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March 15, 2010




Doing housework has been enjoyable for me when I have a congenial person with whom to work. Even when I was a very young woman, both before and after having children, I liked to make my home clean, well-ordered and as attractive as possible. My husband and children always took part in helping, too. I have worked outside the home from age 17: as a teacher--in the primary grades through graduate school at a university, as I acquired advanced degrees in the subjects that I taught: English, History, Writing, Counseling, Psychology. In the last 30 years, I also had a private practice in clinical counseling, too, and found it very satisfying to help people with problems.

In all kinds of work, my belief and experience is that when people are at peace with themselves they enjoy whatever they are doing. When unhappy within, any work can be onerous. Cooking, laundry, ironing, sewing, child, plant and pet care--all these and other tasks at home have afforded me times of pleasure as much as teaching, counseling and even work with government agencies which I did for a few years. Being useful and helpful to others and doing my best at whatever I do brings me contentment, satisfaction and a sense of well-being. I am most compatible with people who share that view and have the ability to manage life's difficulties.

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