA, not enough time before the Y childcare closes to swim and shower)
12:45 Kitchen clean up
1:30 Son and I take stroller for a speed walk. Sunny most of day- raining now. My Son has a cover and loves it. Gets mad when I head for home.
2:30 Son falls asleep, I rest until bus stop time.
3:15 Pick up daughter at bus
3:40 start preparations for dinner, then spend some time with daughter
5: finish dinner
5:30 and serve dinner
6:30 hand out with kids until 7pm bed time ritual starts
7:30 do dishes, go through coupons
8:30 go through Calander, schedule discussions with Husband
9P: watch a dvr show
10 check email
10:30 finish schedule in blog


5 am up letting dogs out
5:15 shower
5:30 am breastfeed
6:00 am get myself and baby dressed and ready to go
6:30 wake 2 older boys up
6:45 wake husband up
7:00 leave to take son to daycare
7:15 come back pick older boys up
7:30 drop off at school
8:00 arrive at work
8:30 pump breastmilk
8:45 back at desk
10:00 daily meeting
11:30 pump breastmilk
11:45 back at desk
12:30 daily meeting
1:00 30 min lunch
1:30 back at desk respond to emails
2:30 pump breats milk
2:45 back at desk
3:30 last daily meeting
4:30 leave to pick up baby at daycare
5:00 get baby off to kids after school program
5:30 get older boys
5:45 make dinner
6:00 eat
6:30 basketball/ baseball or karate
7:30 back at home for nightly showers and baby bath
8:00 breastfeed
8:30 older boys go to bed
9:00 boys finally asleep, clean do laundry and dishes make lunch for tomorrow, pack diaper bag up again
10:00 sit down w/ hubby and chat about our day
11:00 last feed for baby
11:30-12am go to bed to start over again
crazy live but would not change a thing.... well winning the lottery would be good : )

Sarah P

My husband and I run our own business building websites using O--- S--- software this is a typical meetup day:

9am-- Wake up check email and make sure there are no fires to put out while husband rests from later night than me :) Shower, start coffee etc.

9:45am-- Get toddler up to go to daycare, pack food, blankie, and juice

10am -- Say bye to hubby and head out to the daycare hauling a keyboard, trackball, laptop, and occasionally monitor with me

10:15am -- Drop her off, park the car and walk to our office

10:20am -- Setup monitor, keyboard, etc. check email and get ready if we have any 11am calls

11:15am -- Realize I haven't eaten and make some instant oatmeal

12:00pm -- Have a call to discuss product progress and specifications

12:15p-3:15pm -- Send out call summaries, catch up with any fires, and sneak in some website design and development.

3:15pm -- Realize I haven't eaten and need to pick up toddler soon and eat something

4:00pm -- Rush to pickup toddler so we get at least a little time with her, take her home and watch her favorite show while snacking and talking about her day (I'll also bring out toys and play with her)

4:50pm -- Nanny shows up to watch her for the evening

5:05pm -- Wrap up nanny conversation and hug Nilit leave to pickup husband from the office

5:55pm -- Show up at Drupal meetup (on a good day we make it on time :-P)

6pm -- Meeting starts, casually work on volunteer projects while listening to awesome presentations if I'm not one of the presenters. Make any event organizing annoucements

7:30pm -- Meeting ends and we head out to network

7:45pm -- Eat dinner (usually salad at sandwich) at local brewpub, talk about Drupal until I don't remember what a node is and lose my voice.

10:30pm -- Check watch and realize it's late and head home.

10:45pm -- (if toddler is still up usually not) hug and kiss and put her to bed, pay nanny and say good bye

11:00pm -- Feed dog so husband can walk him, get out laptop to charge

11:15pm -- Talk about clients and work with husband

12:30am -- Think about getting up early, but decide to work a little bit

2:15am -- Crawl into bed after coding and watching star trek and miss my hubby who often sneaks in a little later...

Arielle R.

7:00 wake up; smoke a cigarette; shower
7:30 take dog outside
7:45 walk out of the door
8:00 drop hubby off at work
8:30 return home revise outfit; hair; make-up ect...
9:00-9:30 drop grandmother off at dialysis
9:30-10 head to school
10:00-10:50 1st class
10:50 leave campus head home
11:20 arrive home; take dog outside
11:45 cook light lunch
12:30 do any homework or studying from class
1:00 head back to dialysis to retrieve grandmother
1:30 leaving grandmother heading home
2:00 read over notes for next class
2:30 leave for class
3:00-4:15 2nd class
4:15 head home to retrieve dog ( he goes everyday);head to pick hubby up from work
5:00 Pick up hubby decide on (dinner in) or (fast)
6:00-7:00 return home wind down
7:00 start dinner.... after I argue with hubby for 10 min on what we will have :)
8:00 Eat dinner
8:45 watch hubby wash dishes( as part of our agreement)
9:00 ready for bed/ usually watch a movie first.
10:00 usually already asleep.


