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July 21, 2010 – How Happy Families Run

BLOG-Care-Logo How do happy families run?

I’ve been asking myself that lately. And, in fact, we’ve discussed that very question in detail at We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help your family run smoothly and stay happy.

Can a website help bring you happiness? We hope so and would love to earn your trust by delivering a service that meets your most heartfelt needs and gives you the support to to thrive and be happy.

Tell me, what does happiness mean to your family? Post a comment below and let me know!

Happiness is family.
For us, happiness starts in the home. As parents, Ron and I pour heart and soul into our two boys. They are our greatest treasure. We work to provide for their needs, carve out time to make memories together, and support them as they pursue their dreams.  

Looking ahead, when the time comes for us to care for our parents, we want to give them the best care possible.

The connections we have between family and loved ones bring meaning to our lives.

“All else being equal, happy people have better relationships, are more likely to thrive at work, and also live better and longer,” says Tal Ben-Shahar, Harvard professor in his excellent book Happier. “Happiness is a worthwhile pursuit, whether as an end in itself or as a means toward other ends.”

“The condition that is said to trump all others in importance is the strength and number of a person’s relationships,” writes Jonathan Haidt in the best-seller The Happiness Hypothesis. “Good relationships make people happy, and happy people enjoy more and better relationships than unhappy people.”

Happiness is taking care of yourself.

It isn’t always easy taking care of our families. There have been a slew of recent stories about parenting and happiness. And, if you go by the statistics, things don’t look very upbeat. In fact, I just read a feature in New York Magazine, “All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting,” that went into detail on recent studies that indicate having children doesn’t increase parents’ overall sense of happiness (the numbers don’t necessarily say it goes down, either).

Whether it’s providing care for your children or looking after elderly relatives, caregiving isn’t an easy task (just ask Clare Maklan who shared her personal story of balancing work and caregiving at the first-ever Care Summit). However, it is something we do out of love.

But we often find we can’t do it alone. Years ago, when my dad had emergency heart surgery and I had to find care for both him and our boys, I knew I needed help! It’s okay to reach out when you need a hand. Nowadays, it’s all about building a strong support network to help care for your family. You can’t do it by yourself and you aren’t alone.

That’s why is here. Our goal at is to provide moms, parents, daughters, and other caregivers the support they need so they can also find time for themselves. After all, happiness is taking care of yourself, too.

Happiness is time.

In a world where you’re juggling email, texting, answering phone calls, and checking day planners while simultaneously shuffling the kids off to school and getting yourself out the door in the morning, we need time for being and not just doing. And we need it now more than ever. We need time to pursue the things in life that bring fulfillment and purpose, whether that’s time with your family or following your passions.

In our family, that means Ron and I actively find ways to spend time with each other doing something we enjoy like gardening or going on a family bike ride. We love to attend our sons’ sports games, encourage our children to participate in community theater and we take great pleasure in watching our youngest son pursue his love of singing with a local children’s chorus.

Happiness is also pursuing meaning and purpose.

We’re a service started by parents who want to help other parents. I’m a working mom, so I know how challenging it can be to establish work/life balance. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are a team who truly cares about our members and is able to help the hundreds of thousands of families that we do each month.

Here’s a link to the “About Us” section of where you’ll learn more about the great group of people I work with.

At, we are spending more time reading about the science of happiness (one of my favorites just came out—Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness), talking about what it means to be happy, and discussing what we can do together to build a great culture and better company. It takes happy employees to deliver you an exceptional service.

We’re spending all this time talking and thinking about happiness because it’s so important to what we do at We’re here to help happy families run. That mission starts in our own homes and reaches to every part of the service we offer.

We know what it’s like to be a parent. We know that sinking feeling where you feel trapped between work and your kids. When that happens and you need help the most to find balance and happiness, we want to be there for you. This is all about families helping families—the family helping you find great care because when you have fabulous care, well, then you can be happy. :-)


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Jackie Draper

I am glade that I am not the only person (MOM) out there that feels the same way. The hardest job is being a mom.


What a sweet article!

My work is pretty schmaltzy and I'm constantly thinking about what makes a family happy. It's not money, it's not a lot of kids or just one, it's just about how much they prioritize family.

I do think it's important to focus on family history, and that's why I started my own affordable memoir service. I interview everyday folk and put together books of their lives ( I'm very proud of what we do, and just wanted to share.

Senior Care Giver

Great article!

Every single day, families are struggling to cope. Many are raising children, working demanding jobs, and trying to care for a senior family member. Advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles help seniors live longer and continue to lead more productive lives. But the numbers also tell another story. More and more children need to help care for their parents.

Senior Assisted Living

Happiness is learning and growing to better yourself at something you are passionate about. It makes you feel good to be proud of yourself for accomplishing something you thought you could not.

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