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July 29, 2009


Andrea Gamez

I would trade my cat for a housekeeper! :) He is my favorite cat in the world, but man...he can bug!!!

Leah C

I am the housekeeper, the mother, the father, the worker, and you name it -- I am it! But I would'nt trade this for the world!.


Doreen Campbell

I don't have a husband to trade -
But I'd trade my pot-bellied pig, BB (sorry, Beebs, I just need some help here!)
Things are piling up on me as I've spent Seven months traveling back & forth Mostly in Texas, helping out with Hurricane Ike disaster relief...
Have not caught up since May either. Thank God Florida stayed quiet so far

I also got educated about Alzheimer's/Dementia so that I can present a Brain Health seminar series for south Florida. (and who knows where next!)It's never too soon to start working toward extended brain health so that we don't "go there" or delay it as long as possible. I realized one person really CAN make a difference and I will!

I can sure use some help to catch up on my chores in the meantime.

Susan Stanley

If I could trade anything at all for a housekeeper it would have to be my autographed picture of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. I figure that I've had those 2 around my house for the past 30 years and they haven't lifted one finger to help with the cleaning, so it's time for them to hit the road! Now the person I hire to clean my house won't even have to dust Desi and Lucy!


I would trade eating ice cream for months for a housekeeper! (And I love ice cream!)


Ok well I am a single dad so trading in a spouse isn't an option. I am very clean can't even sleep till the counters are wiped down. But here lately my 7y/o, whom yes I have full custody of, has actually stopped and thanked me for keeping the house so clean and started making her bed and cleaning up behind herself. Well better than before. The single dad thing has pretty much consumed all my free time so I have given up my adult league hockey games to keep my attention on tasks at hand. So with that said I would give up my hockey equipment, now thats not easy for me to say I love hockey and being a goalie thats not cheap to replace! But a couple nights a week not having to scrub everything down would be a nice break!

kris Heslip

I am a Care Giver at heart. A home organizer at task!
Yes I clean -cook- organize- coordinate, hey I should run a business, I've got what it takes. After all I have been doing this for a longtime. I might as well be paid for it. Loads of grandkids and i care for the elderly, they are much alike.Fun, childlike, dependant upon you. Kris

Anastasia Wilson

I would definitely trade husband for housekeeper. In fact I sorta did. Husband moved out and I got a roommate.


I'm reminded quite often how lucky I am to have a husband who works full-time out of the home and when he gets in he's digs right in where ever he is needed. We live in this home as a family so we do thing as a family and that means helping where you are needed. It's also great that we have two teenagers, they help a tone with our two year old twins.

Tabitha Smith

My boyfriend and I live together with his/my children. He is great around the house and always does his part. Around the house we call him the LAUNDRY GOD (he can get stains out of anything) and he always does the dishes when I've cooked a meal and the best part....he cleans the bathrooms.

I'm not sure what I would trade for a housekeeper....maybe one of my kids. lol just kidding.

Annika Huang

I'd trade my week of vacation rental for a housekeeper. Even though it seems to be a week of vacation, it's actually more work with a hubby and 2 young kids. In contrast, having housekeeper help thoughout the year can really save my back and my voice....


I'd trade a whole room in my house not to have to clean them all!

Holiday Manning

I would give up my two (beloved) cups of coffee each morning for a week to have a housekeeper!! Even though, I'll operate like a zombie- who cares I'll get some scrubbing done!

Pamela Halpin

Until recently I worked outside the home and my husband was a stay at home dad with our two little girls. Our roles were reversed due to layoffs at my company. With me staying at home the house is much tidier on a daily basis. I am 6 months pregnant and was exceptionally tired the other day and went to bed very early. My husband put the girls to bed and came to our room and commented that the house looked very nice, except for our room and maybe tomorrow I could take care of that. I said to him that if he just policed his area a little that it wouldn't get too messy, as a matter of fact if he could just pick up after himself all over the house, my life would be easier. He just looked at me with a blank face for a while and finally asked why would you pick up as you go, that takes all the fun out of everything. Suddenly our seven plus years of marriage made sense! ;~)


