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February 23, 2009


robin janis

I have hired a manny before and I would do it again. I am a single mom with a 6 year old boy who is often surrounded by man more woman than men: I was so happy to have a male role model for him when he was younger, and even today, I encouraged his school to hire a male teacher for the exact same reason.


Hey, why not?

marie cannan

I would certainly use a male sitter/nanny. Iam a single mom & have 2 boys that lost their dad in 2005. I want them to have as many positive male role models as they can.


Yes, I would hire a manny.

In the case of divorce or widowhood or in a marriage where a strong male model is not around to do the things a girl or boy needs like throw a ball, or just understand why that boy does not like me from a "man's perspective" yes.

It's not a replacement mind you but it's an option.

Tricia Orr

Absolutely! I would definitely hire Zach. Having 6 children, three of them boys and five of them with pretty severe ADHD. I think his goofy energy would be a blessing to our family!


I am a true believer in the Manny.. my father had become one. He has moved in with me when my son was 2 mo. old. My mother still works and my father is retired so it just makes since that he come to help. He has been reading every baby book he can get his hands on. He takes his job very seriously. He has really come into his own Manniness. He loves that baby and has such a strong bond. My father is the rough outdoors man type. I do believe that men can also have a strong nurturing sense and be great caregivers. I would consider a manny outside of just my family member. I think that anyone who can be patient, love, care for and guide our children is great. Go Mannys of the world!!


Yes, I would absolutely hire a manny. Some of my best babysitters have been boys. Being a mother of 3 boys- my kids loved it! Boys can obviously relate to other boys!

Una Whitman

I would definitely hire him. I look for someone with experience, not gender.

Amanda S.

I would not have any reservation when hiring a manny. My husband is military and it would be fantastic for our son to have more time with a male. I think that a male is just as capable as a female when it comes to child care and household things. And even more helpful around the house sometimes. I think it's great that guys are getting more involved with the whole child care program!


If I had kids I would probably hire a manny like the one above.His ad says hes good with kids. I mean if he can do the same as nannies why not.Some people would say manny aren't good caretakers but if manny can do what nannies can we shouldn't be giving manny a hard time about what they love to do.

Sherri D

Absolutely, I would hire him. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female, it matters if you are good with kids and kind, playful, caring, and if you feel comfortable with that person. I interviewed a few females last year but did not feel comfortable with them. So no I don't think gender is an issue.


A manny is a great option for boys that need positive role model, or perhaps the single mom that may need a hand with heavier chores.

Just like with women, I would hire with references.


Absolutely! Sometimes men have more patience with kids than women do -- they tend to still have the "child" in them and will get down and dirty with the kids. Seeing my brother-in-law and my husband around kids actually makes me wonder why there aren't more male caretakers!

Tina N

I would definitely hire a manny if I need one. I think my son would be more comfortable with a male sitter, because a lot of the girls I have hire in the past didn't like the same things as my son, so he didn't really enjoy his time with them. My son is too old for a nanny/manny now, but it would have been nice if I could have found one when I need one.

Lisa Arnold

Yes, I would love to hire a male babysitter. My son's father lives very far away and doesn't see him often. Although my son sees his grandpa a lot, it would be great to have another positive male role model in his life for him to interact and have a relationship with. The problem is FINDING ONE. We have been on the waiting list for a Big Brother for over a year. I have searched this site also and never come up with any male caregivers. If there was a suitable one, I'd definitely hire them.


I would hire a manny. I believe a guy can do the job just a well as a woman can. Plus, my decision would be based on their experiences and references, definitely not their gender.

stephanie j

Funny to come across this, but I was having the same conversation with my husband last night. We have 5 boys and 1 girl and a dad who works 80 hrs a week. I was saying I thought it would be good for the kids to have a male nanny, to have another positive male role model and dad said no. I guess he is still stuck in the 50"s.


I would treat him as I would treat hiring a female to take care of my girls. You have to go off of experience and references and a trust factor. If my girls feel comfortable with a male, then I would give him an opportunity.

Tulin Y.

I would be happy,because my little one is more happy playing with boys,Why not!


I would hire him. My three year old son does not have an active father in his life and would love being able to horse around with another guy.


