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September 07, 2010

Finding (and Keeping) Your Spot in Day Care

Blog-Daycare If you’re looking for quality, trustworthy childcare for your baby after your maternity leave ends, it’s likely you started this process before giving birth. Other moms who waited until after the baby was born, like Baltimore Sun blogger Hanah Cho, are facing a tough situation as their maternity leaves run out.  Costs for childcare are steadily rising, and according to the State of Care index, childcare costs account for the second highest household expense among families.

When I was pregnant with Adam eleven years ago, I discovered that times were changing since the last time I looked for day care. And now, it’s even tougher to get your child into day care, much less on a waiting list. Many desirable day cares and childcare centers in some areas of the country require deposits just to hold your spot while your child is still in utero. As astonishing as that sounds, it’s becoming the norm.

That’s what happened to Southwest Airlines pilot Lauren Buttrick, who was on three waitlists for day cares for over a year. That means she signed up for day care before her child was even conceived! She told us the story of her childcare saga at the Care Summit last April, and how all three day cares were unavailable even after her child was born and Lauren was ready to go back to work!

At, we try to take the stress out of the childcare search. We were able to help Lauren and many more moms like her. We provide great day care options that do have availability, but also other solutions that meet your needs. It certainly helps to plan ahead, and we're happy to provide you with the tools you need!


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