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February 23, 2010



It's good advice to parents. some parents are set the computer in kids room. There is no friendly attitude with kids.

Becky White

This is great advice, I think that if you do find that they have been looking at inappropriate material, you should explain why its bad for them, as there are many good reasons, It always helps me to know why I am not supposed to do something.



Great advise, great article relates even more when coming from a brilliant therapist as well as a working super mom who encourages all of us to do our best and always be involved with our children.

Norbert at Parenting Today's Teenager

These are great ideas and suggestions on keeping your home safe when using your computer in your home for your kids. Thanks so much. Norbert Georget


Internet isn't a safe place for kids and teenagers. Parents should really check on their kids' online activities. Blocking unnecessary sites might also help to protect children away from "bad" sites.

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This article mentions of number of things which are all good things to think about. But if you're serious about keeping your kids from viewing internet porn you really only have 2 options. Don't let them use the internet or only let them use it under supervision. Keeping the computer in a common area as opposed to allowing them to have the internet in their own room is another really good idea.


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Have your kids share their passwords and email account with you—they might not like it, but it’s the easiest way to keep track of what they’re talking about and who they’re talking to. Often, just knowing you have the ability to check up on them is enough to keep them in line

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