Of course. A lot of boys grow up with single moms, widowed mothers, so having that sold male presence in the home can be extremely critical to a child's development. Manny's are just as important as nanny's.


I would definitely hire a manny. If the criminal background check was clear, there would be no reason not to hire him. I am a single mom of a toddler boy, and he would definitely benefit from having a male role model. Men can be every bit as compassionate as women and the higher energy is a good thing.


I would hire a 'manny', if I had a son. But, because I have a daughter, the answer is no.


Yes, I would definitely hire a male nanny. I like the term "manny," due to the masculine sound effect. As a matter of fact, a manny is what I prefer for my family. We have three boys that nee more physical interaction than a nanny is capable of - sports, sports, and more sports. Mannies should be good mentors and playmates.


I want to hire him! Its easy to be consumed about a manny's motivation because its out of the norm, but really for me it just comes down to two things. A nanny cam, and my gut. I think that as long as I fallow my gut feeling I will be fine. Our family is a young lesbian couple with two boys, so in this situation I am actually looking for a manny. My only concern is that men don't tend to be as nurturing with babies, and I have a one-year-old who doesn't really like to be away from his mommy. But either gender we would all have to learn together.

Zach Batson

It's true!

I am still looking for full time work and would love to speak with anyone!

I can't wait to find that perfect family! :)
Please contact me with any questions!




He's right there is a media driven stereo type that men looking for child care jobs are pervs and dangerous, wolves in sheep's clothing, can't be trusted alone with the innocent and defenseless. My family has been sexually victimized by a trusted male sitter, who was secretly gay and a pedophile of boys, yet children loved him and flocked to be with him because he was so much fun, could get on their level and was goofy and loving. The damage to a family and the child is irreparable and harmful to all aspects for life. Parents can't be too cautious. However, the damage of the media frenzied stereo type is equally damning to very qualified, top-notch, all-heart men willing to assume such roles. With our deteriorating society of the basic family, with absent, irresponsible fathers, lack of social morals, immediate gratification and pleasure seeking mentality our children of today mostly have women to raise them, more children are growing up confused, insecure with social and psychological life long problems. Having that trusting male role model to help raise and guide a child is a societal blessing as a whole. Both male and female children are starved for that male influence and guidance that women are trying so desperately to substitute but simply can't meet our children's basic human need for the "father figure" it is impossible. So, yes I would consider a manny for our child, but he would be heavily scrutinized prior to hire and our son would be properly educated to what is acceptable behavior and how to handle and report inappropriate behaviors. Unfortunately that means exposing your innocent child to the evils of the world and the ugly, frank possibilities of the dangers that could occur in his own home or classroom as young as age 2-3 years. But children are strong and do adhere to and embrace rules and teachings in this area.

Julie Rudd

I would definitely hire a manny! Zach sounds awesome! He would be a great fit for our family. We have 3 preschool age boys and they are very active and goofy, too. They would probably get along great with a male nanny. Too bad he lives in Washington! I'd hire him in a minute!


Yes I would hire a male nanny. I would hold them to the same standards as a female caretaker. I have seen some ads on this site listed by a man that gave the impression that they had no experience taking care of children and they were looking for any kind of work, while they were looking for a new tech job. The ad gave the impression that the person looking for the job did not understand the challenges of care providing. That said we have male friends who watch our kids, and I've worked with male care providers in the past and they are great care givers. Just like a female nanny, I would want a resume, references, first aid/cpr certification and skills with appropriate conflict resolution, understanding of child development, experience with diapering and personal care and caring and safe discipline techniques. I think that some Men may suffer from having less experience than their female peers as well as facing gender discrimination.

I have strong feelings about gender stereotyping. I want both my son and daughter to have access to whatever interests them as well as learning how to care and nurture. When it comes to a caregiver I want them to have the same attitude and not to bring pre-conceived notions of what boys and girls can and can't do, and who they are.


I would hire a male.... the people who are against it is like saying A woman can't be in the military or a man can't be a nurse. This day and age we don't look for gender of a person, we look for quality and dependability.


I would hire a manny, as I have an 8-year-old son and he prefers male over female;The girls/ladies don't play like men. also not to be sexist they are more active.


