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November 02, 2010



Hello Sheila:

You are right on time because I am feeling the same way especially with operating a newly small business, and caring for an adult daughter with special needs. Your list represents exactly like mine, recently I had discussed this with my best girlfriend bottom-line starting to make me a priority too! I appreciate your articles and care.com.

Tamir Hadad

You heard Suze Orman speak in person? Amazing. And, I also completely agree with her advice and your idea of a "Me" list. It's crazy that we even need to include items like, "drink water." When I make lists, they frequently involve the business, tasks I need to run around the house, going to the bank, buying birthday gifts, buying groceries, etc. I really like the idea of a "Me" list instead :)


One thing I added for myself lately was a couple affirmation statements that give me perspective and focus for the day. I say them to myself before I meditate in the morning. This really helps me feel balanced.

Also, the drinking water is on my list too! I just don't drink anyone drinks enough H2O :).

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