Last night, while cleaning the nasty space beneath my kitchen sink, I thought briefly of what I'd rather be doing: reading to my daughter, writing to my friends, mowing my neighbor's lawn... when suddenly, it occurred to me that (A) the job would not be as daunting if I'd do it more often and (B) that cleaning out the nasty mess under my kitchen sink is not my natural born gift. As a single mom and homeowner, I am definitely a multi-faceted individual with work, daycare, shopping, cooking, cleaning, lawn maintenance (my own, not my neighbor's), home repairs, chauffering, refereeing, and coaching on my daily To-Do list, my hat rack is most definitely full. BUT -- I do not wear a cape. I am not superwoman, nor do I wish to be. I am OK recognizing and embracing my limitations when it comes to housework, and I would most definitely welcome a little help whenever and wherever possible.
That said, what would I be willing to trade for a housekeeper? Those who know me well might agree that coffee is my most coveted possession, as it well should be to maintain my schedule. However, I would be willing to give up coffee for any (and every) day that I had a housekeeper as hopefully, one would eliminate the need for the other.


My husband is a great help and I can't fathom raising kids alone. I commend those who do because they are truly superwomen!!!! So for me, I would trade for a smaller house. I love to clean and organize but hate the daily maitenance with kids. A mom's job is so encompassing. There is always something To be done. So for me, I would downsize houses and hire a housekeeper. Extreme I know especially since I have a perfect house for kids. But if I knew before three kids what I know now my decision making would have been really different!!!!! It's amazing how kids can change your views and values!!! I guess that is why wisdom comes with age!!!


Although cleaning up after three "Pig Pens" with little black clouds spinning behind them is quite the chore, I wouldn't trade anything about my life - for any prize:) But...a little help could be nice...maybe a dog...no, I guess nothing.


We recently moved and have unpacked boxes stacked in several rooms of the house. Since we have been living several weeks WITHOUT using the items packed away in the boxes I would be willing to trade the unpacked boxes of beloved family "treasures" for a housekeeper. This trade would keep us from unpacking them or moving them so that the housekeeper could clean those rooms! Multitasking at its finest!


I would trade the big beautiful 3D picture in my living room. Its a rare find, I love it, always been the center of discussion.
But then being able to afford a housekeeper is more rare in my world.


I would trade my pool for a housekeeper. It's one more thing my hubby promised to help with and one more thing I'm stuck taking care of. :o( Total bummer.


What wouldn't I trade for a housekeeper? I will clean my house top to bottom and then turn around and its a disaster again! I would actually use the $200.00 for a housekeeper. One day where someone else comes in and cleans? Sounds like a awesome vacation!


I would trade my husband in a minute. He did the cleaning when we first moved into our house but lately he just does the complaining that the two small children we have are always leaving their toys around the house. The only time he seems to clean is right after I've done it. Either he's trying to tell me something or he needs glasses. I would love to have a real housekeper.

Amanda Anderson

I'm a stay at home mom and things do get kinda hectic with a toddler... So let's just say I'm not that great of a cleaner... So I would trade the car for a housekeeper...


I would give up CHOCOLATE for a housekeeper. And that's saying something because my son once told me I was AFFLICTED to it (he meant addicted of course!). To give up chocolate has serious and far reaching consequences because I would have to give up Starbucks Frappacinos, Dove candy bars, Hershey Bliss, Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Girhadelli fudge brownies and even Weight Watchers chocolate eclairs, Nutella, and No Pudge Brownies! As you can see, I would be confronted with choices not just at home but in the grocery store, at office parties, and especially Halloween and Easter. Oh the horror!

But the horror of missing chocolate is nothing compared to the horror of the condition of a house occupied by two teenage boys with ADHD and two working parents. My family's collective lack of housekeeping skills, not to mention their lack of concern about the condition of the house, is a daily irritant because they do not perceive it to be their problem. They intuitively know when your house is a mess, a visitor doesn't go away thinking "boy, those kids/that husband keep a messy house" Noooo. Its always "that WOMAN sure keeps a messy house."

"My house was clean on Tuesday,sorry you missed it."


