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February 17, 2009



I have 3 ferals that have lived outside for almost two years, they have dog houses which my husband and I keep heated for them in the winter, they get fed every morning at 6 a.m. and food comes in after dark til the next day; someone just tossed kittens in my yard one day; I have their brother inside, he is the only one who wanted to live indoors; DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE ANIMALS WHO LIVE OUTSIDE they need love and food and water too.


I live in Oklahoma City, OK and would love to find a way to help out with the animal shelters in this state. I have two small dogs and they are my kids. But I would love to help all animals in any way that I can. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help out at the shelters around here. THANK YOU.


Ernestine Dancy

I agree about caring for pets. If fact that I have two of my own. One from the Humane Society and another that was given to me.


Hi Sheila,

We participated in the October National Pet Adoption month in 08 by rescuing a dog from a local animal shelter. I encourage others to do the same as there's a small fee, plus they are spayed/neutered and come with shots before you even pick them up. If you don't have the time or money to own a pet, consider just picking up a bag of dog food or cat litter and donating it to a local shelter. Our dog has been the best addition to our family and none of us could imagine NOT having her now!

Amy Beal

Please consider being a foster parent. Many of the animal shelters and rescue organizations are in dire need of foster parents to keep the pet out of the shelter. This is a temporary agreement you arrange with the animal welfare organization. They usually hold adoption events and post the pet on the web. It is a great way to help out a pet in need. I do this frequently and it is very rewarding.
Please consider being a foster pet parent!


I would love to adopt a dog but the adoption fees are just as bad as buying from a pet shop, upwards of 500 to 600 dollars and these are not purebreds. And then they some have the most bizarre rules like no children. In what world do we now live in where a child cannot have a pet?

I take care of my pets and get their shots and spayed and neutered but my goodness, if I can find state-run places to do it at a discount why can these places not and not expect to charge us what a vet would which is close to $150-250 per dog dependent on it's full grown size would be.

I take my pets to vets for all of their shots and vaccines and it costs me and I know it but I also know I can get that at a discount to at places like PETCO and PETSMART.

Where there is a will there is always a way.

My point is this, if these shelters want theses animals adopted then they need to start acting like they want them adopted.

Margo Michaels

I own a grooming spa in Valencia CA and would be glad to help by offering a discount on grooming to those needy dogs that are adopted. Some of these dogs are on the streets and in need of a good cleaning up for their health and new owner's enjoyment. You can call for an appointment. Just let us know that you are a new owner of an adopted dog.
Margo Michaels
Valencia's DogHouse
Valencia, CA


I have two cats that were adopted from rescue agencies. They are our "kids" and provide many hours of interaction and fun. I would never surrender my cats due to a financial downturn as another part of the budget would be designated for their care. As the cats are strictly inside I have no high vet fees as they are in a good environment. My donations to the ASPCA and other agencies are the only way I can help in this distressing situation of surrendered animals.


Don't usually comment but wanted to share that we found a great rescue and have adopted 2 cats this year from them. They are from siameserescue.org. There are other chapters in different areas of the country but this part serves the East Coast. They are very thorough in their evaluation of the cats, kittens and the adoptive families. Their goal is to have a situation that works for both cat and family. These cats are a good addition to our family and we were happy to be able to help give them a home. They also accept donations! Ann


Pets are the cutest things in the world. They are like our families , so in this time of recession, we must take care of our pets as we are take care of our children. Hence, love them!


This is a very difficult time for the economy and we see the consequences everywhere. With home foreclosures up, it's a sacrifice some pet owners are having to make. Just a month ago I assisted with getting a very large Cane Corso that was a victim of foreclosure into a foster home. His owner had not been able to properly feed him for weeks prior to his surrendering his dog. I was just glad I could help. Hope he finds a happy forever home.

Judy Carroll

Personally, I have two rescues -- a 12 y/o Shih Tzu and a 2 y/o Bichon. I work with For the Love of a Lhasa Rescue. Anyone unable to keep a pet due to our economic times should contact any and all rescues in their area. Recently, we were able to place two labs in a new home. The original owners did not want the dogs to be separated. These dogs needed new homes due to their owners losing their home.

angela allen

I have three dogs,two birds,five horses. I go to m.f.a to get all my supplies for my animals they are reasonable on their prices. I also give my horses,dogs there own shots. You can purchase those also at m.f.a. and worming meds, so I don't have to pay $25 for office visit at the vet.


I am a pet sitter in Orange County, California and I have a friend who has 6 dogs, 1 mouse and 1 lizard. She originally had only her 3 dogs, then a friend moved away and was going to give her pregnant small dog to a shelter, so my friend took the dog instead and kept 2 of her 3 puppies that were born (the other one was given to a reliable friend.) Now she is going to lose her house to foreclosure soon because she got laid off of her job and she will probably have to get rid of at least 3 of her dogs to move into an apartment. I can't take them because I live in an apartment with 2 cats and they have a maximum pet limit of 2 to each apartment. I get so mad at people that buy their dogs from breeders or stores instead of adopting them from a rescue or shelter. Our nearby shelter is euthanizing them by the dozens each week because everybody is giving up their animals in this economy. I am going lots of places to try to place these dogs but so many are full. The mother is a Chihuahua, very afraid, one eye missing, about 4 years old, and the puppies are almost one year old Chihuahua/miniature Yorkie mixes, very sociable. Any ideas on how to place in great homes these dogs?