I would most definitely hire a Manny! I actually have a daughter that is 11mo old and we have a husband and wife childcare team. My daughter loves it there and I couldn't see myself taking her anywhere else. She connects with both the male and female figures and I feel extremely safe there! It seems like they have a great business going for them. Maybe he should look into that with his wife! :)

Zach (the Manny)

It is great hearing everyone's input. If anyone has questions that were not answered or live on the Eastside and need a Manny, let me know! I am still on the hunt to teach, mentor, cook, clean, play, organize and have fun! Thank you all so much for reading!


Melissa Young

I absolutely would. There are so many reasons, many of them listed above. I do not hold such a huge difference between a man and a woman sitter. I do think that it would be easier for boys to relate and vice versa. I will hire him if he moves to Colorado.


I had a Male Nanny in the pass we called him "Maddy".
(Not a Mommy-Not a Daddy-A Maddy) He worked really well with my sons. If I had the chance I would do it all over again.
A Maddy works 10X harder & better for young male children then a Nanny does. They see more eye to eye & can handle the ewe gross that boys bring to the table especially from outside. Bonus for my boys is having someone who isn't there dad to talk about what ever life has to offer & feel confident about the topic beings this person is not related to them.

Linda S.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure that I would hire a male. I am a single mom of twin baby girls and when I was performing my search I automatically selected [female]. I am certainly not saying a man couldn't do the same job as a female - because that has nothing to do with it. I am just not sure about my comfort level. I guess I have allowed the media to make me a bit paranoid for the safety of my daughters. As their mother, their safety is my number one priority. So, I would have to follow my initial instinct and stick with a female nanny.


Never underestimate the ability or qualifications of someone until you have given that person an opportunity to be interviewed, checked out, etc.

There is a lot ignorance, trust and judgment out there that simply don't have an open mind until you've taken a look at the other side on through that door sort of speak.

I would also recommend Zach to interview for youth counselor jobs, or an activities coach for children. Also, don't shy away from foster caring if you can. There are many loving children ready to welcome you with open arms.

God bless and best of luck.


I would if they were just going to be a mothers or fathers helper but not if he was going to be alone with the kids, I wouldn't hire any man for that, not for son or daughter.


If I had boys, yes I would hire a male nanny but my kids are girls. But truly, I don't have problems with it.The most important thing is to love and care for the kids.




Why wouldnt I? I don't think there is anything wrong in hiring a male to watch your children. He is just the same as me or you just a different gender.


I would not hire a manny. Not to be personal with this actual manny, but i have a daughter under five, which couldn't tell me the least bit it how her day happened. How would I know if something inappropriate happened? I would be scared to say the least, unless this manny was a personal friend, it would never go in my household.


Guys are as capable, if not more so than gals in caring for children. I would hire him without a doubt.

April mao Brecto

I would my son Wesley is two and he currently goes to daycare and
Stevo watches him I honestly belive my son has learned more from
Him then when we had a female sitter plus he is also showing that
Mommy can have a best friend she grew up with uncle / sitter
Bring joy and learning to the Tavel Stevo is a very active part in my son ,husband and myself s life ;0) I would hire a male over a woman cause my son
Can relate better


I would hire him. He's cute.


I'm sure people have already said this I didn't read All of the comments lol but I would hire a manny if I had a son that needed taking care of. I think a girl should have a girl nanny its just more comfortable you know? Just like if I had boys I would truly rather have a guy taking care of them so they have someone to talk to you know? (if I had kids)


Wait, where are all of you?

I'm with Zach on this one, same area in fact although I don't know the guy, and not a week goes by that I don't hear:

"We're actually looking for a female nanny."
"We're focusing more on women nannies at the moment."

It's tough too, because there is no job on this Earth that I enjoy more than this one.

Well, thanks for the support. It's good to know some of you are still out there and not all on my reference list. :)

sharon Daniel

I wouldnt mind a male caregiver if he was overly screened. The reason why I wouldn't mind is because men are creatures of habit, when most men go to work they have work in mind. Whereas nine out of ten woman do not know how to separate their emotions & business. In my current situation, my husband & I are going through a divorce & we are roommates until he relocates, I wouldn't want him finding companionship in my new child care provider, so having a male care provider who is overly screened would be ideal for me.


