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March 02, 2009


Cordelia Riley

Awesome I would like to do this. It is an AWESOME IDEA.

Ellen Spiropoulos

Well, Here's the deal. I have hired a babysitter from your program and LOVE her, but she needs more hours. I only need her, maybe, 2 hours max a day. Now if there were someone that needed care, or a different time, she would be set and I wouldn't have to worry about loosing her to a better paying family with more hours. So....I'm all for it. I think an area on your site for this would be fantastic.

Bonnie Andretta

Yes, I would be interested in play dates with children who live in my area, as a way of exchanging child care.
Thank you.

Jennifer Mueller

I would like to swap sitting. I will have a 8am-4:30pm Heating and Air Install job in the spring. My problem is that, in layoff season I find out each day around 3pm, if I work the next day, also If I start a one day job and it's not done on time I have to stay and finish. Day cares will not work with me on my crazy Hrs. Another issue is the cost of daycare. As a single mom I just don't have that kind of money. I don't want to get stuck paying for a week of daycare if, I only work 1/2 the hrs. and If I'm laid off I may not even make enough on my check to cover daycare and then I'll have problems with the daycare. I'm afraid I may not be able to go back to a good paying job if, I don't find a sitter.
I am very dependable and I would be able to take care of any age child. I'm always about safety first and your kids would be in very good hands. I know how it feels to wonder if, you put your child in good hands.


Tina Preece

I am looking for transportation for my mom who is living with me. I would love to find a way to swap something for transportation. Is there anyone out there doing this?

christina Sweet

I just got this E-mail and yes I am very interested in doing this...


I would love to help others out and maybe they could help me by watching her so my husband and I could go out to dinner once a month.


Yes, I posted that on myspace on the who I'd like to meet column but never got any takers. I would love to do this!


This is a great idea! I am a certified personal trainer. I also give endermologie treatments along with my personal training services. I would be willing to exchange my services for tutoring for my two girls. One is an 18 year old senior and needs help in Honors Physics and AP PhysicsI'm studying for my MS in Natural Health. My other daughter is homeschooled in the 10th grade and needs help with honors english, spanish, geometry and history.



Thank you very much for the opportunity to exchange services! My children are grown, though, and they live away from home. Presently, I don't own a pet, but I would like to be of help if I can. I know the economy situation has taken a toll on everyone. I could be of service.

Rida McBride

I recently lost my babysitter. She had to move out of her home because the landlord lost the property, so she moved in with a loved one. I am a single mom who lives in Merrillville, IN but I workin Chicago, IL. I drive 2 hours a day back and forth to work. My oldest is 5 and in kindergarten, I also need a part-time house keeper. My life is so hectic, and I am afraid to have unfamilar people taking care of my children so I believe this was a great idea to start this network.

Mary Adams

Yes, I would be interested but cautious as my child has special needs. I would be interested in other families with like needs. I love the idea of swapping child care. My child care needs are intermittent.

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