0700 wake up when my wife goes to work... watch tv until my son (3 years)wakes up @ 0730
0730 turn on Disney or Nick Jr.
0815 ish make breakfast (mostly cereal)
0900 beginning to recieve e-mails/ texts on my phone
Son watching tv or eating
0930 play or watch tv with my son
1030 making phone calls for work
working out if not to busy
1200 lay down for a nap
1300 wake up and make lunch
watching tv until 1500
1500 begin making dinner (we never have hot meal/ always reheat later)
1600 my wife comes home... finished or starts dinner
1630 take shower/ get ready for work
1700 leave for work
work until 2:30am
0300 get home. watch tv. have snack
0330 work out
0430 or 0500 go to sleep

wake up in 2 hours to do it again (2 days a week and weekends my wife doesnt work and i catch up on sleep)

Kristy L

I wish my life were as predictable and stable as other moms here!
6:30 wake up when baby does, feed and change him
7:00 shower
7:15 scramble like mad to get his solid food ready for morning and afternoon, feed cats, gather all my pumping gear, feed baby solids before Dad takes him to day care.
8:50 leave for work
10:00 pump milk
1:00 pump milk
3:45 pump milk, try to work in between pumpings
5:00 leave work, pick up baby from day care
6:00 feed him solids
6:30 wash bottles and pumping gear
7:00 get him ready for bed, nurse him
7:30-ish get bottles ready for next day, eat dinner
8:30 miscellaneous chores, check email
10pm bed
12am baby wakes, I feed him
3 or 4 baby wakes, I feed him
6am baby wakes I try to feed him and get him back to sleep.

Christopher's Mom

Typical Workday
2:00 a.m. 14 month old cries. Change diaper, give bottle.
2:30 a.m. Back to bed
5:00 a.m. Wake up, shower, dress
5:30 a.m. Get 14 month old up, bathe, dress, give bottle
5:50 a.m. Wake up 8 year old, get lunch out of fridge and place by door, fix hair
6:00 Make sure 8 year old is up getting ready. Try to pick up and clean up if time. Place toast in toaster.
6:10 Fix 8 year old's hair. Then get toast to go.
6:20 Leave lugging various bags and baby in car seat.
6:30 Drop off 8 year old at before school program. Head toward 14 month old's daycare.
7:10-7:30 depending on traffic drop off 14 month old. Talk with daycare provider.
7:30 Start work. Try to eat breakfast at desk.
10:00 Complete schoolwork or errand on break.
11:30 try to eat lunch at desk.
1:00 Complete schoolwork or errands during 30 min lunch. Sometimes actually eat lunch.
3:45 Complete schoolwork, errands or read and snack on break.
5:00 off work so head to daycare.
5:20 pick up 14 month old from daycare. Talk about day.
5:30 Head towards 8 year old's after school program.
6:30 Pick up 8 year old from after school program.
Pick up dinner or groceries if necessary .
7:00-7:30 Dinner. Go over 8 year old's paperwork.
8:00 14 month old bath and bedtime bottle.
8:30 Now that 14 month old is in bed, make sure 8 year old takes shower and gets ready for bed. Start getting ready for the next day.
9:00 Send 8 year old to bed. Start my bedtime routine. Watch TV while completing tasks, getting ready for the next day and cleaning.
11:30 Finally go to bed.


7:00 a.m. 3 year old son faithfully wakes me up. I no longer set the alarm clock!

7:00 - 8:30 a.m. prepare breakfast for family, get 4 year old ready for preschool

8:30 4 year old daughter leaves for preschool with Dad

8:30 change 7 month old daughter's diaper, nurse and feed baby cereal

9:00 morning devotions

9:30 wash dishes and pick up house

10:00 activity with 3 year old son and 7 month old daughter

10:45 Leave to pick up daughter from preschool

11:15 Chat with preschool moms, kids play on the playground

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Read stories, brush teeth, nurse baby, change diaper

2:00 Naps for all the kids. Mom may sneak in a nap before working on budgeting or cleaning.

4:00 Clean the downstairs, start dinner prep.

5:00 call hubby and ask what time he is planning to come home, nurse baby, change diaper

6:00 eat dinner

7:00 give kids a bath, read stories & put to bed

8:00 Go on Facebook, apply for jobs on educational websites and Care.com

9:00 Nurse baby, change diaper

10:00 Go to bed

3:00 a.m. Wake up to nurse baby

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