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March 29, 2010


Angela Oakes

I like vacations because they are often a much needed diversion from the mundane, often overstressed day to day. Being a single mom, I learned early on that "fun" is work when you have a child. Somehow Disneyland did not seem the same after kids. So many things I was able to take for granted when I was single suddenly became a source of stress--things like packing extra clothing, mapping out how far apart the bathrooms are (quite far, by the way) for your mostly potty-trained toddler , and how do you keep your sanity in large crowd of other stressed out parents and completely oblivious single people.

Over the years, I have found it easier to plan a larger budget and pack less. Much of the stuff I used to pack, I never used and inevitably needed things I didn't pack. Most places sell the incidentals (at a higher fee, of course) but for me the price is less cumbersome than toting around stuff I might not need.

My son is nine now, and many things are much easier, but each vacation still requires adequate planning ahead. Still, no matter how well-planned, or even how enjoyable the vacation, when I return home, I find I need a vacation from the vacation. So I offer my tip: plan for a couple days following the vacation, to recoop and regroup before returning to the daily grindstone.

Lisa Runkle

Sheila thanks so very much for sharing your story with all of us! I really truely enjoyed it! You're an inspiration to all of us young moms.

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