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March 01, 2010


Nashville attorneys

Remember that housekeepers are also human and that they are doing this for a living. Do not abuse their services too much and make sure to treat them with proper respect. Even if you've already paid them their due, it would kind and considerate of you to prepare a snack or a drink, so that you'll be able to establish a friendly relationship with the Housekeeper you just hired.

Davis Baldwon

As an insurance broker I see people hire individuals without thinking through the risks. You mention in passing that a big cleaning company may cost twice as much. Much of the reason why is the cost of insurance. They must have insurance including worker's compensation. In many states House Cleaners have a higher workers compensation rate than roofers becuase there is so much fraud. In my state, Ohio, worker's compensation insurance is 17% of payroll. Federal taxes are 7% then liability insurance is normally another 4%. It is not hard to see why legitimate companies have to charge more, but it is worth it.

If they slip, or fake a slip, you can find yourself paying for disability for a VERY long time. Most homeowner's insurance excludes emnployees so it will be on you personally.


I agree with David when he says its not hard to see why legit companies cost more but I disagree that its worth it. A lot of people call individual cleaners who are not a part of any company and end up spending a lot less.


Maid service gives ease when we are too busy earning a living.The amount we pay them is still less than what we normally earn for an hour. Plus it's such a relief that they have already done the cleaning for you.

Olney Maid Service Owner

As an Olney Maid Service owner here in Maryland I wholeheartedly agree with this article. Price definitely depends on how much is done but also consider how much YOUR time is worth. Even if $100/month (or whatever) may sound like a lot ask yourself: "what could you be doing with your time?"

- Making money?
- Spending time with family?
- Enjoying life...

Thanks Sheila!


Regarding hiring companies vs. individuals; you can spend less on an individual but is he/she licensed,bonded, and insured? Probably not. What happens if the housekeeper ruins your natural stone floor using the wrong chemicals? The few dollars you saved for the cleaning will wind up costing you thousands.

Andi - Carpet Cleaning Machines

Cleaning is therapeutic for me which is why I do my own house cleaning. However, there are days that I really don't feel like doing it. And a professional housekeeper will do the job.


I pay my maid $50 for three hours worth of work. Stay clear of the major companies like Molly Maids and others. They charge way too much and there are conflicting reports that don't hire the best help out there. Ask a few college kids in the neighborhood to see if they want a cleaning job. As long as you have hands and a brain, cleaning isn't that hard.


I just had to let a maid go, because of a miscommunication.

The maid was working for $50 a week and did basic things mop floors, dust, etc. She became kind of became part of the family. In an effort to help my wife who is pregnant I asked the maid if she would do laundry and get groceries. The maid, said sure, I will do it for $75, (excluding cost of groceries and gas ) which would be $25 dollars more.

I told her I would pay her $140.00 roughly double what she requested, more out of the fact that she is an older woman, has kids, and I wanted to be generous. As I said, she was like part of the family.

Big mistake.

First time it worked out fine, second time, we decided we didn't need groceries in the house as we just got them last week. So we told her, we would pay her $100 instead.

The maid snapped, she acted as if she was entitled to the $140, even though she didn't get the groceries. She was being paid $25 dollars more then what she originally asked, and she still slammed the door on the way out and hung up on my wife when she called her to rectify the situation.

That experience has really put a bad taste in my mouth and I am hesitate of using anyone else. It's messed up, but trying to be nice to someone and give a little extra ruined the relationship.

She was our maid for 6 years, and neither me or my wife expected her to act the way she did over 70 dollars.

Pandora Spocks

I charge $40.00 for clients who want every other week and $30.00 for a weekly cleaning. I do a good job and get along well with my clients. They know I'm dependable and honest. I've had the same people for years.

Spring Maids

Generally, several housekeeping jobs are priced separately. Therefore take stock of what things you have in your house, just like windows, carpets, tiles, gutters, and many more. When you designate which of these you need to cleaned, you will be offered a cost for carpet cleaning, another for tile cleaning, and another for window cleaning. Or you can contact them and grab for free estimation.


Re: Pandora Spocks

How much time or work do you put in for 30 or 40 dollars. That sounds extremely low too me. How can you survive on such low wages. What city do you work in? Is there a lot of competition for work? Is sounds like you must be very very fast. I am not a really fast cleaner so I don't charge much but I try to clear 10 an hour. Its not my only source of income. If it were I would want to clear 15 or more an hour. It is a luxury for a lot of people who cant spare a few hours a week to clean their own home for whatever the reason. I feel like everyone should be able to make a comfortable living and maid service should be well paid for for like any luxury.

Pat Woods

Jonathan: Changing the maid's rate every time you do an errand yourself would cause anyone to flip out. If you suddenly cut her wages by a third without prior negotiation, it is not surprising that she no longer wants to work for you. She makes plans for her own life based on the wages that you discussed.Think how you would feel if your employer suddenly on a whim decided to adjust your pay without warning.

Next time that you get a maid, remember that she is a human being with a life of her own. Adjusting paycheck, asking her to report earlier, work different days, work later all affect her life and need prior consultation and as much advance warning as possible. If she is willing to make accommodations, you should be grateful and respect (reward) of her flexibility. You must respect your household help if you want to find and keep good workers.

Other thoughts: when you go on vacation does not mean that you maid should not be paid. She still has bills to cover. If you cannot stand the idea of paying someone for doing nothing, give her some task to do while you are gone.....windows, floors, etc. .... stuff that is hard to do while the family is running through the house.


I respect my health, time, and I learn to be picky when coming to choosing the people for who I will work. I charge 20$ per h and up to afford normal life. I can't imagine working for 10$ per h.
I know I'm good in what I'm doing, and people should be appreciate somebody doing "dirty" job for them.

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