There are very good rescues around too if you research them. Make sure they require applications, vet and personal checks along with a home visit to check out the potential adopters home. Also check how long they keep a dog/cat in foster care before the consider adopting out. It takes at least two weeks for a moved animals personality to come out.

People are dumping animals on back roads because they are losing their homes. Its a very sad situation but there are great rescues out there that put the time and effort into re-homing animals.

Some pets have special dietary needs so buying the cheapest food is not always possible. Food pantries are handing out pet foods also. No one should EVER skip heartworm preventative if anything or rabies vaccines. Check you local shelters if they give discounts for shots, spay/neutering etc. Many are running programs to help with the pet over population problem. Especially cats...the shelters are over crowded with them.


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Greetings all members,

I would just like to say hello and let you know that I'm happy to be a member - been a lurker long enough :)

Hope to contribute some and gain some knowledge along the way....


I think it's a shame, more Apt Owner's need to consider letting people take their pets with them , we are in a crisis and giving up a pet is like giving up a child. They save us when we are falling apart , we need them more than ever in our lives now,Right? I'm a Dog Trainer and my goal is to keep these animals out of the pound !
Peace Love
angie :)


There isn't a high cost for pet health if you are doing the right things in the first place. Nutrition is the first place to start and you won't find good nutrition on the grocery store shelves !! The second thing is to treat them holistically, not with all the conventional drugs and toxins you put on and in them every time you make a vet visit. Years ago, the only time an animal went to a vet was an accident and they lived longer and healthier ! A cats normal life span is suppose to be btwn 20-30 years old, not ten or less!!! There are soooo many myths everyone has bought into b/c of the large pet companies pushing their products (same as with the pharm co's and people) Contact me through the website if you want to be educated and start to increase your pet's health !
peace and in health, jai holistic animal consultant

lori crotta

I have a cat that is all matted and needs to be shaved. where do i turn for help for that? it seems no one in conn. wants to help. When i got him i was healthy. I am a firm believer if you have a pet then u must take care of them. I got sick and i am not able to do that. I feel pretty guilty. I dont want to give him up. any info would be appreciated. Oh i cannot work either i am on disability.



I feel bad for those that have to give up pets, but what is worse is that humane society are trying to rip us off by charging so much to adopt. We have two dogs and a cat. Our cat was hit by a car 3 wks ago and we could not afford the operation so we are doing our best to treat him at home he is 13yr old. ($300) for the visit and 1mo ago Jack our dog cost us another $400 because of lime. We love our pets but Petco is where we do all our shots, mail order meds and depend on our great Vet to help us when in need.
I want to adopt a dog but will not pay $400. I want all my pets fixed and would pay out of pocket as I know of places to get a discount.

Cindy in North Carolina

To caroline in Orange Co., CA, contact Best Friends, you can find them on the internet, they have national resources to help place animals, all kinds, good luck,my prayers are with you and your friend.

b eth piekarski

Saving at the vet if your animal has been seen for a problem then a couple of months later they need vaccination. You can often make a tech appointment this will be cheaper than a vet appointment. As for supplies look for discount places for great prices on food can and dry or raw meet. I am a petsitter if you have neighbors going away in your time frame ask the sitter if they have dicounts i offer discounts.


To Lori In Conn: if one of my cats starts to get matted, I gently use a very sharp scissors for cutting hair & gently start cutting away. Generally you won't get it done in one day, but a little every day helps get the job done. I usually bathe them before & let them air dry for a day. Then I gently comb through getting loose hair out; cutting out very carefully not too close to the skin. It is imperative to get the mats out or they will cause sores. Good Luck!


Thank you for writing on this very important issue. I am a dog trainer, and see the owners who need to re-home their dogs as well as the dogs that are lucky enough to be re-homed.
When we take on a pet to be a part of our family we have an obligation to do right by them. After all, we choose them. They don't choose us.

As a comment to the person who said that rescue dogs cost as much as pet store dogs-- They do, but the fees the rescue groups ask for are not even close to covering their actual costs for care of the animals. Those costs are offset by their fundraising events and efforts. The money you give to a pet store is for profit, not for animal care. This has to make you wonder what their care is like before they are bought. I can tell you from my experiences with many owners who have purchased their dog at a pet store, many of those dogs are not healthy and many have severe temperament issues. Not all, but many.


Bathing dogs at the local groomers' can be costly as well, especially the large breeds. Something that my husband and I came up with to save some money years ago was a make-shift outdoor bath tub for dogs. By using an x-tra large sized rubbermaid bin with drain hole cut out, mounted on top of a base of large interconnected PVC piping, we were able to raise the tub high enough to save our backs. Tub was placed near outside water line and hose. Winter baths were still done at the groomers but Florida summers provided many uses. For easier accesibility and entry of dog, a large opening can be made on side of bin and have dog walk up via ramp or other structure leading to opening. We are now using a commercially sold doggie tub which we purchased on-line. Great for anyone with more than one dog.