What wouldn't I trade! Trading in my husband is not enough! (although I do adore him!) But where does adoration get you when you have two kids and a dirty house!

I would trade in my blackberry! It is my friend, my connection to the outside world and my last glimpse of organization!!

I would trade in my laptop! If I had a house keeper maybe I would have time to go to a store and shop instead of online shopping! Maybe I would actually write a letter instead of emailing everyone!

Lastly I would trade in my eyeglasses! because if I do not get a housekeeper I would not want to see anyhow!!!!!!


I would most definitely trade my husband for a housekeeper. My husband's idea of clean is say the words "good enough" when he has literally hidden the dirt under the carpet.

Kerilynn Daniels

I think I'd trade my car for a housekeeper. I'd get in better shape by walking everywhere, help the environment, and get to come home to a fresh clean house! I may regret it when it is over 90 degrees or below 30, but I could probably bum a ride off the hubby.


My husband does dishes and bathrooms, so I guess I'll keep him! I would trade all the clutter and things being kept for "someday" or "just in case" or "we might need this when...", including all of the baby clothes and toys I still have because I can't part with them yet even though I have decided the two kids I have is enough!

Patti K

I would trade my husband's M3 for a clean house! I have a cat dog and messy 1 year old. The cat continues to go potty outside of the litter box and the dog likes to go diving if there is a mess in the litter box. I have to clean everything multiple times a day so the above fiasco doesn't happen. Needless to say I have to section off the room from my daughter!!! What I wouldn't give for a housekeeper :P

Angie Davis

I would trade my dog for a housekeeper! I love her but she can make messes. Not only do I have to clean up after my 5 year and 2 year old but I have dog hair, paw prints, and dirt to clean up after the dog.

Wydalis Elliott

I would definately trade my husband for a housekeeper. I love my husband but he doesn't do much around the house. We both work during the day and he works a second job at night so he gets home and goes to sleep while I make dinner, clean the house, care for the kids, walk the dogs, and so on and so forth. I have little time to do a good cleaning. On occassion I have used my weekend to clean and other times stay up till midnight doing laundry and cleaning. (Between you and me,I have old fashioned windows that you have to remove from the window frame to clean. I cleaned them for the 1st time in 8yrs this past weekend. LOL)

Pamela Hayes

I was the baby of 6 and we only had 5 rooms in my home. So each of my siblings had a room to clean. I was the baby so, I did not have a room to clean. I was very spoiled and never really had chores. Now I hate to clean up and I am a big procratinator. I could use a housekeeper for a day to help me get organized, plus I have a new baby and pup in the home.

Lindsay C.

I would trade television for a housekeeper! This is HUGE for me:) We have the big channel package from our cable company and a DVR AND Tivo. So, we love TV. We both work full-time, so our 2 year-old son is in daycare until 5 or 5:30 and goes to bed at 7:30. Not much time to hang and we certainly do not want to waste that quality time on cleaning. Plus he cries whenever we vacuum. I would LOVE to come home to a clean, fresh-smelling home where we could wrestle on the floor and not get dog hair up our noses:)


I'm addicted to Diet Coke, and I mean I could be the president of the Diet Coke fan club! I'd give up Diet Coke for a housekeeper. I have 4 children ages 3yrs, 20months and 8mo twins....so needless to say our house gets messy!!!


When I hear of a husband who really does enjoy to do housework and also, can actually do it properly (because there is a difference) I just think wow, that actually is an anomaly. A woman would have better chances winning the lotto than finding a guy that can clean up!


I wouldn't trade my husband for a housekeeper because there are greater needs he fulfills. I may trade some other perks for one though, like give up a massage day or shopping trips to Nordstrom.

April Harris

I would give up my dear beloved dust bunnies as they hang around all day keeping me company. Not matter how much time I take care of them, they never seem to get tired of me.


I'm a shoe junkie!!! Of my worldly possessions (people don't count) I treasure my shoes the most! So I'd be willing to trade a pair of shoes for a housekeeper. If I could have someone to even help me to thoroughly clean and organize the house (especially all of the laundry)I'd be FOREVER grateful! I'd even be willing to throw in an IOU with my pair of shoes.

Sarah M.