Hello, I was so surprised to see all the "Yes" answers. I have a daughter and I am sorry to say this, but, although the gentleman in the photo looks very nice and and is probably a harmless, men are men and I just would not be able to take the chance of having a man's natural instincts possibly become a problem. I watch "True TV" all the time...(Forensics), and the stories are REAL and EYE OPENING. Men have abducted, molested, and murdered little girls that have even been trusted neighbors.

I really hate to sound this way but it's reality and I just wouldn't take any chances. I, myself, have had a dose of reality when I was 11 and in a Foster home, (a house with 6 kids of their own), and the father somewhat molested me. He was a Police Officer. I do not have any hang-ups about Police Officers because of this but I trusted that father and lived with him and the family 7 years before he started doing inappropriate acts.

I do think even if this had not happened to me, I'm sorry to say, I probably still would not hire a Manny. I am just too over protective. There are over 7,000 child molesters in Las Vegas. It's noted on the internet. Sorry Mannys. I really am! It's just my feeling on the subject.

Manny Poppins


Do you work? If I asked you why you weren't staying home and taking care of your children, that would be chauvinistic, wouldn't it? The height of it in fact. You'd consider me a 1950s dinosaur then, would you not? How would you react if you learned your boss passed you over on a promotion simply because of your gender? What if you sought a new job and you later learned they opted not to hire you, because you were female.

You would go to war, wouldn't you? Straight to the courts, EEO complaint, etc. and no one would blame you. If it hit the newspapers, I'd be on the sidelines cheering you on. So please understand my reaction then is comparatively subdued: you are a sexist. Don't get me wrong, after your experience, I don't blame you. Put in your shoes, despite my love of reason, I'd be too. However as bad as your own experience was, and I feel for you on that, I'd probably lose it if I thought anyone I cared for, and I mean anyone, was subject to such a thing, it's important for the rest of us to keep perspective.

I read more than most, and offender registries are symptomatic not of males being more apt to commit a heinous act, but rather they are symptomatic of under-reporting of female offenders and lesser penalties given to female offenders. In fact, the most recent research shows that male and female caregivers are equally likely to commit acts of sexual or physical abuse. It is now believed that those acts occur at the same rate. Don't get me wrong, as much as I wish to the contrary, the same research shows that those acts are more often more serious when a male is committing them than when a female is.

Nevertheless, parents need to know that there is no additional protection from a heinous act occurring through the use of gender discrimination. Parents must be more cognizant of the individual and not as much about where their plumbing is. That's where the focus absolutely must be. Gender discrimination is no substitute for nanny cams, constant communication with the child or children, and maybe even having a friend or two spy on a nanny from time to time. Trust me, the good nannies, male and female alike don't mind these things. We only want what is best for your children, just like you.

So please, I beg those reading, keep perspective, know the focus should be on the individual. Run full background checks and check up on even the best of nannies, those seemingly flawless. Listen to your children. Know good male nannies like me exist and know that we care, a lot. I am a male nanny, the next natural step in the evolution of equality and this profession is the one I am best suited for. Thank you for reading.

Kathy Allin

I would hire him. It should not matter if you are a male or a female, tall or short. black or white, rich or poor..... what matter is if the person can DO the job. I understand how ZACK feel 100%! I have a degree in education, deaf education and psychology and I love children. Everything will go fine with the Care.Com. e-mailing until it is time for the interview. This is where they find out that I am hearing impaired and they make excuses not to interview. If they would give me one chance and just interview me, they will realize that I am the best babysitter they could ever have. I am a fun, caring and loving person. Children look up to me and they love me. Too bad their parent don't think so.


I want to say yes but my instincts say no. While a child that is a boy could possibly benefit from having a manny. I wonder if the parents who all said yes considered the other aspects to nannying such as cleaning cooking more house worky stuff, would they still be saying yes after he washed a new red shirt with the white laundry, or if your kids had junk food every day for lunch or after a hard day of work you come home to a dirty house a wired sleepy kid all because he made lunch but then played and oh by the way he didn't get his nap in today we were just having so much fun... he examples could go on and I know not all males are like this but the young ones that would take a mannying job could and possibly would... oh and the dads that said yes how would you feel after your darling daughters started flirting with your Manny as they're doing earlier and earlier these days...


