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November 09, 2009


Jeannie Rodman

My two ousepets, Peww Wee, an 18 year old tiny terrier mix, was adopted when as a home care nurse one of my cliens had him chained outside to a dig house in 20 degree weather. He weighed only 4 lbs. I already had a dog and really did not want another, but Pee Wee stole my heart and has now been with me for over ten years. He is now deaf and mostly blind, but stil enjoys life.

My cat, Portia, was also discovered whei I was home care nursing. I heard a terrible caerwauling from anearlby woods while going in to visit a client, went to investigate, and zeroed in on a very loudly maowing leaf pile, which I spoke to. Out popped a tiny black and white mite who promptlu attached herself to me and followed me into my visit and then into my car. She is now diabtic, requiring two shots a day, and has he own glucometer, with which her pad is pricked monthly to ensure we are at the right dose. She adores my husband and thinks of him as her man. Outside we have a cat which used to sleep under the neighbors' shed. She was thin and miserable, and I could not watch her her starve, so have fattened her up, though she still sleeps on our porch. She has a long coat that she keeps spotless and plush , is gorgeous, and must have been spayed by someone, as she never goes into heat or has babies. Last spring I bought 5 wee Welsummer chicks, all grown up now, absolutely gorgeous, and who supply us with the most delicious dark brown , sometimes speckled eggs! They are a lot of fun to watch foraging in our back yard, and are great favorites with guests. One day I found my husband surrrounded by the ladies, sharing an ice cream cone with one on each knee and the others surrounding him on all sides. We have restructured the back 1/3 of our shed and built a run, and they are happy beautiful, fun pets who make us breakfast and provide glorious fertilizer for our gardens.

Nicole, cairn terrier owner

I’m planning on adopting 2 more dogs next year. I really love dogs since I was a kid. I have this dream of giving all dogs a home. I wish it will come true.

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