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December 21, 2010



Sure would be nice to win that gift card...

Michelle G

Just a quick note of thanks! Found our holiday pet-sitter on Care.com. Awesome!

J. Smith

I would LOVE to win an amazon gift card. Our family uses their "wish list" feature not just at the holidays but also birthdays etc. It's a great way to make sure you're getting something your recipient really wants!

Julie Coffin

Thanks for the last minute ideas! Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)

Abby Murdock

I love the concert ticket idea! One of my favorite gifts to receive!


I agree!

Lynne Brahm

Love the last minute gift Ideas - next year I am going to order more online - it just gets harder and harder to complete those holiday wish lists.
Happy Holidays to all.

Angela Helder

Christmas has indeed come way to fast again this year! On top of everything else, it's my daughters 4th birthday on December 23! And we are looking to find a new sitter for them starting in January so we have been doing interviews on our "spare" time!!
Happy Holidays!

Mary Ann Teachey

Thank you so much for the last minute ideas. I wait every year at the last minute and mainly doing my shopping on Christmas Eve! Thanks for giving us all a chance at the Last-Minute Gift Card Give Away. I know that everyone is struggling this year and could use a break. Merry Christmas!

Mary Ann


A Kindle would be nice gift!

Ashley Webster

I think the Ipad accessories are great gift ideas. I got my father the Ipad protective screens, they are something he wants but something he won't buy for himself. I also am all about bying a good book for people they have some great books out right now, like the "Room".


Thank you for the gift of care.com! I have found reliable, trust worthy caregivers and my friends recommended this site which is another plus!

Stacy Wood

I have been trying to make ends meet and also give my son a good Christmas and its hard since I only can work Friday-Sunday and not always all 3 days. I am living paycheck to paycheck and my paychecks are never more than 120 every 2 weeks and tips are maybe 100 a weekend (which all depends on how many days I work in a weekend-mostly only 1 day lately) So I am praying I win this gift card to be able to give my son a better Christmas.

Louise Edington

Some really good ideas there. I have actually got tickets to Lady GaGa for me and my two daughters - shhhh don't tell though! Amazon gift cards are great for far away family (mine are in the UK).
Louise Edington

Heather Slade

I got concert tickets for Christmas and it was great to get something fun and different. We went this weekend to see Straight No Chaser and my husband kept it a secret! I didn't know who was performing until it started. Fun!!


love amazon! would love to win the gift card. love the gift ideas. thanks!

Monica Rogers

I never win anything so I'll be shocked if I win this. I would be very grateful but shocked! I appreciate all your pointers and ideas for child care.
Thanks Monica


Oh I would love to win!


I love the spa gift certificate idea. Also, thanks for creating this marvelous site. I found my wonderful nanny here last year and have enjoyed the articles ever since.

Kathryn Kos

Thank you for doing this contest!

Millie Ruchti

Would love a gift card!

Kim Smith

Another good last minute gift idea. Get a favorite magazine and wrap it, along with a note that you have subscribed them to the magazine for a year!


Amazon is the best! I have a huge stack of Amazon boxes just waiting to be wrapped right now - but I could always use more. :) Merry Christmas!


The Amazon Gift Card would be great

Erin Yost

Great gift ideas.. Christmas is my favorite time of year.


I plan to make some gifts for family, as well as give something small in addition. However, I have not really done either yet and could definitely use a boost. Making things like cookie mixes in jars are great yet simple gifts for family.

Heather Roger

This would be a tremendous help as our son has autism and the costs of specialty items not locally found are a daunting task at times. We order some of his foods from amazon. He currently has 20 known food allergies as well. Thank you for the opportunity to submit.

Sharon McClung

What great ideas! Thanks, and happy holidays!

Leigh Hopkins

Merry Christmas


Great ideas! I love the concert tickets...will have to do that!


Thanks. I am always an ardent reader of your blog.


I'd love to win, happy holidays!

Stacey McSween

OMG... you just saved me with the IPad accessories for my father-in-law! I had nothing. Thank you so much. Hope I get the Amazon card...that would be a double blessing;)


I could use a giftcard for some "mommy" things.


We've chosen this year to give small things (like our favorite jams from the farmer's market) to let extended family know we are thinking of them. But for the kids, we always find that Amazon can help us get those last-minute, favorite things to the house on time to be under the tree for Christmas!


why not add some things that don't cost $$ - kids and adults alike would really enjoy your gift of time. whether it is for a home cooked meal delivered or a night of babysitting or even a trip to the mall for some window shopping, or game night with some younger children, a night out to the movies .... maybe you are good with the computer and can help someone out that is frustrated ... teach a teen how to sew, cooking with the kids.... you can print coupons yourself or handmake coupons.