As a "Manny" myself, I know it can be difficult for a man to work in child care. You get the skeptical look, but the second the parents see me get to work, they are surprised by the results. Thus far all of the parents have said the same thing: I am not just a child care provider, but also a mentor to the children.
I earn good money, while doing a job that is fun! With over 15 years of experience, I have been in high demand- when people realize that some men can be nurturing and some men are not afraid to change diapers, then all of the concerns are gone.
It is a career that is rewarding, because I know that I am helping to shape the lives of those who are the future of our world.


he seems professional so why not ...I would trust him with my daughter.

Renee B.

We would hire a male nanny in a heartbeat. We had a 24 year old male nanny for more than two years before moving south and he was OUTSTANDING. I don't see it as any different than a female nanny... Some men just have that knack for children and are secure enough with themselves to be in what is stereotypically a female role. That's a great characteristic for children to learn in my opinion. We have to be vigilant sure, and all families have those fears of something happening to our children, but to stereotype based on fear is certainly not a prejudice I wish to pass along to my little ones.
How about all the cases out there of female nannies abusing children while the parent is at work? Do we start thinking all female nannies are abusers?

Tami R

It's funny because all these people are responding yes that they would hire a male yet he is getting no calls. So, I will be totally honest!! I would not hire a male even though this guy absolutely sounds amazing!!! It is sad but we have a policy that no male will ever babysit our daughters. I know it is unfair but we are just not willing to take that chance with our girls so it is easier to say NEVER. This way we can be assured that we do not make a bad judgement call. Now if I had sons and was a single Mom and met this person that I had a good and safe feeling about I might....


I would also hire a manny. I have 3 sons of my own who have grown up helping me at my childcare and have had part time jobs in the summer babysitting, coaching basket ball and more. Our chidren need good male role models in thier lives. When I open my child care I plan to hire just as many men as women. I think Zach is great.

stephanie ditullio

I have had 2 mannies. They were great. I am the mother of 2 boy who also loved the experience.


I underswtand how the Manny feels. I was once discriminated upon, not being hired at many Jobs that pertained to Forklift positions,pallet jack drivers,or working at factory's. I was turned away from working at G.M.C. General Motors in Van Nuys because there had not been any female workers there before. They just assumed us females could't do that work. Keep on doing what your doing. As I faught for a position at GMC, they gave me a chance after all who stood up for me that knew I could do just as well as the males could do. So I actually was One of the first Real Women that worked for General Motors.Also the fisrt Forklift Driver at Sysco Food Services and Trucking Co. in Walnut, CA.
So, Of course I would hire you if you have a good background recently and good references! You will be an asset and a great Male roll model for many families that need a male figure in there childrens life. Where were you when mine needed a male rolemodel growing up?????

Deena B

My husband and I are both open to hiring a manny and Zach looks like a great candidate. We seriously considered two mannies when we were looking for au pairs this year.

Did you know that the International Au Pair of the Year this year was a manny?


I know how he feels. I am a male full of life and after 14 years of living for every child i have ever known, i have spent the last 6 months rejected by every parent despite all my references. many female nannies are more troublesome then males but people dont watch the news that much. they only seem to see the male negativities and not the female. i kmow one thing. i will fight to the bittir end. i will not abandon my work for an office job just because people want a female. i found families before and i will find them again.

Faith G.

I would hire a manny if there wasn't a father in the home. I know that my husband would get very jealous of the manny and wouldn't want one. I, personally, would have no reservations about hiring a male to care for my children. Just like with a woman, I would check references and background check. But I can see where a husband would say "No way!" because of the jealousy thing.


I have been around children my whole life and have observed a lot. I think men and women alike play an important part in raising children. Zach should be given the opportunity to do what he loves. It's plain to be seen he loves children of all ages and anyone with that much compassion is certainly not going to harm them. I do have to add, however, that some of us females get our fingernails dirty. I play hard with my grandchildren and they love it. Keep looking, Zach. You'll find what you are looking for. Maybe you should consider becoming a kindergarten teacher.

Allison H.

Zach seems to know that good role models are needed in the lives of children. It is noble of Zach to try to find his niche is an almost all-women dominated field. Zach ought to feel comfortable in working with kids without knit-picking, one-way thinking mentalities to interfere with that and ruin it for kids.


Yes, I would! No doubt about it. My son would have more fun with a male. If I was able to find one, I'd hire him.