I would trade cooking for cleaning any day!


I can relate to you. I have 3 jobs. I'm the cook most of the time. The baby sitter, and I have a full time job. Whom ever gets home first, Cooks dinner. It seems even though I work farther than him, I end up getting home first!? Soooooo, I usually end up cooking , Because I think he makes it happen that way.
Oh , I forgot the house work. I do that too. My husband cuttes the grass. I love him, and would hate to trade him in for a house keeper :(

Where to find one!? ;/

Alison Martin

I would trade the ability to leave work early once or twice a week for a housekeeper. I usually leave to run errands for the company, and in exchange get 30 minutes to an hour of time off. But I usually rush home to fold laundry, dust, unload the dishwasher, vacuum, etc... then go back out a few minutes after five to be able to pick my kids up from daycare at the "regular" time. Although I get off work early, I am still working, and in most cases working harder than I was at the office. But if I had a housekeeper, I wouldn't have to worry about all that!

Emily Nolan

I would trade my mother-in-law for a housekeeper. My MIL is a lovely woman with great intentions. She loves to shop for kids clothes and is a great cookie and bread maker. She also enjoys making homey recipes from women's magazines. My husband loves her chicken and noodles and I love the caramel popcorn she makes every Christmas. She loves our son and is very dedicated to him, making him laugh at every opportunity. She does have an annoying dog and I think that would be part of the package, if you were willing to swap... but, did I mention she is a great cookie baker? She carries on conversations easily and enjoys long walks (with or without the annoying dog). She's yours, in exchange for 1 housekeeper.

Julia G

You can have my "just in case" stuff, my 'fancy' dining room table that rarely gets used, and a few of my hundreds of books that I'll really never read again. I'll take the freedom that the housekeeper gives. There are many times when the house just waits while we go out in the world and explore, climb, swim, skate, dance. In the end, the clean house is a convenience but not an end in itself. Living fully with great joy and some abandon is what that housekeeper would open time to do.

Renee Rojas

I would love to trade something for a housekeeper.What should it be? Maybe I could trade a day of tutoring the housekeepers children or even making her a great roast chicken dinner to take home to the family. I would also offer my computer skills to her. These are all excellent and fair trades! I am a realistic person even though I want to win I would never trade anything ridiculous! you might actually want me to make the crazy trade like my cat or chocolate like the lady with kids with ADHD (I have the same problems in my home as well with 2 of my 4 sons). I do not like to complain, I find my children the best thing in my life along with my amazing husband and awesome pets. Blessings are a part of my life ,but I love when a clean house is too!!! LOL

Debbie Redmond

What would I trade for a housekeeper? I would definitely trade my house for a housekeeper. I know, it sounds like losing my house would eliminate the need for a housekeeper, but here's why: we are 2 months behind on payments due to my husband being the only means of income right now. Since moving into this house 2 years ago, we have seen our credit card debt go up so much just to keep up with the house. I have learned that houses are over rated, and if you are going to buy one, you REALLY better be prepared for a lot of work and expenses!

So why do need a housekeeper? I am constantly picking up after my two year old, and really can't ever get any cleaning done anyway. I love that little doll so much, I pay attention to her all day, and she is always tagging along behind me wherever I go and whatever I do.

So, yes, I would definitely trade my house for a housekeeper. Then he/she would only have to clean up a 2 bedroom affordable place, rather than a 4 bedroom house!


By 4 pm I'd trade just about anything for a housekeeper. At that point the bliss of 5 hours of sleep has long worn off and I'm still in my PJs, and so are my twins. They've eaten breakfast, lunch and two snacks- some of which I'm still wearing (who knew 1 year olds like to spit raspberries with full mouths?). I've done 4 loads of laundry, made 10 bottles, cleaned the kitchen floor and pureed $45 worth of organic fruits and veggies which netted me about 3 cups of guilt-free food. I've washed and sanitized a mountain of cheerily colored, goofy-eyed baby toys that probably weren't really dirty but they touched the floor so YOU NEVER KNOW. I've played peek-a-boo and giggle bug until I'm silly, and I've spent untold energy trying to distract one of my little wobblers from pulling his brother's hair, or tasting the dog, or putting finger food up his nose, or whatever new exploration is on the agenda that day. By 4 pm what I really, really want is the housekeeping fairy to swoop in and spread sparkling cleanliness throughout my whole house so that by 7 pm I can sit on a piece of furniture, with my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine. Even if it is in a sippy cup.
But despite my desperation at 4 pm, by 5 pm my husband walks through the door and scoops up our sons, full of energy and eager to see how his boys have grown in the last 12 hours. He always has the first kiss for me, and really, he doesn't care so much that there are dirty dishes in the sink and I have sweet potatoes in my hair. And I would never, ever trade that.


