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January 04, 2010

New Year, Big Changes

BLOG-New-Year-Changes 2009 was a banner year for the family. We celebrated three births, three weddings, and one engagement—all big life changes for everyone involved.

As the New Year arrives, I can’t help but think about some of the big changes ahead. No doubt there will be more weddings and babies to celebrate (I can’t wait!). In my family, we’re preparing to send our oldest son off to college for the first time. Though he won’t be going too far away, it’s still a big change for both him and us (and Ryan’s made me promise not to visit him every week at college!).

The best thing, I think, about the New Year is that you get a clean slate. For many, January 1st is a new page. You’re free to make changes, renew those resolutions you missed the year before, and start again.

That means change is coming! What are the big life changes you and your family face in 2010?

For many, birthdays and births mean they need to find a new caregiver or move on from an old one. If you’ve never hired a new sitter before, you probably have lots of questions. This video will help!

Or maybe you’re worried about firing a babysitter or a nanny who hasn’t worked out. Those situations are so difficult. We can help you there, though, and give you tips on finding the right words to say when it’s time to let a care provider go.

New babies mean new challenges (every mom and dad out there is nodding along). They even mean big changes for life with pets. Check out that video for some ideas on how to introduce a child to a pet. Or if a pet is in your 2010 plans, here some help with interviewing a pet sitter.

When it comes to school, New Year’s also means a new semester with new expectations. Were your kids able to live up to their potential in 2009? Maybe you’re thinking about hiring a tutor to give your children a little extra boost in a subject they’re struggling with? Find out when it’s time to tutor—every child needs help with school at some point.

Is a move in your family’s future? About one of every seven people in the U.S. change homes each year. That means new addresses, new schools, new neighborhoods, and new care providers. The Obama’s moved homes last year. Will you do the same in 2010? If so, here’s what you should know before you move.

What changes are looming for your family in 2010? How are you getting ready to handle them? And what can we do to help?


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Thanks for sharing your personal stories, Sheila. This year is very challenging for my family as one of my sons with special needs will age out of high school and we need to find the best programs and care for him. It's hard because of funding limitations and waitlists for help, so it is going to take some creativity to get things in place. Plus, our younger son will continue to need personal care services as well as his special school programs. I would like the boys to live together or very close in proximity to one another and to me. If anyone has experience in this area or is good at thinking outside of the box, please get in touch!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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