YES! I would hire a Manny! Actually been searching for Manny for my infant son. I thought my husband would be old school when it came time to find someone to care for our son, but he is 110% for a male nanny/sitter. Anyone know of a Manny in Riverside, CA area? Come on guys! Please post so we can find you!


If I had children, I definitely would consider a manny, as long as he came from a strong Christian background and had excellent references; just like a female prospect. The fact that he's a male shouldn't alter parents' decision, in my opinion. If he loves children and has a passion for caring for them, I say why not? I do believe in nanny cams, so of course I'd be careful. I think that it's whatever the family is most comfortable with.


I wish he lived around me -- I am in Parkersburg, WV and a single mom of 3 little girls. I would hire him. A man can watch a child just like a female. Who cares about the gender? That's why people should always do a criminal background check on the person who watches their kids. He has done it in the past, so he obviously knows what he is doing.

susan anderson

I am an older caregiver, and my children are grown, but i think a manny is a great idea!!!! I would hope that there are more Zachs around, so that kids can have great male role models!!!!!!


I would love to hire manny! If I have a kids, gender is not an issue. I will look for his experience. I have been nanny for 17 years and I work with male nanny in Asia and I was amazed of his work taking care of girls and boys. He can drive them around to park, play tennis, attending activities that kids enjoy, and even cook their meal. Male nanny is a good role model for a kids that has a busy daddy.

Mr Manny

Wow, these comments are overwhelmingly surprising, as I am a manny and have trouble finding work. I'm glad to hear that there are a few people who still do not consider gender a big issue while hiring.


It is so weird, I was just discussing this with my dad yesterday. I have been a nanny for almost 3 years, so when my 18 year old brother started part time babysitting for a family friend, I couldn't help but feel a little proud. Well my dad didn't share my enthusiasm, he started going off, asking if my brother was gay or if something was wrong with him! I tried to defend my brother and explain how gender should have nothing to do with someone's ability to care for a child. This argument is far from over. But I would most definitely hire a manny, if he had outstanding references, especially if I had a son! Good Luck to all the mannies out there!


I am a nanny, and have worked with kids in preschools and out of the country and special needs, etc. I can't tell you how much these kids need guys like Zach in their lives! I have read a book for young teens called the Manny Files, and spoke with the author on a book site, and he is a real manny too. Guys just have that special nack of letting boys rough house, and pounce on them. I used to do a lot of that with my kids, now I do more outings where they can find other things to pounce on since I am getting older. But the boys need mannies or a nanny that can let them be boys and play like boys. As well as the girls so they can see how guys should respect them. Especially a guy as young as Zach! I remember my first male babysitter to this day! He was so much fun! We had a blast together, and yet I seemed to stay out of trouble! Who knew having fun as a kid didn't have to mean getting into trouble! I would hire him in an instant if I could afford a manny. My little boy really needs some male bonding like that. So why all these posts that say, "I would hire him." and not job for Zach? I don't know, but the families in his area are missing out. Don't let anyone ruin your passion Zach, the kids need you!


I think a manny is an excellent idea, especially if the children are older boys. When boys are little they see their nanny as an aunt or "mommy" figure; but I find when boys get older or around school age they seem to be embarassed of their nanny. They want to go play sports with dad and an uncle. Men and women think differently and so do boys and girls, and I think a male figure in the life of a child, not just boys but girls also, is important; and seems to be something that is lacking in today's society. It is something that I definately missed out on and wish I could have had. I guess people just follow tradition. If you think about it though, doctors and nurses used to be only males; but today when someone says nurse you automatically think of a female. In my opinion, a manny would be great; especially if he enjoys working with and mentoring children. I think working to make a difference in a child's life is the best occupation a person could have, whether they are a nanny or a manny.

Meaghan Vranas

I think Manny's are great. I work as Local Childcare Coordinator for An Au Pair agency and we have both Male and Female Au Pairs that come from overseas to live with American families and care for the children up to 45 hours a week. I've had several Male Au Pairs in my group and they've all been great with the kids, really hard working and easy to live with.


