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September 14, 2009

Year of Care Giveaway

BLOG-Cousins Donna, one of my colleagues at, just had a new baby, and it got us talking about the high cost of child care.

Did you know that the average family spends $12,445 a year for child care? And depending on where you live or how many kids you have, that cost can go up even more. Sometimes, the stresses of providing quality care for our little ones seem never ending.

We’re trying to raise awareness of the high costs and stress providing child care has on families. That’s why we’ve just begun the Year of Care Giveaway—it’s a chance to win a year of child care for your family

If your family could use a little extra help with child care (and, honestly, who couldn’t nowadays?), just become a member of to enter the Year of Care Giveaway. Every new member from now through October 9th will be entered into the Year of Care Giveaway.

If you’re already a member of, you can still enter to win, too. Just visit your “My Account” page on and follow the easy instructions

We’ll select a winning family at random. The lucky family who wins will receive $12,445 (the average cost for a year of child care) to help cover the cost of babysitters, nannies, child care centers, au pairs, you name it

Spread the word, too! Share this blog post with friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter to get the word out about the high cost of child care and what is doing to spread awareness

How would a year of free child care help your family? Does the average cost of child care surprise you? Let me know!


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It surprises me - because it's low for my area! In MA, it costs around $4,000.00 A MONTH to provide full time care for two children.

At that rate, I'm just working to keep my kids in daycare.


This is a great promotion I don't think a lot of people understand these costs! Being a single dad with custody I have realized how to cut many corners in order to provide my daughter with stable, reliable care. I belive the expectations of some care providers has gone way out of whack and made it difficult to even hire a sitter so you can go out in the evenings!


A year's worth of daycare? YES, I'd say it would absolutely help my family. In addition to working full time, I have a second job, which takes even more time away from my baby girl and husband. We do what we have to in order to make ends meet. A year's worth of daycare means much more than the dollar sign reads. For me, it would mean a year of saving money that we desperately need, as well as a year of more time with my lady! As happy as I am with my daughter's daycare, and I'm happy to pay it because I know she enjoys the children and caregiver, having it paid for a year would take a very large burden off of my already burdened shoulders.


It's close to $4000 a month for 3 kids in daycare near Seattle as well. I seriously can't find a job to pay that. We can't afford daycare, but we don't qualify for any assistance. I have a 2 year old and am expecting twins in less than 2 months. Since it's cheaper to stay home, I'll be a SAHM. The thought of having little to no help is extremely overwhelming. And the thought of paying $20/hr or more for help is equally so. I have no family in my area to help so anytime I need help, I'll have to pay for it. I would love to at least have a mother's helper to keep me sane during the first year of having a toddler and two infants! This help would be so appreciated that I cannot put it into words.


A year free of daycare is like a dream come true! In this economy there is no extra money for daycare and as a single mom we scarified the time for money just to make ends meet. I will be able to save money that is desperately need it for paying the car and prevent a repossession. Catch up with bill to prevent the services to be disconnected.


That would be a dream come true! I'm a single mom with 2 kids under the age of 3, and their dad doesn't pay any child support. A years worth of child care buys me one year closer to kindergarten, and maybe my kids could have some fun that isn't free. Please, Sweepstakes God, let it be us! We need either you or the Child Support Fairy to come to the rescue!


I am a single mother who is currently enrolled in a one year program to get her masters of science degree -- that's right -- in one year! While it is great that I can be around the house with my child, I obviously cannot fulfill all of his needs. Especially since he is a bit 'behind' in terms of his developmental skills. I would LOVE to have this, as I really cannot afford care at the moment. Thanks!!!!


I can relate to finding great care. my name is amanda. my husband and i own a business, envision const. & design. we have 5 children oldest 10 to youngest 9 wks. : ) love my family, i have a great gal who helps me 3 days a wk for a few hours. it is realy important for me to work with my husband, however having day help and finding sitters for personal events is very challenging. i appreciate all my help : )


The cost of daycare is astounding. In this economy I don't know how I'm going to keep my grandson in daycare, pay mortgage, keep electricity on, and food on the table. On the other side, it's a lucrative business for the amount of money per child per week. Having that paid for a year would be a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders.

Jennifer Santiago

Yes...I spent about $600-$800 a month in childcare between my 3-year-old home day expense and my son's after school expense. It's a killer...cost me more debt trying to make ends meet being a single parent and all.
So I have been laid off for about 2 months...and enjoying being home with my daughter and volunteering with my son's school. Looking to change careers to be a teacher so I can be off summers and all the other days off...

Hel Santurri

I am a wahm of 3 kids (6, 4 and 8 month old). I am now watching 2 kids, working a full-time job and trying to keep up with the household. I can't afford daycare for the the 4 year old and the baby. I have no family in the area to give me a break. Hubby..grr...hides in his man cave as soon as he gets home...grrr. It would be nice to have some of my burden lifted, but then again..there are others here who seem to need the prize more than i do.


A free year of child care would allow me to take a day or two off work a month to spend time with my daughter at school and at home. As a single parent, I spend $1333.00 a month in childcare services. I try to work all the overtime possible just to keep up with the bills and keep a roof over head.


As a sweepstakes, the Year of Care Giveaway is actually open to all households in the U.S. We’re just trying to highlight the high cost of child care, but as someone who’s cared for elderly relatives, children, pets, and a home, I know how difficult it can be to balance all aspects of caregiving. Thanks for your feedback.


Nowadays any extra help is appreciated! I have 12 mo.old twins girls and w/out my PT nanny I would of not survived my first yr of motherthood! I would love to employ her more hrs but it is very expensive and w/ twins I spend twice as much not just on daycare but on everything they need.


That number doesn't surprise me at all, even though I do pay more (but I'm in the DC area). What surprises me is when I tell my tax software how much I pay a year and it tells me, "That seems high... are you sure?" I HAD two kids in daycare, but since hubby lost his job in February, we had to pull one out, which makes it even harder for him to find a job since our daughter can be demanding for attention. Winning this contest would definitely help alleviate at least THAT stress.


Wow, what a help that would be! I am a single mom of two (ages 6 and 3). My 3 yr girl old suffered from a brain injury when she was one year old, and the expenses of her medical care alone have caused so much financial upset in my family. I am trying to enroll my daughter in a "special needs" preschool and need to pay someone to transport her there daily. That is exactly where this money would go if our family won. What a relief that would be! Thanks for giving someone this chance!!!

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