We are running out of funds so my husband and I opted out of buying for each other. We just have too many friends and family members who need a little cheering up this Christmas season. I would use the card to buy more presents for them. So although, it would be a great gift for us to use, I can honestly say it will be given away. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Amazon is great...A gift card to Amazon even better! Thanks for the opportunity. And thanks for such a great website. I found the nanny of a life time here. Merry Christmas!

Karen L

great ideas. And easy to get most of them online.


I actually miss getting to go shopping with my Mom. As a mom with a preschooler it's hard to start that tradition with my own yet. I do find lots of great deals online though. :)


Many thanks to your organization this holiday, I found a terrific babysitter for my girls after moving to a brand new state where I didn't know anyone. Your gift card giveaway finally forced me to write this quick note of thanks. Happy Holidays!

Alicia Webster

I would put it towards groceries in bulk (mac n'cheese, peanut butter, cereal, etc.)--it has been a tough year for our family of five.

m hollister

...and another fabulous source of giving that truly gives twice is through www.Heifer.org Each year we have our kids take one item off their list and replace it with some bees, a goat or chicken, etc. that will be given in their name to areas/people in real need.


I love the ideas of a concert gift card - merry christmas!


Online is the only way to shop! Love Amazon!

Richard Harris

Dear Sheila,
Well it looks like another year is almost history and a new one is just upon us. I lost my father in July and my Mom has had several caregivers since then. The last one was not satisfactory, so I decided to take the leap and join Care.com. I posted my ad, and received between 25 and 30-replies. I spotted a woman who is about my age. She had tremendous experience and excellent credentials as well. I was laid off over a year ago and I know how difficult it is to find work when you're almost 60. I decided to interview the lady because I had a feeling she would be great for my Mom. Well, she was, and she got the job. My Mom loves her and she is the best caregiver yet!!! I could not have found her without your firm's help. So, many thanks for what you are doing. Your service is a godsend. Since we are supposed to think about God during this time of year (and all year long too) and be grateful for what He has done for us, it seems fitting to recognize your firm and be grateful for what you are doing. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to you and the entire staff at Care.com Sincerely, Richard H.


Another idea for a quick last minute gift is to put together some gifts from your local area - local coffee, baked goods from a bakery in your area and any local favorites whether they be from a local microbrewery or hot sauce! You support local businesses and can just put them together in a gift bag and have a unique gift.

Ursula Berg

I think the Flip Video Camera is a great gift idea - we are giving it to our daughter and I cannot wait to see what videos she makes!!! Happy Holidays!

Debbie Terry

Giving a "spa" day to someone who doesn't ever indulge themselves would be a wonderful "caring" gift.

Stephanie McDonough

Happy Holidays everyone at care.com!

Josie H.

Thank you for the wonderful last minute gift ideas. I have been beside myself trying to find the perfect stocking stuffers. I enjoy reading your blogs!I wish you the best in the New Year and look forward in your future blogs.


I was lucky in getting most of my shopping done online early enough to not stress about delays and problems with shipping but I am glad I had the reminder in your blog about spa gift certificates which will be perfect for my new sister-in-law...thank you!

Sally Miller

I found a special needs sitter on your website. Thansks.

Christina D

Great ideas. I think the Amazon gift card might be just the thing for my nephew. I just remembered his birthday was two days ago!

Jennifer Randle

This is a great site and service you provide. Thank you and happy holidays!

Rebecca A

Thanks for all the help in finding help for our kids! We'd be thrilled for a gift card :)


My hubby lost his job this year, so instead of buying presents for friends, coworkers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, I've been doing cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels in cute tins from Michael's (craft store). Everyone loves them because it means less baking for them! :)

Jennifer Lieberman

Thanks for the last-minute tips!


Yeah, a gift card would be nice. This is a great resource. Thanks!

Zee Carter

Happy Holidays!


I us ed amazon this Christmas for the very first time!!! Awesome place to shop!


Great giveaway! Merry Christmas to all.

T Pence


10. Knock Knock. Who's there? Donut. Donut who? Donut open till Christmas!
9. What happened when Santa's cat swallowed a ball of yarn? She had mittens.
8. Santa exists because no parent in their right mind would give a 6-year-old a drum set.
7. Who wasn't hungry at Christmas dinner? The turkey, because he was stuffed!
6. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Clauses in elevators? Claustrophobic.
5. Why was Santa's little helper depressed? Because he had low elf esteem.
4. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite.
3. How do sheep in Mexico say Merry Christmas? Fleece Navidad!
2. What do you call Santa's helpers? Subordinate Clauses.
1. Santa and his reindeer landed on top of an outhouse. Santa looked around for a moment, then hollered "No no, Rudolph! I said the SCHMIDT house!"


awesome last minute ideas! if only I had the money to purchase most of them for my family... i sure would love to win the gift card... i've gotten my husband, kid and dogs their lil present but there's none for me yet coz budget is a lil tight these days... Happy Holidays to everyone!