When I have kids of my own I will definitely consider a manny. When I was growing up I had two brothers and my mom often hired male babysitters because my brothers love having the guys around. I loved having female sitters who would braid my hair and paint my nails, but I loved those male sitters just as much. My father didn't live in the home so they were an important influence in our lives as well. And there were even a few who would attempt to do my hair and nails. I didn't care about the results, I cared about the time and attention they gave to me.
I'm a bit confused by the person who said they would definitely hire a manny if they had a son but that it's out of the question because they have a daughter. First of all, does that mean if she had a son that she wouldn't even consider a female caregiver? And secondly, doesn't she realize that of the SMALL percentage of men who are sexual predators, that there are those who prey upon boys as well as girls? And that there are female offenders as well?
When interviewing for someone to care for your children, check references, look for experience, and the go with your gut. Most people can trust their instinct.


I do have reservations about hiring a man, however there are a few kids that I sit for and their dad (SAHD) offered to sit for my daughter occasionally and since she has gotten to know him, I know his parenting style, and I trust him, he is now my babysitter as well as I am his babysitter.


I am a singal mom with both a daughter and a son. Since there dad isnt really involved in their life a manny would be great at least then the ?'s my son now has as a "pre teen" i could pass on. My family lives else where so that male role model for both of the kids I feel would be wonderful. Both of my children are very active so honestly gender dosent matter. I can see parents point of veiw. However yes males and children have a things of melstation that rings up, But at the same time how many times have your heard of a MALE NANNY doing that. Sure prestist day care workers ect, at the same time how many times have we heard on the new of the babysitter or FEMALE NANNY bet kill kidnap or what ever the children the list gose on and on. So to me my point is this regardles of gender listen to your kids also be nice and respectful but at the same time let them know these two points 1st you as a mother are the H.B.I.C. and 2nd also as the mother let them know that the children are your cubs if he/she causes danger or harm you will be happy to eat them for lunch. As for Zach I am sorry you are having trouble with finding a job and that people are so close minded. If you ever happen to be in the raleigh area of NC drop me a line. You background checks come back clean youll have a job, based on what i just read you put every sitter i ever had to shame on creds.

Julie Zhuk

I have been watching young children most of my life. Last year I was a nanny to a brother and sister who's ages were 6 and 8. I read the article about whether it is right to hire a male to be a nanny. I think that it depends on the person's personality and who they are as a person. I don't believe that it should ever be about gender. Males can do just as good of a job as women when it comes to watching children. As long as the kids are enjoying who is watching them and the person who is watching the kids like each other I believe it is a perfect match.


I think its a great idea! us females do jobs like construction and building cars. I dont see how we can judge a man for doing the same thing were doing. I'm glad hes willing to take time with kids seeing how its so hard to find a good man to be a stay at home dad. Thats why he's married :( but really girls I can vouch that we need more guys like him!

Blanca Braden

Great idea! We need strong male role models! God bless you all!


I would definitely do it, Zack is right. Guys are more down to earth and willing to get dirty than women. I'm not trying to sound sexist but it's true. And we tend to have more energy and make the kids feel more protected.


I am a nanny and I also have a 8 year old step son. I would have absoutely no reservations about hiring a manny. I see my husband with his son and other kids in the neighborhood and I think he is absolutely amazing with children probably better then myself to be perfectly honest. I wish Zach the best of luck and I am sure he will find something.

brent maxwell stevens

I my self am a manny. I can totally relate to Zachs reasoning for being in the child care field. Its a awesome place to be goofy and be yourself instead of being stuck in a 9-5 crappy job. I work for a family with 2yr old and 3 yr old boys. I have been with this family since july 2008. I am 36 yr old single male who really loves his job.


I would hire a manny, I mean what would be wrong with that? I don't find it true that a man can not do something a girl can do, just like girls can do what guys can do you know? I don't see why people have to be so judgmental, I believe everyone should have a chance at doing something they enjoy, and if they fit someone's needs why not?


Zach is thinking like most people think and the fact that he hasn't landed a job yet is because most people are thinking just the way that he has pegged them. Most people are very reluctant to hire a manny in their home with their daughter all alone. Zach seems to think that there are not so many predators around but there are an abundance of them and this is why so many people are reluctant. And they are not all registered. I like most people and what Zach has encountered are not so at ease bringing in a manny into the home to care for a child. If this is his passion he should continue to persue this but otherwise find something in recreation or education which will allow him to have the best of both worlds. Zach seems to know where he wants to go but getting there is a rough ride along this route.