Ashley V

I really appreciate that you wrote this piece. I work in the veterinary medicine industry and have seen clients shrug off veterinary care as unnecessary. I hope that people really understand what it takes to care for a pet properly. I know that the economy has affected everyone in one way or another, but the health of a person, their children, or their pets should never fall to the wayside. Also, for those who are able to, adopting a pet at this point in time is one of the best things that they could do. Shelters are having to humanely euthanize more pets each day due to the economic downturn. The tips that you give are great, but I hope that people don't think that by talking with a veterinarian about tailoring a vaccination protocol to their pets means that vaccinating their pets is not important. Please continue posting great information like this to educate your readers.


I have lived here for going on 14yr's.in Kansas.I've always worked at least 2 job's,took care of my father for 6 yrs of that also.till he passed. I'm now on disibilty and unable to work.Durting the 14 yr's I have resued several animals.I have several dog's and cat's,goats ,and 2 horses.My dog and cat food bill is taking every dime I have. If anyone knows of anything or anywhere that I could get some help,please let me know. I love each and every one of them.I saved some of these animals from horrible lives.It breaks my heart to think about putting them down.I took these animals on to love and care for them, not kill them..Piease help me! Thank You, Nancy


It is great if you can turn your dogs into breed rescue organizations who often have foster homes who keep the dogs until they can be adopted (or non-kill shelters.)

For adoption One can look up __________ rescue on the web for whatever the breed. It is also great if you can be a foster parent until the dogs are found homes.

I currently have four dogs, one is a rescue Dalmatian from http://www.dalmatianrescue.org/. One a rejected pet and two I raised from pups.Over the years it seems that about half my dogs have been rescues of some sort or others. I also have 2 feral cats who knew a sucker when they saw one. Adopting a dog is no longer only getting maltreated rejects.People are forced into untenable situations in hard times.The animals suffer. Nonetheless, they all have their histories and idiosyncracies so if you know a particular breed and can adopt that breed it helps you and the dog.

Breed rescues often have mixed breed dogs as well. Dalmatian rescue takes almost anything with spots.
Corgi rescue takes anything that looks remotely like a Corgi etc.

Also if you see a dog of a particular breed in a kill shelter, and you can't adopt, you can notify the appropriate rescue group and they can often get the dog out of the shelter.

Hope this post helps would be adoptors and a few dogs.


This blog is really informative.


Thanks for sharing your blog. I love pets and I'm a new cat owner. I always check on my cat's health all the time.


I currently have 2 dogs and 1 cat and I'm so glad I came across your blog. Thanks for the informative piece.
Cats are the second most popular pets, loved by millions of people all over the world. Whether you are a first time cat owner, or have been owned by several cats over the years, you know that there are a few cat health problems that you should be on the lookout for.


Thanks for the great article you have.
While raising children with pets from an early age often teaches the child compassion, affection and responsibility, there are still guidelines that must be followed when introducing pets and children to each other. In addition, not all pets are ideal for households with small children, and in some cases families should postpone getting pets until their children are mature enough to know how to interact with animals.


Thanks for the great info. Although mostly a dog lover I have to say - my wife's cats are easy to deal with. A little moody though compared to dogs! I am starting to enjoy them - don't let the wife know!

Dog Boarding Huntington Beach

Those are great tips for owning a pet and cutting costs during the recession. It is expensive to own a pet but if you take care of them the costs shouldn't be too high.

Ann, king charles spaniels lover

It's sad to know that some people give up their dogs because of recession. Well, we can't blame them. Petting a dog would require a person to spend some. So it's really important to bear in mind the cost to be spent before adopting a dog. Or you could possibly choose a breed which does not requires a high maintenance.

Dog sitting San Francisco

Thank you, very interesting to read, you should be proud of your blog. I was really enjoying checking your messages from time to time. We are looking forward to your future posts.

pet sitting irvine

I could not imagine my family without my dog. She is such a huge part of our lives that we take care of her as if she was one of my sisters. Having a pet is something that should not be taken lightly, people should first be aware of the costs that go along with taking care of a pet. Like you said, It is a very good idea to split the cost of a pet sitter with your neighbor. Such great information here!


Pet care in a recession is tough (for everyone) and was an extreme problem in Florida during 2008/9. During that time our humane organizations and rescue groups were at more than max capacity. Since then (now 2012) the problem has not gone away but is easing a bit.
One progressive change in veterinary medicine is helping. AAHA’s (American Animal Hospital Association) is continuing to recommend that pet vaccinations move to a 3-year protocol. More than 50% of all animal hospitals in U.S. have moved to his protocol so there is money to be saved by visiting animal hospitals that support this vaccination protocol.

Pet Grooming Bellevue

Great post, these are trying times, but we can't let our pets take the brunt of our economic austerity.


Animal people get it. Your pet is part of your family and owns an unconditional piece of your heart, forever and always. Thanks for sharing this article.

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