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May 18, 2009


FL Melton

Sheila, the problem I am having is finding a reliable person to watch my autisic daughter without costing me an arm and a leg. Low economy also means we don't have a lot to pay out. In my area, most of those wanting to work seem to be young adults, first year college wanting to make money to help with college fees, but will not commit to a regular schedule. Its the something for nothing attitude our young people have which bothers me as a person looking for someone who will make a differents in my childs life. My parents traveled a lot when I was young, but we had a housekeeper who went through the chicken pox, measles, scrap knees and today, her influnce on my life made a big impression. So yes, the economy is bad but so is finding "GOOD" people who really want to help you is really harder. Thank you for helping through "Care" we are now looking at one seriously.


Well some centers also dont realize the funding thats out there to help them. I have my center enrolled in several funding to help us out and keep us going.. Thank God we are doing okay.. my heart goes out to those children ...


We appreciate all the information you provide for us and feel comforted knowing if we needed a care provider you would give us trusting information.

Kathryn Montgomery

I think it is so sad to here that all these child care
centers are closing. I toke my son out of day care
because the day care wouldn't disinfect everyday they only did it once a week. And only sprayed the toy's every day. My son was there for 5 months and was always sick. I almost lost my job over it.So now his ex-teacher will be caring for him now.

Thank You Kathy M

Sophie T.

i would not be able to find a child care right away unless I search for nannies.. I am pretty sure i will find one with Care.com!

Shirley Lewis

Hello, Sheila

My name is Shirley Lewis and I live in Cedar Hill Texas, thank you for sending me the email I am in School trying to get my Ba. degree in Managment one of my dreams is to help our children some one have to take care of our familys and thier children I am willing to help parents that have to work at night.

I use to have a Daycare center in Stockton CA. But moved to Cedar Hill Texas. MY dream is to have a non-profit orgnazation to help our working parents that have to work and can not bethier for thier children like in school our when they come home and now one is their for their children we must stop leaving our children by themselves.

Thank you.
Miss Shirley Lewis


Well, maybe they should consider the prices they are charging.I have had to cut my hours at work because daycare centers are way too expensive. I would be working to pay some teanage girl half of my salary. I am a registered nurse. Having said that, I get paid very well. I have a eight month old and a four year old. For five days of care, they want to charge me $300.00 per week for the baby and $ 190.00 per week for my 4.5 year old. That is close to $ 2000.00 per month. I did the math. If I work less hours and take care of my own kids, I will stll bring home the same without having to sacrafice them. I hope Obama can do something about this madness.

DaNelle Mannor

I had been in search of a great childcare facility for about six months to put my three year old daughter. I did finally find what I thought was a great place. After only a couple of months, I walked in one day to drop my daughter off in the morning and caught the toddler teacher spanking a child in the bathroom. Later that day my daughter expressed to me that she had been spanked during nap time. This upsets me. I had trouble with several daycare's with my first child and was very hesitant this time with my second child. I have been out of work for a little over three years now and need to get back to work with the economy the way it is. How do I find a daycare I can trust enough and is affordable so that I can work without major worry? She was in daycare only long enough for me to have several job interviews, but if I do get hired I am in a bind because she is now home with me and I am afraid to put her anywhere because I really thought that was a great place.



Finding any caregiver you trust can be a difficult task. When you’re trying to find a day care center that meets not only your standards, but also your child care philosophy, it’s good to do as much homework as possible. Visit your local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (you can find a nearby one at naccra.org) to see which facilities they recommend. Also, ask friends or relatives who use child care centers – they’ll be able to help.

I also suggest visiting the centers before you place your child with them, but also afterwards, too, for regular check-ups. I’ve also found that interviewing the director or teacher to make sure you feel like they’ll provide a safe environment for your little ones helps give you peace of mind. The safety of our children is priority number one and you should feel comfortable with whomever is watching after them.

I hope you find the right fit.


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