Erica Lincoln

No, Men have a much higher crime rate due to certain chemicals in thier brain. They are also way more likely to be sex offenders. I barely allow anyone to watch my children which is why I stay at home with them. I won't even let my own mother watch them unless I am there. The only person that watches my babies is thier dad and I was very leary of that even, for quite some time.


I wish he lived near me - I'd hire him in a heartbeat - and I have a little girl - just for the record! He sounds like he has a passion for children, a true love of his career (not just a job to him) just like I did! I was a career nanny until my daughter came, and plan to go back - we NEED people like that in the nanny industry - we still have so many battles to fight - but that's another topic! It shouldn't matter if your gender is male or female - your qualifications, your love of children, and your fit with the family is what matters the most! He should DEFINITELY join the International Nanny Association (INA) if he hasn't already too!


When my kids were little we hired a friend, a guy, that took care of the kids. He was goofy too and they loved the "rough housing."
I realize some females aren't anymore qualified than their male counterparts. Whom ever can do the job and do it well to satisfy the needs of the kids and help the parents to trust and feal at ease, that's what's important.


I definately would hire a manny. Some men are more fun and energetic than most women. My sister is married to a man who I would hire in a heartbeat. He loves my son and always plays with him and takes him out. Not all men are cut out for babysitting, but you find the right guy and your child will have a friend for life.


I have gone back and forth on a manny. I am a widow with 2 daughters. I think it is important that they have a male role model and I like the idea, however you hear to many stories and that is what scares me.


When my son is older, maybe. Not as an infant. I actually know TWO people whose infants were killed by Shaken Baby Syndrome by their caregivers (female caregivers) and that terrifies me the most about leaving my infant with a male. I have done research on it and by far the greatest share of SBS is done by males. When my kids are infants I am going to play the odds and leave them with females.


I do not understand why someone would hire him to care for boys, but not to care for girls? If you feel threatened by the idea of Zack being a male then it works both ways, you should not hire him at all, it makes it sound like boys are less important. If he is not good enough to watch your daughters why then should he be good enough to watch your sons?
As for myself, I'm not in need for a Nanny/Manny but if I were, I would not over look him because he is male, that would be like me not being hired for a job as a construction worker because I am female. That would kinda hit a sore point for me. -Daniela

Karen B

There are far to few males doing the job. I'd totally hire a manny for my 2 year old girl. It's like when women were trying to break into the business profession, you have to give them a chance to shine before you say it's not possible.

Jeff Tofanelli

I agree,with Zach, its hard being a manny, I can see both sides of the fence also,A male caregiver, I was raised with a mother, with polio, Worked in hospital setting, awarded 39 spirit awards, for service beyond,Took care of grandparents final stages, I have nine beautifull grandchildren, I wear a hearing aid, I know frustrations, yet I reply, no responses, the ones that do, are looking for, a female, its funny in hospital, or conv, care, they ask for men, to help , lifting, also males, I feel, prefer men to help with bathing, shaving, Ill hang in there, cause Im a MANNY

bridget Quigley

Manny's are a great idea. My sister did the interviewing for a replacement for her position as a nanny for three boys. She suggested a Manny to the family as she thought he was the better candidate, to her surprise the family agreed to give him a trial period. It worked out great for all. The boys loved having a Manny, and the parents were very happy with her choice. This was in the early seventy's so they have been around awhile.


I would like some feedback on older nannies. I am 62 and still love to care for children. I have no medical problems. love to go to the zoo, field trips, walks in the park, and do art's and craft. All the things I have always done with the children in my care, but I am finding it hard to get a new position. Any thoughts on this would be helpful


I am a babysitter/ nanny that got married just a few months ago. New families and families that I've been with for a while have said, "Bring your husband" or "Your husband come come too" when I watch their kids. I think families like the idea of having a male role model around, but still feel slightly more comfortable having a female around.


I think yes to a manny now I myself would do a couple of interviews just to see how he is around my children and most important how they react to a male watching them.


I would soooo hire him.. I mean why not.. as long as they know how to multi task and keep everything going well.. I think it be a great idea.. Us girls cant always play as much as the guys can with touch foot ball and stuff.. I think its a great idea.

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