Wow - some days I would trade my family for a house keeper! It always seems I do all the cleaning and they do all the mess making!

J Huff

I would trade all of my cleaning items for a housekeeper. Cleaning has always been the bane of my life and whilst I do it so people will visit without a clothes peg on their nose, I can't abide it. It's boring, dirty and seems to bring out the feminist in me "I am nothing but a drudge" I weep soulfully at my husband (who has no sense of "clean" when doing lip service to the dusting) "I was meant to be a princess and now I am a scullery maid". He listens to my melancholic wailing for a while and then takes me to dinner. This is great, but the cleaning still needs to be done....hence my desperate need for a housekeeper vs my cleaning implements!

Kim D.

My husband tells me that the amount of housework he puts in is equal to the amount of sex I put in. So yes, I would trade my husband for a housekeeper. Hope he or she likes sarcastic men.

I would also trade my sanity. I am not sure how much I have left of it these days, so that may not get me much more then a toilet scrubbed.


What would I trade for a housekeeper? As I sit at work...waiting for my boss to buzz me...this question really hit my mind.

I wouldn't trade my laptop, cell phone, tv, chocolate, coffee or even husband - with a housekeeper around I'd have TIME to enjoy these things, so why trade them?

So it's as simple as this, I would trade something valuable but something I wouldn't need anymore if I had a helper around, for me I would trade my babysitter. As helpful as she is watching my kid while I get things done, I wouldn't need her anymore. She's a GREAT babysitter - but if somebody was doing my housework for me, I'd have more quality time spent with my little angel!

Jessi McCloskey

I have 4 kids a husband and a full time job, My husband is one of 11 children that all live in our neighborhood. We have constant company.Sometimes as many as 30 relatives including 13 kids from age 1 to 11. My husband is used to a mess and it doesn't bother him. I have already given up my sanity!! HELP!!!

Nicole B.

As much as I love this indulgence, especially now with a toddler and working outside the home, I would trade my massage membership because I could use a housekeeper THAT much!

Patti Burke

I happen to be addicted to karaoke! So, I would trade singing for a housekeeper - and believe me that is no small shakes! I won't even sing in the shower, or in my car for that matter! Wait, then I'll actually have to give up the radio, because if my favorite tune comes on I'll want to sing along. Okay, so now I'm trading the radio AND karaoke! Thank goodness my guitar a couple of broken strings and I can't play it right now anyway!


Noway I would like to trade in my husband! He is priceless! I dont minde to be a houskeeper myself.. hm..I would like to get the prize to buy for my husband a nice gift:)

Dana T.

I would trade my children's book collection for a housekeeper/carpenter. My husband keeps telling me he's going to get shelves built in the basement so that I can organize my children's book collection. I have titles from the 1940's. They have been kept in boxes since I moved in, and I'm afraid the washing machine flood may have ruined some of them. Well maybe I would trade half of the collection...


Well, I was in a very bad marriage. The only good thing was that he was great at cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and organizing! Kind of like a housekeeper. So now that I am divorced, I see that a housekeeper is great, no strings, you don't expect anything from them but a clean house. Fortunately I knew I wanted more than that in a marriage so now I am engaged to a wonderful man that is not good at all the stuff my first husband was but is amazing at loving me and my two children. That is all I need in a marriage but I still need a housekeeper!


I have been laid off three times in the past 18 months, two of those times in the last six months. I spend my days job searching and taking c are of our children. I find time to do the laundry, clean the kitchen floor and the downstairs bathroom. My wife works full time and cleans the upsairs bathrooms. I do most of the shopping and we seem to split the cooking and dishes and caring for the children.