I found a sitter on your site last year and she just gave notice she got a full time job so I'll be trying to find a replacement sitter soon!!


As a stay at home mom it's hard to surprise my significant other with a gift when I'm using his money! Would be great to get him something special with this gift card!

Jennifer Cornet

Thanks for the last minute gift ideas. I love your blog. I found the best nanny ever on Care.com! I'm very thankful for this service :)

Shawn WIlliams

Gift Cards are great...You wont have a returned or re-gifted present :)
We have 5 kids and love amazon.com, Its saves me so much money. I buy my diapers there and most all of my gifts too...I am a memeber of club Mom on there and have earned 12 months of Prime membership, so free 2 days shipping on items sold by them...Plus NO TAX on items sold by them.

I would put the gift certificate towards the new stroller I need... The Chicco Liteway..I would only have to add $19 :)

Merry Christmas everyone and Thanks for all of the Gift card ideas..I love Care.com . My oldest daughter (18) and a freshman in college...found her job on here and loves the Family She works for. I am also looking for a Nanny in our area on here, so I too can return to work soon, as we have a 7 month old too:


What a great gift to win...especially to help our new babysitter establish her "supply" of kid friendly activities in her home!!

Julie P

I've done most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. I love not going to the mall. There are still things in the wish lists that I could use the gift card for. Fingers crossed!

Lindsay C.

I love the concert ticket idea!


I LOVE these gift ideas, I got my mom and I concert tickets for an out of town music festival last year, and we had so much fun.. i never thought about doing it for christmas!


I love Amazon. Would love a gift card. Thanks for the gift ideas! Happy Holidays!


Gift card sounds great at this time of year!

E @ Oh! Apostrophe

I'd love to win... thanks!!


I agree that Nerf anything is always a hit - young or old. My 32 year old husband wants a Nerf gun for Christmas, and so does my 3 year old son! To be honest, I don't think I'd mind one myself. Going to need it for protection. ;)


Great last minute gift ideas! I make peanut brittle every year and it is a big hit!

Courtney Mora-Ludwig

I would love a gift card to get something for myself. I am making gifts for some close family members, and then I did what I could for the kids. As a single mom, I usually put my kids first - so getting a gift card to order a present JUST FOR ME would be really cool.


I only have one small present for my husband and one for my daughter... And it's only four days till Christmas! I hope my husband surprises me, although the last present I got wasn't quite what I wanted! But it's the thought that counts, right?? :)


What a great idea! Thanks for making the Gift Card Giveaway possible. Happy Holidays.


Oooh - hope I win. Happy Holidays to all!

Kristin Flynt

I'm sitting here knitting hats for my nieces thinking a gift card would be a lot easier!


Happy Holidays Sheila and the Care.com team! You provide a great service . . . thanks. Take time this holiday season to reflect on the day and all of its blessings.

Stephanie V

Merry Christmas to all! I hope your are blessed by the real reason of the holidays.

Sarah Hirsch

i'm all set with shopping, but I'd love to spend a little on something for myself :)


Great last minute ideas!
Merry Christmas!

Kelly Aikins

We would love to win an amazon card :) happy holidays!!!

Amy Crump

amazon gift cards are awesome. I head up a mothers club in NC and we recommend care.com all the time.

Julie Andolina

with a 15m old and another due in Feb, we could definitely use some help! Thank you for this and the services you provide. Happy Holidays! Julie Andolina and Family


Thank heavens for online shopping. Remember to breathe and enjoy the ones you are with. These moments go by all to quickly.


I love making cinnamon rolls and giving to our friends and neighbors. We love making them and no on complaints when they receive them!

Terri Bailey

I love shopping online, and I got one of my daughters concert tickets and the other tickets to the Russian Ballet. Really excited about it. Thanks for the ideas, and have a beautiful Christmas!

Michelle G

We've been very blessed with this new move, right before the holidays. So far. Merry Christmas.


Gift cards are the best last-minute gift!

Dina Maxwell

Last-minute gifts are stressful and expensive, so why not give a gift to someone in need? My son has so much, as do I, so we are going through his toys/clothes and giving to the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. For family and friends, we are putting together picture collages and giving those with drawings/paintings in cheap frames (on sale/with coupons). It's not all about "a thing" for us; it's about the experience of giving and being ever so thankful for what we do have.


Great concert idea!

Jolly T

Thanks for contest ...
May you find this season, joy and peace in Christ the gift that is absolutely free
Merry Christmas


I sure would love a kindle!


These are all great ideas for gifts. Merry Christmas!


I love Care.com! found my current sitter there... Love the last minute tips too. Would really really love the gift card :)

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