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February 03, 2011



I don't put much stock into what the President says. Clearly he knows nothing about leading a country back from one of the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. He knows only competition and that is all he does is compete with the right wing for TV airtime and votes.

Lorraine Duffy Merkl

I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I scored with the majority on everything except the question about extracurricular activities. Most people said they "encouraged" them, I said "required." I think it's important to have an interest. My son plays sports and my daughter likes acting. I think activities such as these help prepare kids for life (not to be the best or always win) and how to get along with people in groups.
I also think Tiger Mom got a bad rap. I think more people are like her than will admit.
As far a competitive parents go, I believe most people just want to show up at school or a game or whatever and cheer on their child and really not concern themselves with what other people or their kids are doing. But there's always ONE person who has to turn everything into a competition and the "just mindin' my own business" parents get sucked in, then they become just as obnoxious as the actual competitive one.


First, "Tiger Mom" was interviewed by a few media and explained that it was a tongue-in-cheek autobiography, not a Dr. Sears/"What to Expect" manual. Second, yes we have to compete with other countries for business, jobs, college tuition, etc, but the way to get our kids there is through a love of learning, not drill-and-kill. All these standardized tests do for our kids is add stress and make them think there's only one right answer, and that's all that matters. Instead, we should be helping our kids to explore the world around them, analyze what they find, research more information, and use problem-solving skills to reach solutions. Competition as a whole is generally helpful, I think, but a good education is most important.

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