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February 08, 2010



I feel frozen -> I can not study because I don't have the money. I go to work and I will spend it in day care-> I wont make no money. Day care is too expesive!. Belong to Middle class is too bad!.

Anita Page

Dear Diana(Feb 9, 2009 at 4:10pm) I hope you have been privy to the fact that you can go the school, learn about a field or trade and qualify for childcare funding. Good luck to you for your future!

Janet B.

I need help please. If someone has some answers or knowledge please let me know. I am 55 years old. I have fibro-myalgia. I just lost my job 2 months ago. It was a blessing being fired, because I worked for a family owned business and my boss,(one of the family members) was very verbally, mentally and yes even physically abusive. I took it for 5 years & 8 months and could stand it no more. Two years ago in July I lost my son to a heroine overdose in my bed. He died 6 months before his girlfriend, who I also took in, delivered his beautiful baby daughter. Mom was very good for about 3 months,(she was a meth addict) but then decided she did not want to be a mom. She wanted to be a meth addict and run with her friends. She has been in jail now about 10 months. Really did not suprise me as she had had 4 abortions prior to the birth of Charlize, my little grand-daughter. Yes she is my grand-daughter. Child Support Enforcement was kind enough to pay for a DNA test. She is definately my son's child. I now have, through the help of Legal Assistance, full custody of my little angel. She is perfect. Nothing wrong with her. Thanks be to God! My 32 year old daughter also lives with me and also has had drug problems, because of endometios since the age of 14. The only way the Drs. knew how to help her was to give her pain killers and different birth control methods to keep her from having her periods. She has been on a methadone program now for 7 years and is trying to wien herself off the horrible stuff. Methadone is just legal heroine basically. She has cut herself down to half her dosage. She has gained a lot of weight and is very depressive and does nothing but stay home. With in the past 2 years she has been in and out of the hospital 6 times for breathing problems. No one can seem to diagnose her, but then again she is on what is called CICP, and goes to a clinic where she sees a different intern each time she is there. CICP is for people that have no insurance and no job. She is unable to work because this last episode of hospitalization left her to come home with 24/7 oxygen. A normal pulse ox is 97, or their about. When she does not have her oxygen on her pulse ox drops to 74. Most people are tubed at the hospital at this point. The Dr, said think of it as you are a millionaire at 97%. When you drop to 74% it is like you have now a bank account of 47 cents. So after a little back ground info, here is my question. The oxygen my daughter needs is $75.00 a month. I am on unemployment and welfare right now and can not even pay all the bills I have now. CICP does not pay for home oxygen. I don't know why but they don't. I have talked to Welfare and they can not help her. She does not qualify for Medicade, because she does not have a child, and never will. Her uterus is atrophied. Does anyone know of any program of any kind that would pay for her oxygen? I tried the county I live in for Long Term Care. If I fill out tons of paper work, which I will do and if I get Social Security to deem her disabled, which I can do, but sometimes it takes years to do it they will help her. They usually deny disability at least the first time if not the second. Most people have to hire an attorney to get the job done. She will either be full time in the hospital before then or dead. So please if anyone knows of a program that can help us now please please let me know. Trying to Stay Positive in Colorado. Thanks Janet B

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