Trade for a house keeper? I'd love to. They could take care of the bathrooms and maybe some of the carpet spots. Give the place a top to bottom scrub.

Would you take a few DVDs? No? What if I sweeten the deal? I can add in dryer lint, no wait I have a nice warm Irish wool sweater (I know no one wants warm now, but wait until this fall.) I'll add in a few bags of out grown childrens clothes. They can be donated to your favorite charity as well.


I would totally trade my two dogs for a housekeeper!I love my dogs but ever since I've had to sleep on the couch many nights as to wear down my one year old, whose sleep schedule isn't early enough yet, so my working husband can get peaceful sleep, I've noticed how much they stink, how noisy they are snoring and snuffling while they sleep and how the constant in/outs of the dog door make my already night on the couch miserable. Plus, I think the baby is allergic to them so they've got to go. My husband? No, because then who would fix the stuff that needs fixing? We're talking about a housekeeper here not a handy-man haha. Plus my husband still has potential to become more handy with housekeeping. As I've recently started back to work, I've yet to get/maintain the house properly and it's stressing to come home to a not clean enough house. Needless to say I'd love to have a housekeeper help me catch up and get back into the swing of things of multi tasking with the addition of a toddler.


In a way, I would trade my husband. We've also had to reverse our situation. We moved here from VA to take care of my mother who has ALS. Instead, he had another heart attack (3) at 30, so I had to go back to work and start all over again with him here tending to my mom, but with his pending back surgery, it kills him so housework! Well, my kids have been helpful, but it's me when I get home. So, yeah, my husband and, well, my mom, too!!! LOL


Well, sometimes I *am* extremely tempted to trade my husband for a housekeeper...but I love him and really wouldn't want to trade him!! :)

What *would* I trade for a housekeeper?? Hmmm...I'd trade the aching back from standing and doing dishes while everyone else plays. I'd trade the stiff neck from washing, folding, and putting away all the laundry so we'll actually have clean clothes to wear. I would definitely trade the stress of worrying that the house will be a complete mess when my best friend, mother-in-law, or kids' friends come over. I would trade the dry, itchy skin on my hands from scrubbing all the bathrooms (why oh why are boys...and men...so messy??). Yeah, I would totally trade all that. ;)


there is nothing i have that can qualify for trading with a housekeeper but if i really had to i would start potty training my son so that i could use the money used for diapers for the housekeeper !


I would trade my car in for a housekeeper, and I really love my car. But then again, if I didn't have that big car payment, I could afford a housekeeper...

Ana CArdoso

I would trade my job as a book-keeper for a housekeeper.
And keep it that way, if you ask me to.


I would trade my dog for a housekeeper...actually it's my husband's dog so it's kind of like trading him.

kris Heslip

TRADE? Yes, my husband and I have traded jobs.We are polar opposites, I am organized and task oriented. He lost his job over a year ago. He now does the cooking, cleaning and baby sitting the grandchildren; who live with us.If I have any energy when I am home I help toooo! At my job,I Cook, clean, organize, grocery shop and caregive. At home I do the same. My daughter and 2 grandchildren live with us right now. My home is lived in; you know what I mean. Yes,I want my job back at home. I appreciate all the long hours my husband use to work to provide for us. He went to work no matter how he felt,I think about that when I wake up and go, ugh, do I have to go to work today! I am grateful though for my job and I am so blessed. Yet a housekeeper sounds good. A massage and a personal trainer.Hee, Hee, Hee, all a fantasy. Getting back to reality-This is my life!!!!!

Cheral Powell

I would trade anyone good legs for mine, I suffer from arthritis in my knees so housekeeping for me is difficult. I have to rest after I do anything. For example: if I do a hours worth of laundry, then I must rest for an hour. And my husband doesn't help because he works 12 hr days, so when he finally gets home he's really tired! I also have 3 dogs and 2 cats which I love very much and so they keep me busy too. Right now, I am going through things and getting rid of stuff that we've had for along time! SO I really could use the help! Cheral Powell


I tell you what, my husband will be packed and waiting on the front door step. No need to knock,The key's under the mat;tell the housekeeper I decided to skip down to Mexico while I was at it Adios!


