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June 07, 2010



Thank you for your service. I am so angry that the millions donated are not being used as they were intended, to relive the misery and provide basic needs.
I think we all need to put pressure on the agencies to use our donations to help these folks, not just collect interest on the monies.


We are so proud of Mike for standing up to help the needy. As rightly said by him, we all should be more thankful than ever to the "Almighty" for every thing that has been bestowed upon us.

Tiffany Stark

I can relate to your experience I just returned from Haiti myself last Tuesday June 1st. It was devastating to see the conditions four months later without any change! Our mission was to a do trauma counseling seminar to help those individuals that are grieving and to deal with the trauma of the earthquake itself. We also did counseling with some individuals that have lost loved ones. I just returned from Africa in the beginning of May and I would say from my comparisons that Haiti is far worse. Without the earthquake or before the earthquake, things still are incredibly terrible with the malnourishment of children. 1in 9 children die by the age of 5 due to malnourishment. If you can live to 40 years of age you lived a long life. And imagine Haiti is only 700 miles from the USA! I will say the people of Haiti are very resilient people and have tremendous faith in God!


Giving away clothes -- that's a good idea,like it!!

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