OK - I can't trade in my husband because in addition to housekeeping I need help with bedtime, and income.
However, I would trade in HIS collection of sport memorabilia, HIS pool table, and HIS wall of 7 TVs (I kid you not - it's for football season).

How's THAT? (lol)


LOL, you can have my kids! I'll trade my kids for a few hours of housekeeping help, when the housekeeper is back, I'll take my kids back!
Not bad...I think I'll go to the spa... ;D

Connie Ellis

I would trade my pain I have on a daily base. Because then I wouldn't need a housekeeper. I have been struggling with major health problems for several years now as time goes on it gets worse I used to be able to do it all. But now I can't. I really need a housekeeper my husband god bless him tries. But men just don't got that extra touch needed to clean.


I would totally trade my hubby for a good housekeeper. We have tried several people and no one seems to be able to clean as good as I do. I am one of those obnoxious people who cleans my house before the cleaning lady comes. LOL

Miss Mouthy

I would trade my HOUSE for a housekeeper!! This isn't really a big trade, since we'e trying to sell our house (teehee).

Kelly Wendler

I'd trade my memory for a housekeeper...oh wait, I lost that long ago. Would you take my sanity instead? Wait...that won't work either...

Renee Yonkin

Would I trade my husband for a housekeeper....no. While he may not clean things the way I would, at least he tries to help. I am lucky in that way. We run our house like a team, and I have learned not to be so picky. While I have done it by myself without him when he would deploy, I wouldn't trade the time he is here for anything in the world. So I guess I will just settle for a dirty house.

Denise Turner

I do not have much to trade. lol. I am a single mom with a 16 month old daughter. My husband passed away this past New years from a freak fire cracker accident so I do everything now. I am also sick with MS and I don't have much time or too much to trade. lol. Maybe my collection of accessories, I dont need to dress up anymore, I am a busy mom. lol


I currently have 4cats, 4kittens, 11dogs(6 of em 6 wks old, one 7mo. old, and a 6mo old), a quaker parrot, a rabbit, 2guinea pigs, 4parakeets and a fish tank to clean, not excluding my girlfriends 3,4&7 year old girls. Just to keep some sanity around the house and our 4year relationship we go out once a wk. But I would deffenitely trade our weekly dates for a housekeeper.


I would trade my alone time away from the kids for a housekeeper. I am a single mom 5 days a wk so my time without the kids is rare but it does exist. Any mom know how great it is to get even 5 min alone without hearing your name or fighting but those things I can overlook in a nice clean house. HAHA!!!


After reading all these comments, most I can relate to...my one question would be, how do you pick!!!

Most will not see the idea of a housekeeper; so then what?

My next thoughts were, how can we help each other???

What if somehow we could organize to help each other. Maybe trade off cleaning or helping in another way.

Some may laugh at this but, I have always found it easier to clean someone else's stuff than my own. (Not that it could be, I am not organized and messy...ugh!!!) I do like to clean though, just have to get past all the stuff first. If someone could help me organize, I could help them clean. I am actually quite picky about cleaning...a little compulsive at times. (Something of a trade of talents.)

That being said, I guess I would trade my time...maybe doing tech stuff or children stuff for a housekeeper.

House Cleaning Maid Service

I'd trade a whole room in my house not to have to clean them all! Great post. Thanks a lot to the author. Found this from search engine.


Is there anyone who can successfully train a 10-year-old girl to go to the toilet when she needs to, in school/at home/wherever she is. I am a grandma, and if we could get her to know when she has to go and to go without having an accident, it would make life so much easier.


Just moved across the country, 341 boxes, became disabled (as is my husband)....well let's see I would review and recalc all your medical bills, assure they were paid correctly (many are not and you pay way too much), walk your dog and give you half of everything we sell. Help dig us out and clean our house please! LOL


it's never easy to settle who's to do what in the household. But once settled, the whole thing could be seen as chores, hated but yet need to do. Makes life a bit dull ?

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